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					I am personally very much interested in pursuing PhD in Organic chemistry abroad, which will
help me learn and get exposure on the subject and also growth in my profession. A growth that
gradually transform the being intellectually and socially. It is my intellectual growth that I do
not want to terminate my education after my current masters, but enhance my knowledge and
skills further. I developed an interest towards reasoning, questioning and experiments from a
very early age

During my High School Tenure, I secured 65% in S.S.C examination which sought me an
admission to the Science Stream. With my success in passing Inter examination with overall
53% opened up my entry for Bachelor of science degree course with math’s physics and
chemistry subjects at N.B. Science college, affiliated to osmania University With time I found
myself more interested in chemistry and I secured 70% in chemistry and my over all percentage
is 61%. This performance enabled me to secure an admission n the Master of Science
programme in Organic Chemistry in M.N.R.P.G.College, Osmania University. It was then I
committed to organic chemistry than ever, pouring over chemistry text books and Journals and
working the laboratory. The methodical laboratory preparation, the interweaving of theory and
practice and tangible result of a successful experiment all appealed to my discipline and
inquisitor in nature. At the end of my master’s curriculum, I secured 64.5% in aggregate. I have
also gained the adequate practical experience through Laboratory works, Workshops and
Stimulating with Faculty Members which has given me the platform to discover things beyond
the limits of my curriculum.

I have constantly endeavored to strike a balance between academics and extracurricular
activities. I secured district level merit certificate is painting competition. Participated in
seminars and debates conducted by several organizations. I used to teach chemistry to my
juniors from degree on wards on weekends.

The research field and the subject matter fascinated me. The idea of combining the principles
of Organic Chemistry and medicinal chemistry to give birth molecules that could serve as life
saving drugs captivated me. My Master’s curriculum refined my intellectual curiosity and
scientific thought process and after completion of course I I was selcted by GVK BIO. This is one
of the top five contract research organization in India. I worked 3 years (dec 2006 – sep 2009).
And I worked there as senior chemist. During this time, I have acquired an array of experience
in synthesizing new chemical entities, which are screened for biological activity. The research
involves a lot of synthetic organic chemistry, which requires various synthetic strategies and
retro synthetic methods. I carried out a number of reactions, involving varied conditions. I had
been exposed to various sensitive reactions like n-Butyl lithium, Grignard, reactions like LAH,
Dibal, catalytic hydrogenation using Pd-C, Raney Ni, and oxidation reaction (using PDC, PCC).
The research experience helped me in acquiring a good amount of knowledge in heterocyclic.
Chemistry. The synthesis of molecular library for the research project demanded high skill and
experience in handling air sensitive and unstable compounds and also work here made me
adept in purification of organic compounds and its characterization and analysis with the help
of NMR, (1H and 13C) Mass, UV. IR, and HPLC. And I also got experience in project estimating
and chemical searching. Working in a challenging atmosphere for the most part in GVK BIO has
refined my skills been instrumental in shaping my research career and firing my mind for
research. It would be an understatement to say that my research experience has been smooth
It has taken a lot of hard work and long hours to be recognized as a successful chemist in the
GVK BIO. Still I sought to further myself and managed to prepare for the requisite exam (GRE
and TOFEL) for admission in to good graduate school.

My eventual professional goals definitely include a significant component of teaching as well a
ongoing research but I also want to help bring the significance and meaning of the scientific
endeavor to the public. To do effective research in chemistry there is a lot. I’m going to have to
learn but I know enough to able to tell that the area of science is something I’m willing to work
hard and will enjoy for years to come. Doing PhD organic chemistry in USA is definitely useful
for me to compete with worldwide challenges because USA university’s have bountiful of
scientific technology, good infrastructure, accurate analysis technique when compared to india.
By studying there I can get much exposure on the subject that will useful for my country .

I believe that admission to the Chemistry department at Temple university where professors
like     Dr.Rodrigo      B.Andrade,Dr.Franklin       A.Davis,Dr.Chris     Schafmeister,Dr.Scoot
M.Sieburth,Dr.John R.William's are working, could be that golden foundation upon which the
entire edifice of my scientific career rests. At this stage I earnestly appeal to the Graduate
Admission Committee to consider me for admission in your esteemed University and I promise
you that my attitude and dedication in learning and my performance will bring reputation to
the Department I am associated with. Thank you


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