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                                           Vacant Dwelling Rater
Tuscano introduces a new way to quote Vacant Dwellings. A faster, more efficient
way to get insurance quotes to your clients when they want it. Quotes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s fast and
easy at Tuscano is a market leader for all types of vacants, not just dwelling risks. Send any
vacant risk you have and Tuscano will work to get you the best pricing and coverage, quickly and competitively.

Program Highlights:                                           Target Risks:
•   3 month, 6 month or 12 month policies                     •   Residential property, protected or semi-protected
•   Quarterly installments available on annual policies       •   Buildings with functioning burgler and fire alarm
•   Values over $350,000 with underwriter review              •   Vacant 24 months or less
•   Liability limits up to $500,000                           •   The client is a current customer of the producing agent
•   Basic or Special Causes of Loss
                                                              Eligible Risks:
•   Vandalism coverage included
                                                              •  Up to four family dwellings and commercial use
•   ACV or RC on building and other structures
                                                              •  Under renovations
•   RC on renovations
                                                              •  Insured or contractor performing renovations
•   Monoline property or package coverage available
                                                              • Cosmetic renovations to major structural renovations
•   Theft available on select accounts                          eligible
•   A+ Rated carrier                                          • Personal property can be covered if there are no
                                                              • Other structures coverage available

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