Conference Cheat Sheet by 74Qqr67h


									                             Conference Cheat Sheet

Skill: Writers plan

      By sketching pictures to hold the story idea
      By telling the story across their fingers
      By telling their story to another writer
      By touching each page to say the story
      By making a movie in their minds

Skill: Writers add details

      By adding the inside story (thoughts & feelings)
      By adding dialogue
      By adding action
      By adding information about the setting
      By slowing down the big moment

Skill: Writers revise

      By thinking about where and how to start their story
      By thinking about where and how to end their story
      By taking out what doesn’t belong in their story

Skill: Writers edit

      By making sure their story can be read by others
      By making sure there are spaces in between words
      By making sure there are capital letters at the beginning of each sentence
      By making sure capital letters are used for names
      By making sure there is a period, question mark, or exclamation point at the end of every
      Re-reading their work to make sure it makes sense and there aren’t any missing words
      Using spelling strategies (stretching, word wall, ABC chart, friend)

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