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					                                    P & C Meeting Minutes
                                  Tuesday 17th February 2009

Meeting Open:
Damien Bowman, Robbi Coomber, Nicole Bostelaar, Christine Scaines, Melinda Phillips, Kiri
Armstrong, Michelle Urqhart, Bev Nancarrow, Belinda Rotherham, Sharlene Bingham, Heather Moir

Niki Beaumont

Minutes Previous Meeting:
Minutes from 18th November 2008 presented:
Moved Kiri, Accepted Bev, 2nd Mel

Business Arising:

1. Convection Oven in Canteen – not sure where we are up to here, no report from Karen on this as
Action: Damien to follow up for next meeting.

2. Canteen Volunteers – Numbers still a problem. Sharlene wondered if split shifts were OK. She
thought we may be able to get more helpers if volunteers were not needed for such long shifts.
Action: Damien to ask Karen and see what she thinks of this idea.
Action: Christine to send another note home to parents asking for canteen volunteers.

3. Gold polos with emblems – no quotes obtained.
Action: Christine to obtain quotes.

4. Footpath – no quote obtained.
Action: Damien to obtain quotes.
Issue of what to do with path was then reopened. Many ideas were discussed but nothing set upon.
These included gardens along edge, using pavers along edge, laying concrete but putting a design
through it, using pavers that are inscribed and paid for by parents (raise money at same time). At
this point it became apparent that we needed to:
      Check out who was actually responsible for maintaining the path, and
      Speak to Gloria Shaw again in regards to what was originally sought
Action: Christine to follow-up on this.
No other decisions made at this time.

5. Refining of Meeting Process – Agenda items need to be in 1 week before the meeting so that they
can then be put in the newsletter. This way parents will know what we are going to talk about on the
night. Agenda to then be forwarded to James/Elizabeth for placing in newsletter.

6. School Sign - No report.

7. School Band – Not operating this year due to low numbers. Mrs Hill wants to begin a recorder
group so that there is still music being taught at the school. She will get a quote for costs of
recorders and some starting music. Hopes to be able to get some financial support from the P&C.
Action: Mrs Hill to get quotes and approach us again with a definite funding request.
8. Fete Leftovers – leftovers were sold at end of year, as a special lunch day, with a profit of about

9. School Year Books – about 15 left. Note to be placed in newsletter to try and sell these. Kiri was at
Eglinton recently and viewed their year book - very good quality, produced by The Lands Dept, at a
cost of $5 each.
Action: Bev and Christine to investigate as a possible change for this year (2009).

10. Uniform – reminders going out in newsletter to keep it looking good.

Correspondence In:
1. P&C Journal
2. Student Accident Insurance Policy Renewal
3. BRC 2009 Autumn Colours Program Registration (for Markets)
4. Fundraising Flyers

Correspondence Out:

President’s Report:
No Report

Treasurer’s Report:

1. As of the 31st January 2009 the account balances were as follows:
                  Canteen Account       $4,932.80
                  P&C Account           $10,285.94

Principal’s Report:

1. School Resumption 2009 – all went smoothly

2. Enrolment Numbers – sufficient to maintain 8 classes

3. Classroom Rearrangement – Stage 3 classes are now in demountables, Stage 2 classes remain in
the same place, Stage 1 are split between the old K, K/1 classrooms and the old Stage 3 rooms.

4. Air Conditioner – an air conditioner has been donated to the school and it is to go in 1 of the old
Stage 3 rooms. At this point the only non-air conditioned rooms are Stage 2 and the end old Stage 3

5. Invitation – for parental concerns to be brought to the P&C for discussion or directly to the
Principal if appropriate

Uniform Committee:
No report

Market Report:
1. Signs are being looked into in regards to them looking smarter and providing the most correct
Fundraising Report:
1. First fundraiser of the year is the Pet Show/Welcome BBQ. Sharlene raised the issue of dogs on
school premises. If all OK will be set for Friday March 20th, 2009.
Action: Kiri to check legislation and report back to Christine and Mel ASAP.

General Business:

1. Notes Home. Mel was wondering if a list of notes coming home could be placed in the newsletter
so that parents knew if they were missing one (or more). Some discussion on this. Kiri and Robbi
concerned that it is not up to P&C to make sure parents keep abreast of what is going on in the
school. Mel concerned that she is not getting all notes and does not know unless she goes online and
checks the website. This idea was supported by other parents who do not have internet and cannot
access the website. Christine felt that the same people read the newsletter as kept themselves up to
date with goings on in the school. No decision made.

2. Student Accident Insurance. Quote is $4.85 per student.
Motion: for the P&C to pay the full amount of $902.10 by 6/4/09 (full amount = 186
Moved Mel, 2nd Bev, motion passed.
People felt that it was also important to put a note out to parents explaining what the payment was
for and asking for $5 contribution for each student, from their parents, to help cover costs.
Action: Kath to prepare the note and the envelope and to send out to parents ASAP.
Action: Damien to complete the form ASAP
Action: Niki to write a cheque for $902.10 and send with completed form to insurance company.

3. Payments for School Representation – Mel received the complete list of students who have
represented the school in sporting endeavours at Regional level, or then gone on to represent the
region at State level. Not all parents received reimbursement during the year for this.
Motion: to pay $50 to the families of each child representing at regional or state level not yet paid
for 2008. This equates to $350 (7 student representations x $50).
Moved Bev, 2nd Kiri, motion passed.
Action: Niki to write these cheques and send out.

4. Future Payments for School Representation – Bev raise her concern that she didn’t feel we
needed to continue with this policy. Her concerns included problems when some were paid and
others not, not everyone knowing this was available or not until long after the time, State
representation not being for the school but for Western region, and that people made all sorts of
arrangements for driving that meant that reimbursement was often unnecessary. Christine
supported this argument, especially on the grounds of inequality of information and the fact that if
they really required financial assistance, they could approach the school over this matter. It should
be noted this policy also covers representation at cultural events where needed.
Motion: to end the policy of paying $50 to the parents of students who represent the school in
sporting or cultural events at Regional or State level.
Moved Bev, 2nd Robbi, motion passed.

4. Books for Stage 2 and Stage 3 rooms – Christine reported that the free reading books in these 4
classrooms are old and few and in need of replacement. She asked for $1000 to go towards
replacing these ($250 per room)
Motion: to donate $1000 to Stage 2 and Stage 3 for use on books for general reading
Moved Kiri, 2nd Robbi, motion passed.
5. Careful in Canteen – Christine reported that some students in the school have food allergies and
that both parents and teachers were concerned over indiscriminate handing out of unhealthy foods
from the canteen. She urged canteen volunteers to be mindful of this. New signs are now in the
canteen as a reminder of this.

Meeting Closed:

Next Meeting:
17th March 2009, 7pm, School Staff Room
This will be the AGM followed immediately by a shortened general meeting.