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My Husband Came Back To Me After His Affair - Does He Really Love Me?


									 My Husband Came Back To Me After His Affair -
        Does He Really Still Love Me?
                         “I'm really happy to see my husband again
                         after his affair, but I've got a few questions
                         for him. He told me that he still loved me and
                         that he never stopped loving me and that he
                         wants to save our marriage. But something
                         inside me tells me that he's not being totally
There are times when I think it's because the other woman wanted
him to commit more seriously to her and that he felt that ending our
marriage would be too messy.
Am I over reacting here or are my suspicions justified?"

Most women are relieved when their men come back home after an

affair. But it also doesn't mean that everything's ok again. Often
times there are lingering questions that need to be answered. Most
women will say to themselves "did he really come back for me
because he loves me or did something go wrong with the other
Many women often fear that their men are back because things
simply didn't work out as expected with the other woman. Or that
they've only come back because they feel financially responsible and
obligated towards their children.
It's normal for you to have questions after your husband returns.
And you are going to wonder if he's totally genuine in his emotions

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 My Husband Came Back To Me After His Affair -
        Does He Really Still Love Me?
or if it's all an act. Again, this is normal, but if it goes on for too long
then it can actually end up hurting you and hindering your progress
as a couple instead of it helping you. I'll discuss this more below.

I think it would be a major problem if a woman didn't have any
It's Ok To Ask Yourself "Why Did He Come Back?"

questions regarding her husband's intentions after he returned
When you've been betrayed and humiliated by someone who's
supposed to love and cherish you, you can't help but question their
motives. And the reality is that it's a form of self preservation.
And unfortunately you can't read his mind so you'll never really
know what he's thinking or feeling. So how can you get around this?
Well you've really only got two ways to analyze what he says.
The best way to do this is to listen to what he says as well as see
what he does. Because he can and will say anything, but only his
actions will 'tell' you if he really means what he says. Don't be
surprised if it takes a while because just like a puzzle, a singular
action is just one piece and if you want to get the whole picture,
you're going to need all the pieces.

I understand your hesitation to take what your husband says to you
Focus On the Outcome Not the Perceived Motivation

at face value. And I also understand you wanting to believe that your
husband is home for the right reasons because he loves you and

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 My Husband Came Back To Me After His Affair -
        Does He Really Still Love Me?
wants to save your marriage and that you might doubt him from
time to time. I know that for the first little while, you're going to be
focusing heavily on this. But if you're not careful, it can and will eat
you up inside and destroy any progress you've made.
Here's where the real problem is. Because you don't fully know how
he feels, you can't get a definitive answer that meets your needs or
what you think you need. And you risk placing so much emphasis on
this that you'll never get past it until it gets resolved, which could be
a long time. And as I alluded to, this can be a very vicious and
destructive cycle.
If you focus too much on why he came back, you miss the fact that he
chose you over her and came back to you. As time goes on you'll
slowly uncover the truth about why he came back. But if you focus
only on the why, then you may not be focused enough on the how.
And by that I mean that you’re not focusing on how you are going to
make this situation better and get through this.
At some point in your relationship you're going to have to place
your faith in love and focus on the opportunity that you have to
build a better marriage with your husband. As the original question
alluded to, the wife was having difficulty believing that her husband
truly wanted to be there with her. But I have a question for her. "Are
you willing to place all your focus on his perceived intention and
risk ruining your progress?" This is a time to ask yourself "what do I
really want from him?"
Now I bet I know what you want and that's a husband who truly
loves you and is there because he wants to be there. But isn't this

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 My Husband Came Back To Me After His Affair -
        Does He Really Still Love Me?
exactly what you already have? Look around. Your husband is under
your roof, sleeping in your bed and telling you that he loves you and
that he's there because he wants to be.

Time will tell if he's being truthful about how he feels about you. So
The Bottom Line

as I mentioned earlier you've got two choices. You can either fill the
relationship with doubt and uncertainty and potentially ruin any
progress you may have already made; or you can give it time and see
how your husband’s words eventually match his actions.
There will come a time in your relationship when you'll know how
you can trust your husband again without being taken for a fool.
Understanding the five forms of trust in a marriage, as well as which
ones you can give and which ones you can hold back without
harming your relationship will help save your marriage and
improve your progress.
The points in this article are ones you can use to help rebuild and
restore trust in your marriage after an affair but if you’re looking for
more; check out the most comprehensive surviving an affair guide
online here.

Author: Dr. Frank Gunzburg
               My Surviving an Affair Guide Review

Price:$197 or 4 payments of $49.99

Guarantee: 90 Day Full Money Back
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 My Husband Came Back To Me After His Affair -
        Does He Really Still Love Me?
What I like about “How To Survive An Affair“ by Dr. Frank Gunzburg.

His style of teaching is easy to follow and simple to implement into
your life without an excess amount of “psycho-babble” that is hard
to understand. He has sold somewhere in the neighborhood of
10,000 copies of his ebooks on the internet.

Some of the things he teaches are so easy to understand that you
will be able to start making positive changes in your relationship
right away.

A Proven System That Works!

With Dr. Gunzburg’s course you will quickly learn that to repair your
relationship you need to follow a sequence. He calls it a sequence
because healing your relationship is best done by taking small steps
one at a time and building on the successes that you achieve. As a
matter of fact, that is how he came up with his system.

He spent years watching couples go back and forth and started to
see patterns (certain methods that worked to bring a couple closer

He began to keep track of the techniques that worked over and over
again. He started recording these results and over time as patterns
of success developed he then made them rules that all of his readers
could follow.

This is probably what makes his information different than most of
the other infidelity books out there. There are many good books that
provide good information to help you understand how you feel. But I
don’t know of any that carefully organize that information into
phases that helps you, your partner, and then both of you work
things out.

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 My Husband Came Back To Me After His Affair -
        Does He Really Still Love Me?
What I like about the way his program is laid out so systematically is
that when your emotions seem to be overwhelming, to the point
that you are not sure of the right thing to say or do, if you have
committed to following a proven system, it is possible to make the
right decision by just doing the next step in the program. The system
will help you make a logical decision when your emotions are trying
to get you to do what may not be best for you at that time.

Most of the other books simply leave you to figure out how to
survive the affair through your own trial and error. But with his
“system” that has produced proven results you will find it easier to
make your way from the pain of infidelity to the satisfaction of a
happy, healthy marriage.

The price is a bit high at $197. But if you think of it as more than just
a book but instead a full-fledged course on overcoming the pain of
infidelity, and if it does what he says it can do, it is worth every

If you don’t feel the system is worth the $197 after you have used it,
you have 90 days to receive a full refund, so there really is no
financial risk here.

Get started right away for FREE with this report and email course

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