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									                                A SHORT HISTORY OF THE WAVERLY INN

January 15, 1898 – J.F. Maloney and wife J.T. Mahoney sell the site to Maggie L. Anderson for $375.00.
The inn was built on this site and named The Waverly Inn. It is believed that Miss Andersons’ mother ran
the inn for approximately the next ten years until her death. At this point Maggie, who was an epileptic,
had her recently widowed sister Bessie A. Egerton come back to Hendersonville from Knoxville to run the
inn. Bessie had three or four young boys and they lived on the third floor of the inn. Maggie and “a lady
companion from a good family” lived on the first floor in rooms behind the front desk area.

November 27, 1926 – Maggie L. Anderson and sister Bessie A. Egerton take out a loan for $15,000 from
American Bank & Trust Company of Richmond, VA. The loan is secured by “The Waverly”. It is at this
time that Maggie L. Anderson coveys half of her interest in the inn to Bessie A. Egerton. This community
depended on the Miami area tourists to come to the mountains for the summer season and this year was
the peak year for business. The hurricane that hit Miami in September of 1926 devastated the Miami
economy and in turn The Depression came early to Western North Carolina.

January 18, 1930 – Maggie L. Anderson and Bessie A. Egerton default on their note and The Waverly Inn
is sold to the highest bidder on the courthouse steps. That bidder was Vacar Realty Company of
Richmond, VA.

                                      February 1, 1930 – Vacar Realty Company closes on its purchase of
                                      the inn by paying American Bank & Trust Company the sum of
                                      $10,000. It appears that the inn did not change hands when the
                                      default occurred. The sisters must have stayed on to run the inn.

                                     September 22, 1934 – Vacar Realty Company sells The Waverly Inn
                                     back to Maggie L. Anderson and Bessie A. Egerton for the sum of
                                     $10.00. Mrs. Edgerton’s grandchildren remember the inn as being a
                                     boarding house where “lots of old ladies lived”. They tell of being
required to be quiet in the halls when they came to visit. If they behaved all week they were allowed to go
into the large parlor (where American Holly is today) and play Mah Jong. The sisters lived here for forty

May 26, 1938 – Maggie L. Anderson and Bessie A. Egerton sell The Waverly Inn to George B. Killen and
Louise C. Killen for the sum of $10, assumption of an $8,200 note held by Home Owners Loan
Corporation and $2,000 in cash.

George Byron Killen was born in Indiana on February 19, 1882. He was a salesman by trade and had a
history of heart problems. He died on January 14, 1943 while on a business trip to Chicago. He died just
after getting on a train to make the trip back home to Hendersonville. His granddaughter was told that he
collapsed on the train and was not identified for two or three days because some stole his wallet.

Lou Alta or Alta Louise Cummins Killen, depending on the source, was born in the Grandview area of
East Tennessee on November 28, 1886. She passed away on October 13, 1968 in Illinois.
People who remember The Waverly Inn during the forties say that all the single teachers in town lived
here. The men lived on the third floor and the women lived on the second floor. The Wormy Chestnut
Wing of the house was built during 1940. This area was used as guest rooms until the early 1990’s.

May 1, 1945 – Louise C. Killen (widow) sells The Waverly Inn to John H. Barker and Estella H. Barker for
$10, assumption of a $6,347.76 note held by Home Owners Loan Corporation and $18,000 in cash. Mrs.
Killen’s granddaughter believes that Mrs. Killen stayed on and ran the inn until Mr. and Mrs. Barker sold it.

January 25, 1946 – John H. Barker and Estella H. Barker sell The Waverly Inn to Frank F. Harrison and
Helen T. Harrison for $10 and $11,000 in cash. The note to Home Owners Loan Corporation is not listed
as debt.
Helen T. Harrison dies sometime during the next seven years. Mr. Harrison slept on a screened porch at
the back of the house from then on.

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Mr. & Mrs. Harrison’s son, who was in college during the late forties, describes his summer residence at
The Waverly Inn as the room under the dining room. Mr. Harrison is a retired Professor of Music at UNC-
Chapel Hill.

December 2, 1957 – Frank F. Harrison (widower) sells The Waverly Inn to M.U. McCurry and Elma M.
McCurry. The McCurrys later convey ed the inn to their son Jack E. McCurry and his wife Dorothy C.
McCurry. The older McCurrys owned “The McCurry Hotel” next door, which is now known as The
Claddagh Inn.

During the next twenty odd years the inn was famous for its home cooked meals. People lined up on the
front porch waiting to be seated, especially after church on Sunday. Annie Mae, the cook for forty seven
years, made the best chicken and ham in the area. An owner’s quarters was built onto the house in the
1960’s. We thank the McCurrys for this undertaking.

Ed and Dot McCurry owned the inn for twenty eight years and even owned the inn next door for a good
portion of that time. They bought it from Ed’s father and mother when they retired. Mr. and Mrs. McCurry
now reside in Flat Rock and you can see them anytime there is a dance at Hendersonville County Club.

December 13, 1985 – Jack E. McCurry and Dorothy C. McCurry sell The Waverly Inn to Steve Zebos and
Judith Zebos. Sometime in the next twenty-nine months the Zebos changed the ownership of the inn to a
corporation, owned by them, named Take Time Out, Inc. The Zebos are retired school teachers from
Illinois. Steve also did a stint as a scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Judy is now a local artist.

May 13, 1988 – Take Time Out, Inc. sells The Waverly Inn to Historic
Inns, Inc. owned by John and Diane Sheiry. A bit more money was paid
than the original owners received. The inn had twenty-two bedrooms and
eight bathrooms by this time. During subsequent renovations we have
expanded rooms, added bathrooms to each room and incorporated The
Wormy Chestnut Wing into owner’s quarters. There are fourteen rooms
now. The renovations on the inn are a constant process and we are
always striving to be better. John and Diane, along with Diane’s sister
Darla Olmstead, reside in the inn and operate it on a daily basis.

             The Waverly Inn Bed & Breakfast | 783 N. Main Street | Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792
                       Toll Free: (800) 537-8195 | Fax: (828) 692-1010 | www.WaverlyInn.com

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