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Jennifer Colvin is a certified Raw Food Teacher, Raw
Chef and Food Coach. She has the utmost interest in
transforming the relationship that you and your family
have with food.
She has a medical background and has worked in a
medical office setting for years. Her job revolved around reading patient charts which
revealed the fact that many people are chronically ill with diseases that can be prevented
or eliminated with diet changes. Many people medicate their conditions with handfuls of
pills everyday and they don’t have to be sick!!

Colvin has been a fitness enthusiast since the age of 22 and has been active in
competitive sports into her early 30’s. She has always taken nutrition seriously but, until
three years ago she never knew how profound a raw food diet could be.

“Like a lot of women after I had my children and went back to work at a desk job, I found
it very difficult to find time to workout. I had ‘baby weight’ that would not go away and I
also noticed that my energy level was low and I started to have a host of ailments. I
thought that I could ‘fix’ it by doing what I had always done- of course it didn’t work” says
Jen. After I found out what raw foods can do for the body I was hooked!! It is amazing
how fast you start to feel good when you are feeding your body what it really wants.

Adopting a raw food diet is a journey that should be enjoyed. But, many of the programs
she read about seemed extreme with a go 100% raw or go home attitude. Because she
is raising two children she realized that there are many other mom’s like her that want to
feed their children healthy food but are not able to implement a harsh regimen or
transition into their lives.
Jen created Vibrant Life with families in mind. She has learned how to make raw food
meals and snacks taste really good. She is always creating new innovative ways to keep
her kids and yours on a path that will allow them to live their most vibrant life!
With energy and a passion for teaching all parents, grandparents, and caregivers how to
transition to raw gently and reap the rewards of a healthy family Jen has created Vibrant
Life Raw Food and Fitness.

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