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									The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift the Mom with an iPad

Here’s the deal: make Dad spring for an iPad, and you buy the case.

He spends $500, you spend $50. How can the two compare? Easier than you think. If you pick the right
case, your gift could get an even bigger wow than an iPad.

The perfect case to pull all the emotional heart strings ?The iPad book case. It’s a case that mimics a
hardback book cover. You want the kind you design with images that you upload – ones that you know
will tug at your mom’s heart strings.

If the mom in your life is a young, what will thrill her more than an iPad book case of her young
children? If your mom is also a grandma, upload you and your siblings’ family photos. Using Solid Line
Products’ case builder, for example, I created a case for my mother that has pictures of my father, my
siblings and me, and of our kids. I used the sepia and black & white tools. I applied sepia effects to the
pictures of me and my sibs and black & white for the grandchildren. I alternated them to create what I
think is a pretty interesting effect. I’m not an artist, and maybe a real designer or artist might even be
offended by my design – but my mom? I have no doubt that she will love her iPad book case. Why?
Because there is nothing that matters more to my mother than her family. The iPad book case will tell
people this about my mother without her having to say a word. And once she gets the case, no longer
will my mother have to pull out her wallet to show off her family. What I think she’ll be doing instead is
carrying her iPad everywhere she goes, and making sure people notice the pictures on her iPad book

If you’re not crazy about your mom walking around with your pictures on her iPad book case, upload
other photographs that mean something to your mom. You can “buy” a stock photo of her favorite
flowers, for example. It’s like giving her flowers all year long.

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