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									Writing a design brief and attributes/specifications
The design brief and specifications exercise requires you to write a clear statement about
the need or opportunity for an outcome to a design situation and the attributes or
specifications particular that the solution should have. Why should an outcome be
developed? Writing a design brief and specifications for a            School Bag.
Identify the needs or opportunities for a     Your conceptual statement (communicates what is to be done
school bag. Write a statement about           and why it should be done):
what college students (yrs 9 to 10)
require from a school bag. Identify a
specific need or want. (Are there some
new features needed etc.) Than write a
short contextual statement/brief for a
new styled school bag.

Write a list of the attributes that must      Attributes: (descriptive aspects of the physical and
be included in the design and the way         functional nature)
that the manufacturer must make the
You could start by specifying what the
school bag must be like, the features
that it should have and then list all the
other attributes that would be important
to you. For specifications include all
necessary details such as sizes, weight,
colours, materials, finish, features,
fasteners, ergonomic considerations,
maximum cost, etc. (Specifications define
the requirements of a technological outcome
in terms of its physical and functional
nature.) Underline the constraints.

                                              Specifications: (measurable requirements)

                                              Lesley Pearce Team Solutions 2009

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