School Based Inquiry Teams by KEeCHBHR


									School Based
Inquiry Teams

 Getting Started
   Overview
   Purpose
   Fall
    •   Assess implementation of DDI – rubric
    •   Develop DDI implementation plan
    •   Support development of DDI culture
    •   Identify assessments for DDI
   Spring
    •   Align instruction to Common Core
    •   Conduct analysis meetings with teacher teams
    •   Identify assessments for DDI
   Culture
   Assessment
   Analysis
   Action
    Inquiry Team Responsibilities
             Develop Plan
   Create interim assessment calendar
   Determine and schedule professional
   Develop protocols for lesson plan
    supervision, walk-throughs, or observations
   Create/choose teacher analysis and action
    plan template
   Plan time to align standards, district scope
    and sequence, and interim assessments
      Inquiry Team Responsibilities
      Plans – ELA and mathematics
   How will the district design and implement
    Common Core modules for the fall and
   How will the district create common
    assessments for the modules?
   When will the Common Core modules be
   How will the district share the results of the
    assessments for the modules?
   How will “re-teach” take place?
    Inquiry Team Responsibilities
        Assessment Calendar

   When will interim (common) assessments be
    created or chosen?
   When will interim (common) assessments be
   How will they be scored?
   When will data analysis meetings with teachers
   When will re-teaching take place?
   When are state assessments?
    Inquiry Team Responsibilities
       Data Results Meetings
   What objectives have the students learned?
   What objectives do we need to focus on?
   What teaching strategies were used?
   What teaching strategies could be used to
    improve learning?
   What is the best action?
   Grade level groups: Develop the re-teach
    lesson plan (p.222)
    Increasing Instructional Rigor
   Tighten lesson objectives
   Prepare effective “Do now”
   Examine questioning techniques
   Help students encounter right answer
   Encourage student thinking
   Differentiate instruction
   Use peer-to-peer support
   Ask students to self-evaluate
   Create exit tickets
   Rethink homework
       Network Team Support
   Network Team visits
   Network Team assignments

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