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									Android Remote Desktop -New Age Solutions for Business Continuity

Globalization having paved way for business expansions to wider geographical locations, management
of the worldwide workforce is a challenge faced by many of these organizations. To be ahead of the
competitors requires organizations to be devoid of business disruptions and drive enterprise
productivity while being compliant to the regulations prevalent in the various locations. This can be
done by empowering the mobile workforce by extending their physical and virtual desktop to a more
 convenient devices.

Desktop delivery solutions facilitate secure extension of the physical and virtual office desktops to any
device. As technological innovations came through android based tablets were introduced as consumer
devices. However, the increased use of tablets, iPads, laptops and smart phones has paved way for
customers and corporate houses to look forward to the facility of remotely accessing desktop
environments on these devices. The use of remote desktop access solutions efficiently and securely
helps organizations to extend the existing desktops and scale up the mobility of the enterprise.

Service providers have therefore designed and developed Android remote desktop solutions, that can
support the use of tablets and smart phones for accessing the corporate network efficiently and cost-
effectively. These solutions ensure that there is no data leakage while providing complete availability of
applications to the end users. Such innovative Android remote access solutions with scalable
technologies allow the employees to access their office systems and desktop from any location. These
solutions can also be freely downloaded.

Being an appliance based solution, for secure access through iPad remote desktop environment or
 Android remote desktop environment, the remote access appliance is installed in the corporate
network which integrates with active directory to establish user credentials. The end-users need to
register through a registration technology either manually by the system administrator or through a
database. Further RDP Android being owned and operated by the enterprise, the corporate network is
not open to third-party networks, making it safe from any data leakage issues. Accessing the corporate
data through the remote devices ensures that the data never leaves the corporate network.

Ensuring safe and secure data transfers when accessed from remote devices the appliance based
solution provides device based identification, end-point controls and anti-spyware solutions. Supporting
both physical and virtual desktops, the solution is highly scalable with ability to add any number of end-
users . Further, this solutions can easily be configured to be managed through web user interfaces. By
leveraging the existing desktop workspace, applications and security infrastructure, these Android
remote desktop solutions provide the users and workforce with their traditional PC environment
without the need for any new hardware, software licenses or application environments.

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