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K Usha


									                                       K USHA

1. Name of the Faculty: K. Usha

2. Designation: Assoc. Professor

3. Date of Birth: 01-08-1977

4. Highest Qualification: M.E.

5. Date of Joining the college: 28-11-2005

6. Address for Correspondence: Flat.No.203, North-East Residency,
      Saidabad Colony, Hyderabad - 500 059

7. Contact Number: Mobile: 9989434423

8. Scholastic Performance:

       Course           Board/ University           Specialization             Year of       % of Marks
                                                       (if any)               Completion      Obtained
          S.S.C        Board of Secondary                                       1992             80
                      School Education, AP
    Intermediate      Board of Intermediate             M.P.C                   1994            75.5
                         Education, AP
       B.Tech.           S.V University           Electronics &                 1998            74.6
                                               Communication Engg.
          M.E          Bharatiar University   Communication Systems             2000         8.61CGPA

9. Teaching Experience:

    S.No                  College             Designation            Period                Experience in
      1      G.Pulla Reddy Engineering            Asst.            July 2000 to                 5
             College, Kurnool.                  Professor           June 2005
      2      G.Pulla Reddy Engineering          Associate          July 2005 to                 0.3
             College, Kurnool                   Professor        September 2005
      3      MVSR Engineering College,          Associate.      November 2005 to                5.8
             Hyderabad                          Professor            till date

10. Industrial Experience: Nil

    S.No           Industry/R&D Unit          Designation            Period            Experience in
11. Achievements/ Awards:
         School second rank in S.S.C Board exam
         College third rank in Intermediate Board exam
         Secured 708 rank in GATE-98.

12. List of Journal Papers Published:
    a. “A novel scheme for generating Balanced Gray codes”, International Journal on
         Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE), ISSN 0974-2042, Vol. 14, Issue no. 1,
        Feb 2011.
    b. “Algorithmic approach to Gray code cyclic arrangement of codons”, International
         Journal on Bio-Technology and Bio-engineering (IJBTBE), ISSN 0974-2298, Vol. 1,
        Issue no. 1, May 2011.

13. List of Conference Papers Presented:
        a. A paper on IRA encoding in Race-08, International conference held at Osmania
            university in Dec 2008.

14. List of Books Authored: Nil

15. Professional bodies in which Membership is taken: ISTE, IETE

16. Number of Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars attended: 14

17. Hobbies: Reading books, Music CD collection, singing

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