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Stop Wasting Thousands of Dollars on Leads

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					Stop Wasting Thousands of Dollars on Leads
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If you are like me, or I should say, as I once was, then you probably buy a monthly allotment of
supposedly fresh leads of people who are looking to start a home business. You then sit and get
your script ready and probably modify it and re-modify it and then sit with your hand on the
phone drumming up the courage to pick it up and dial the first number. The fear is something
most of us have to conquer and is of course the fear of rejection. There are thousands of people
out there who would have been able to start and run a successful business had it not been for
this fear. When you finally do work up the courage and call and are lucky enough to get in touch
with a live person, they end up either being angry for being called for the 20th time today, or
they want to start a business and don't want to sacrifice the time or the money necessary to
build one. This type of rejection over and over can kill the spirit of a new business builder and
cause them to close up shop before they have even got started. There fortunately is a solution.

We are told that we have to sort and sift, work the numbers, look for diamonds in the rough. In
the 8 years I have been in Network Marketing I have wasted time sorting and sifting, working
the numbers and finding those diamonds in the rough. I have had a fair amount of success
however I can not say that those I enrolled have had this type of success. It is really NOT a
system that is easily reproduced unless you are extraordinarily driven to make it work! This
bothered me and I spent years searching for a system that was easily reproduced so that all the
people I enrolled had the same chance as me to build a business that would grow and
eventually build momentum on it's own.

This system does exist! The system is called a Funded Sponsoring System.

The secret to earning residual income in a business on the internet is Duplication! By helping
others online to build their business, without leads and rejection, our personal income grows at
a much faster rate as does the income of those you enroll. This Funded sponsoring system helps
those that are just getting started as well as those who already have a primary program they
are working. The best thing about this system is that it will create income for you and those in
your group in multiple streams. The system will allow you to profit even if you are not initially
getting enrollments into your primary Business.

The way this system works involves using free and low cost advertising methods that work to
generate traffic to a low cost business that you use as your qualifier. This business is not your
primary and should have a free trial with a very low cost to join and maintain membership. This
type of business will generate a relatively small income but the main purpose of it is to qualify
the people who sign up for your free Funded Sponsoring System as people who are worth your
time and effort in helping.

Using the Funded Sponsoring System you spend no time with anyone until they have
committed to the low cost opportunity or they signed up with one or more of the low cost
advertising methods which also generates a small to moderate commission for me and will for
them as well as they promote their own Funded Sponsoring System. The system lays out a step
by step method for each and every person to follow so that they can recreate your success. The
only way for them not to get results is for them not to follow the system. The success of this
system means never having to cold call leads ever again to build a Business and it automatically
introduces the people under me in the system to my Primary business and allows those under
me to either join my primary or if they already have one to enter their own for the system to
introduce it to their members. In My 8 years of marketing this is the only system I have found
that gives everyone the same chance to succeed without having to be a Pro presenter or sales
person. It is without a doubt the best, well thought out system for reproducing Home Business
success that exists today.

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