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• Twice a week the 3rd form’s students have Enterprise lessons. They
  improve and use practically their knowledge in the subjects such as
  accountancy, finance and economics.

• Each class is devided into two groups, so now there are 6 groups of

• Each group has to make a decission about the subject of enterprise.
                 Setting up students’own business

• First the members of each group sign a
  contract with the institusion called
  Junior Achievement.

• Students have to adhere a treaty all the
  time they run their companies. They
  have their duties and discretions.

•   Companies operating during the last school year:
•   JZD
•   Wildlife
•   Dop&Dek
•   Chicas Incógnitas
•   Central Perk
• Ďábelské Widle – Devil pitchfork
          Structure of a company, responsibilities

Students choose
•   President supervising the company and delegating responsibilities to students participating
•   Director of Marketing
•   Staff Manager
•   Director of Finance
•   Production Manager – only in companies making their own products
•   Each student is at different position, so each one has different responsibilities.
•   Companies are allowed to ask for a loan provided by the parent-teacher association, or students pay in
    funds to start their business.

• Each company starts its business with the
  reception. Students bring some food and invite
  the management of the school and their
  teachers to enjoy this event together.

• The Headmaster and the President of each
  company have a short speech.
• Last school year most of the companies ran a
  cafe. During the main break, usually once a
  week and each company on different day, they
  sold snacks - cakes, sandwiches, sweets and
  drinks to their schoolmates. Of course, the aim
  was to make a profit.

• But the company called Dop&Dek produced
  hand-made jewellery and decorations such as
  earrings, bracelets, key cases, wreaths, bars of
  soap, etc....
              • JZD company published a school magazine.

• Wild life company organised activities for children from kindergartens and
                        manufactured voodoo dolls.

  • The biggest surprise for students were pizzas and tortillas sold by the
     company Chicas Incógnitas. But the company wasn't very successful, so
  later they ran a cafe as well and made candles. They also took part in Junior
                       Achievement competition in Prague.
                                  At the end...

• At the end of the 3rd form students have to make an annual report summarising how
  successful their companies were. The President together with the management are
  responsible for this. This report is sent to Prague too.

• Most students like the subject Enterprise. They regret they study it only for one year.

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