Realignment Accounts by 3g8e8q0q


									1) Local Revenue Fund 2011 (GC 30025(a) creates it, made up of revenue as defined in
   6051.15 and 6201.15, and allocated pursuant to 11001.5 and 11005 of the Revenue
   and Taxation Code)
   a) Trial Court Security Account (also in 30025(f))
      i) 30027(c)(1): (.1245%), capped at $496,429,000, statewide
      ii) 30025(f)(3) restricts this money to Sheriff for Court Security. No county
           admin costs can be charged to this account
   b) Local Community Corrections Account (also in 30025(f))
      i) 30027(c)(2): .0889% (no specific cap, as in the other sections)
      ii) Comes in nine monthly installments, starting on October 1, 2011
      iii) 30025(f)(4) restricts this to non-non-non, post release community supervision,
           and parole violators in the jail. There is no supplantation.
   c) Local Law Enforcement Services Account (30025(f) says “Supplemental Law
      Enforcement Account”…?...)
      i) GC30027(b)(1): $489,900,000, statewide
      ii) 23.54% of total account goes to Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act
           funding ($115,322,460, statewide)
      iii) 23.54% of total goes to DA, Sheriffs, and local Police Agencies
           ($115,322,460, statewide)
      iv) 4.07% to Rural Sheriff’s (all specified counties get 2.7027% of the total in
           Rural Sheriff’s Acct) ($19,938,930, statewide, so $538,889 for Yolo)
      v) 9% to Cal EMA for specified special LE programs ($44,091,000, statewide)
      vi) 33.38% to Juv Probation Funding ($163,528,620, statewide and $415,853 for
      vii) 6.47% to Juv Camp Funding ($31,696,530, statewide)
   d) Mental Health Account
      i) GC30027(a): $90,300,000, statewide
   e) The District Attorney and Public Defender Account (also in 30025(f))
      i) 30027(c)(3): .0032%, capped at @ $12,700,000
      ii) Comes in nine monthly installments, starting October 1, 2011
      iii) Yolo gets .8396% of total
      iv) 30025(f)(5) restricts this to costs associated with “revocation proceedings
           involving persons subject to state parole and post-release community
           supervision. Requires equal allocation to the DA and the Public Defender.
   f) Juvenile Justice Account (also in 30025(f))
      i) 30027(c)(4): .0244%, capped at $97,190,000
      ii) 30025(f)(6) requires that the money only be used to fund the grant programs
      iii) Youthful Offender Block Grant Subaccount (realignment of all non-707(b)
           juvenile offenders)
           (1) .9615% (30028(a))
      iv) Juvenile Reentry Grant subaccount (realignment of DJJ parole)
           (1) .0385% (30028(b))
   g) Health and Human Services Account (also in 30025(f))
      i) 30037(c)(5): .4531% (no cap as in other areas)
   ii) 30025(f)(7) requires that the money only be used to fund the grant programs
   iii) Adult Protective Services Subaccount (APS programs described in statute and
        (1) 3% (30028.5(a))
   iv) Foster Care Subaccount (administrative costs and cost of foster care grants
        and services as those services are described in statute and regulation)
        (1) .256% (30028.5(b))
   v) Child Welfare Services Subaccount (child welfare services as described in
        statute and regulation)
        (1) .355% (30028.5(c))
   vi) Adoptions Subaccount (providing adoptive services, including agency
        adoptions, as described in statute and regulation)
        (1) .039% (30028.5(d))
   vii) Adoption Assistance Program Subaccount (to fund the administrative costs
        and payments for families adopting children with special needs)
        (1) .211% (30028.5(f))
   viii) Child Abuse Prevention Subaccount (fund the costs of child abuse
        prevention, intervention, and treatment services as those costs and services are
        described in statute and regulation)
        (1) .007% (30028.5(e))
   ix) Women and Children’s Residential Treatment Services Subaccount (to fund
        the costs of residential perinatal drug services and treatment as those services
        and treatment are described in statute and regulation).
        (1) .003% (30028.5(g))
   x) Drug Court Subaccount (the costs of drug court operations and services as
        those costs are currently permitted and described by statute and regulation)
        (1) .015% (30028.5(h))
   xi) Nondrug Medi-cal Substance Abuse Treatment Services Subaccount (the costs
        of nondrug Medi-Cal substance abuse treatment programs, as described in
        statute and regulation)
        (1) .011% (30028.5(i))
   xii) Drug Medi-Cal Subaccount (costs of the Drug Medi-Cal program as that
        program is described in statute and regulation, or the current State Plan
        (1) .073% (30028.5(j))
h) Reserve Account (fund entitlements paid from Foster Care Subaccount, the Drug
   Medi-Cal Subaccount and the Adoption Assistance Program Subaccount of the
   HHS Account, per 30025(g)
   i) 30027(c)(6): any receipts over the various caps shall be placed in this
        account. Then, DoF can allocate to counties for reimbursement under any of
        the following subaccounts:
        (1) Adoptions Assistance Subaccount
        (2) Foster Care Subaccount
        (3) Drug Medi-Cal Subaccount
2) All moneys in all accounts and subaccounts shall be exclusively used for Public
   Safety Services as defined in GC30025(h): “Public Safety Services” shall include all
   of the following:
   a) Employing public safety officials, prosecutors, public defenders, and court
       security staff
   b) Managing local jails, housing and treating youthful offenders, and providing
       services for, and overseeing the supervised release of, offenders
   c) Preventing child abuse, providing services to children who are abused, neglected,
       or exploited, providing services to vulnerable children and their families, and
       providing adult protective services
   d) Providing mental health services to children and adults in order to reduce failure
       in school, harm to themselves and others, homelessness, and preventable
   e) Preventing, treating, and providing recovery services for alcohol and drug abuse.

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