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Construction Services                                                                          RFQ Legal Notice
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                                          State of Connecticut
                                   Department of Construction Services
                                            Division of Design & Construction
                                             Office of Process Management
                                                   165 Capitol Avenue
                                                    Hartford, CT 06106

       Public Notice Date:                                       Thursday, July 7, 2011
        General Statement:     In accordance with statutory requirements, the State of Connecticut, Department of
                               Construction Services (CT DCS) is publishing this Legal Notice for the following Request for
                               Qualifications (RFQ).
 State Contracting Portal:     Go to to link to the CT DAS State Contracting Portal.

CT DCS Contract Number:            Consultant Services:            Project / Contract Title:          Project Location:
                                                                                                   Central Connecticut State
                                                                                                   University, 1615 Stanley
      CF-RC-380-DB                  Design-Build Team            New Residence Hall Facility
                                                                                                    Street, New Britain, CT
 QBS Submittal Deadline:       (CF-RC-380-DB) 3 p.m., Wednesday, August 24, 2011
     Web Advertisements:       For details on the QBS Submittal Requirements of these contracts:
                               1. Go to the CT DCS Website:
                               2. In the middle of the Webpage, under Opportunities for Consultants and Contractors,
                                  and under Requests For Qualifications click on the Design Build link.
                               3. Under Design Build Open Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) title, click the CT DCS
                                  Contract Number for this contract.
 QBS Submittal Location:       State Office Building - Department of Construction Services, Room 261, 165 Capitol Ave.,
                               Hartford, CT 06106
       Affidavit Submittals:   The RFQ Legal Notice and RFQ Web Advertisement shall alert all potential consultants or
                               Design-Builders to the affidavit submittal requirements, and will provide web links to the
                               required forms posted on the CT DCS Website.
                               Note: More information concerning affidavits can be found by going directly to the CT DCS
                               Webpage at and clicking on the Ethic Affidavits & Legal Forms link, then
                               click on the Introduction link, the General Advice for Filling Out Affidavits link, and the
                               Resolutions/Certificates of Authority link. No forms, other than those posted on the CT
                               DCS Webpage, shall be used by a consultant or Design-Builder. Questions concerning the
                               affidavits can be directed to the CT DCS Legal Services at 860-713-5680.
QBS Contact Information:       Randy Daigle - QBS Unit, Room 261, 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06106
                               Fax: 860 713-7272          Email:
                               Note: Responses to requests for more specific contract information than is contained in this
                               Legal Notice shall be limited information that is available to all Firms and that is necessary to
                               complete this QBS process. All requests for more specific contract information must be
                               sent in writing (email acceptable).

                                                     RFQ Legal Notice

CT DCS – 1260 (Rev: 07.13.11)                                                            1200 - Consultant Selection Forms

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