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									Herbal Medicines Safe and Effective for Health

Nowadays, a lot of people believe that herbal medicines are safe and effective for health.
Successful gain, a lot of of them also believed in several impassable myths for herbs. However,
you recognize that herbal products are not necessarily safe, effective only because they are
natural. Therefore, successful this report, I deficiency to discuss why people still of the
misconceptions and might be the use of medicinal plants are harmful to you.

What are the "herbal medicine"?
Medicinal plants can be described as the practice of medical knowledge is derived using grass or
herbs for therapeutic purposes. This practice is also known under the name of "traditional
medicine", "medicine plant", "vitomidisini" and "natural medicine". In addition, this medical
practice is more âgése, but commonly used in all cultures and societies.

Why people are still misconceptions about herbal medicines?
One of the main reasons is that there are still many superstitious believers, herb and most of
these people that there is a common misunderstanding that the herbs are natural ingredients, not
drugs. In addition, these drugs are also in preparation for plants or extracts of medicinal plants,
many also believe they have magical properties with none of the side effects. However, you need
to know that not only some of the myths, many other reasons also play a large part in the creation
of these misconceptions. Poor management and scientific studies are limited and availability as
products of counter (OTC) more in pharmacies and a huge advertising of traders as natural
without negative effects were the main causes of development of these misconceptions.

Why can be harmful to use you herbal medicine?
If you think of dealing with medicinal plants, it is necessary for you to know that these products
can cause negative reactions risky and dangerous to a user. According to an article published for
the world Organization of health (who), the products of plants or supplements can be risky and
dangerous, if they are handled improperly, or in combination with other drugs or treatments or
products does not have the required quality. In addition, according to numerous studies, many of
these drugs can cause drug interactions with dangerous drugs modern medicine, allopathic, as
well as other remedies. In addition, these interactions can alter the effectiveness of drugs, herbs
and bioavailability of prescription drugs.

In addition, you need to know, with a few exceptions, most of these drugs is not tested for safety
and efficiency and effectiveness clinical test or studies. As a result, a lot of researchers that these
drugs can cause serious health risks. In addition, these drugs at risk scientific and medical life or
well-being of the consumer when administered rather than allopathic medicine.
In conclusion, you should know that the World Health Organization recommends consultation
with doctors before taking medicinal plants. Because you must ensure that the medication or
herb had consider you safe to use, or do not cause side effects safe to apply in combining with
other allopathic drugs.

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