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									                       Minutes of the Patrick Lyndon School Site Council
                                            December 16, 1999


            Mgmt Team                                          Community Members
            (Y) Sherry Brooks-Roberts                          (n) Marion Kelly
            (Y) Kate Johnson
            (Y) Maureen Roach

            Parents                                            Teachers
            (Y) Susan Frayne                                   (Y) Margaret Grimes
            (n) DeAndrea Frazier                               (Y) Stefanie Karchmer
            (Y) Wm. Ernest Garneau                             (Y) Betsy Navarro
            (Y) Gregory Gorbach                                (n) Mayra Rodriguez
            (Y) Michelle Novelle                               (Y) Kelly Sofra
            (Y) Richard Stirling                               (Y) Nate Tucker(Alternate)
            (Y) John Padula (Alternate)

            - In addition, 4 parents, 1 teacher and 2 children were in attendance.


6:41p   Meeting Commenced at the Upper School

        -   Five (5) handouts were available:
             - Agenda for this meeting
             - Minutes from the 11/18/99 SSC meeting
             - Business Partner Process Report
             - Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
             - SSC Committee Member Listing (Tentative)

        General Introductions

        Previous Meeting Minutes

        -   Minutes were reviewed and accepted without correction
               (translation: nobody wanted to admit they didn't really read them).

6:45p   New Teacher Forum

        -   This month's new teacher was postponed due to the long meeting agenda. SSC members will be asked
             to refrain from clogging up future meetings with important school business.

6:46p   Updates

        -   Changes were made to the SSC committee membership as follows:
            - Budget:          - Add Karchmer and Stirling
            - Hiring/Eval      - Add Grimes and make Navarro the teacher alternate.
            - Communication: - Add Navarro
        -   All members were asked to sign the updated list (in blood) to signify their acceptance.

        Updates on Budget

        -   No updates.

Lyndon SSC Minutes                                12/16/99                                        Pg. 1 of 3
        Updates on Communication

        -   There was a request to explore better communication at the Upper School via a PA system. It was noted
             that the School Dept. is aware that this is lacking. Ms. Grimes noted that rooms are equipped with
        -   A brief discussion ensued over equipping classrooms with tin cans attached to a string, but a formal
             motion was never raised.

        Updates on Hiring

        -   The Hiring Committee is preparing to interview candidates for 7th grade positions.

        Updates on PTA Activities

        -   Updates were given by Peggy Hooper:
             - The After-School program is in its winter session.
             - There was a reminder that teachers are invited to the monthly PTA meeting.
             - The PTA Budget Committee has met.
             - The Directory is done! There was a general discussion on its upcoming distribution and the evils
                that result from its abuse. Some students will not be receiving a copy due to past incidents.
             - The annual Lyndon Ice Skating Party will take place on 12/26. This will be immediately followed
                by the annual Lyndon Cold and Flu epidemic.

7:00p   Updates on Business Partner

        -   Report generated by Joyce/David Smith will be reviewed by Budget Committee. Possible discussion to
             be held in January. Bill Gates may be available.

7:02p   School Quality Review

        -   Again, no final report from the Review Team. We expect a report to be ready next month.
        -   We are scheduling time in the January SSC meeting for a visit from one/all of the team members. The
             report should be reviewed at that time.

7:05p   Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

        -   Karchmer and Garneau will review any/all proposed MOA changes. A list of changes should be
             prepared and distributed to SSC members before the next meeting. The hope is to go over the changes
             and generate a revised MOA.
        -   There was a request that any/all attachments be included in the MOA material.
        -   Gorbach asked about the Superintendent's buy-in to the changes. It was explained that are changes are
             recommendations and must be reviewed and signed-off by Payzant and the School Department.

7:11p   Deferred Admission Policy

        -   Garneau spoke about a new initiative to allow exam school invitees to defer their admission until the 9th
             grade. The idea is to provide another choice to parents by letting these students remain in their middle
             school program, while not forfeiting their exam school seat.
        -   Garneau was careful to note that this is not just a Lyndon School issue. Support is being sought city-
             wide on this issue.
        -   There was a general discussion on the topic and questions as to how this would impact the Lyndon.
        -   There was a motion asking for support on this concept. (See Motions section at the end).

Lyndon SSC Minutes                               12/16/99                                         Pg. 2 of 3
7:52p   Co-Chair Election

        -   Garneau nominated Michelle Novelle for parent co-chair. The promise of a commemorative Lyndon
             School directory was too great a perk to pass up and she accepted the nomination. A formal motion on
             the nomination was made and passed.

7:55p   Community Member

        -   Padula nominated Chad Molnar to fill the vacant Community Member SSC seat. SSC members had
             received a letter from Chad outlining his desire to join the Lyndon SSC. A formal motion on the
             nomination was made and passed.

8:00p   New Business

        -   The SSC discussed Marion Kelly and her absence from the SSC meetings this school year. Sherry
             noted that she will contact Marion prior to the next meeting.
        -   The issue of a facilities study was asked to be put on the January agenda.
        -   There was a request to discuss whether a feeling of separation exists between the Upper and Lower
             school. No specific date was set for this item.
        -   There was a request to have a discussion on the school's MCAS results. There was a feeling that this
             topic might be better presented at a PTA meeting.


        -   A motion was made by Garneau for support on the concept of a deferred exam school admissions
             policy. This was seconded by Padula and passed unanimously.
        -   A motion was made by Garneau to elect Novelle as the parent co-chair. This was seconded by Frayne
             and passed unanimously.
        -   A motion electing Chad Molnar as an SSC community member was made by Padula and seconded by
             ???. The motion passed unanimously.

8:07p   Meeting Concluded

Lyndon SSC Minutes                              12/16/99                                         Pg. 3 of 3

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