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SSCM 10 Oct 2007


                REGULAR MEETING
                                10 October 2007
                                    3 p.m.
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 3:06 by Sami Jo
     Johnsen, President. The Flag salute was given.

PRESENT: Sami Jo Johnsen, Arcadia Lima, Carlos Victoria, Araceli
     Correa, Jennifer Beach, Nancy Hunter, Julie Bower, Veronica Lopez,
     Ashley Rosas, and Daniel Lunt. Absent were Margie Giudici and
     Emmanuel Cortez. Myles Echenique, ASB President, and Jacqui
     Gillespie, parent, were also in attendance.

MINUTES: Jennifer moved and Araceli seconded that the minutes of the
     meetings on August 22, September 12, September 17 and September 19
     be approved. The motion carried.

PRINCIPAL’S REPORT: We are in the seventh week of school. The fence
     is up and Daniel is working with the contractor so that everything
     is working correctly. Homecoming was very successful. The
     Friends of Rachel group is up and running. Progress Reports went
     out last week. Local Boy Scout Troup #101 worked on the planter
     in front of the school. Counseling is having parent meetings to
     inform them of various issues. They are advertizing the meetings
     in the paper and on the radio in both English and Spanish.
     Seniors and Juniors who haven’t passed the exit exam are having a
     meeting tomorrow and next week they begin an after school tutorial
     to help them. Adult school students are also allowed to re-take
     the test and may attend the tutorials.

ASB PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Students are finding the fence intimidating.
     Some classes are getting the reputation as being very difficult.
     Some students feel our sports teams are not doing as well as they
     would like so their morale is low. Students are involved in Focus
     Groups and Friends of Rachel. Some students would like to start a
     KCHS Boys Volleyball Team this spring. Homecoming was a success.
     Some students would like to add floats to the Homecoming parade as
     the school used to do before the all-weather track was installed.
     The floats could be judged and parked in the parking lot during
     the rally and then be in the parade. Posters are great but the
     community never gets to see them. Leadership should also let the
     elementary schools know when the parade is so that their students
     could watch it.

Approved as corrected: 14 November 2007                             Page 1
FOCUS GROUPS:     The next Collaboration Day is tomorrow.

COMMUNITY ACTION COALITION (CAC): This group is motivated and
     involved. They meet on the third Monday of the month in the
     cafeteria at 6:30 p.m. They would like more local businesses to
     get involved with Homecoming. They suggest the school sell KCHS
     banners that the businesses could display.

BY-LAWS: After discussion, Jennifer moved and Araceli seconded that
     the proposed School Site Council By-Laws be ratified. The By-Laws
     Sub Committee will meet again next week to clarify a few issues.
     The By-Laws will be amended with those corrections and
     clarifications at the next SSC meeting.

MEMBER TERMS: After this year, about half of the SSC members will be
     elected or appointed each year. After discussion, the following
     SSC member term lengths were proposed:

                  One year:          Margie Giudici, parent
                                     Arcadia Lima, parent
                                     Emmanuel Cortez, student
                                     Araceli Correa, counselor
                                     Julie Bower, teacher

                  Two year:          Sami Jo Johnsen, parent
                                     Veronica Lopez, student
                                     Ashley Rojas, student
                                     Nancy Hunter, teacher
                                     Jennifer Beach, teacher
                                     Carlos Victoria, support personnel

      The Principal will represent the administration on the SSC.

      Araceli moved and Carlos seconded that the designated terms be
      accepted. The motion carried.

BUDGET: Dan shared information about the categorical funding that the
     SSC oversees. As he gets more information from the district
     office, he will pass it along to the SSC. He has been able to
     find out that there is $63,231.74 from category #73960 School Site
     Council Discretionary Block Grant. Dan has a folder of proposed
     expenditures that he would like to spend some of this money on.

      Jennifer moved and Araceli seconded that we approve a list of
      proposed expenditures for some of the #73960 money. This list
      specifically included new stools for two classrooms in the Ag
      building (about $3000), transportation for the Advanced Biology

Approved as corrected: 14 November 2007                                   Page 2
        Field Trip ($218.26), sending 10 people to the AVID Conference
        (?), a set of novels for the English Department (?), and
        miscellaneous lab supplies and instructional materials for the
        Science Department (?). There were several additional items in
        his folder as well. Dan will have the exact cost of each of these
        items at the next meeting. The motion carried.

        A Budget Sub-Committee was formed with Sami-Jo, Julie, Carlos, and
        Veronica. This sub-committee will meet with Dan the first week of
        November to discuss the funding the SSC oversees. For instance,
        they will propose what percentage of the #73960 grant money should
        be allocated to professional development, to instructional
        materials, held in reserve, etc.

SUBS:     A question was asked about the long-term subs on campus. Dan
        reported that the administration is in the process of hiring
        properly credentialed teachers for those positions.

DRUG DOGS: A question was asked about the use of drug detection dogs
     on campus. Carlos reported that they had already been used more
     than once this year.

ADJOURNMENT: Carlos moved and Jennifer seconded that the meeting be
     adjourned. The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at
     4:20 p.m. The next meeting will be Wednesday, November 14 in the
     library at 3 p.m.

Approved as corrected: 14 November 2007                               Page 3

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