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									                                     AFSA CHAPTER 1260
                                   General Membership Meeting
                                        8 September 2010

1. Meeting called to order at 1115, Club Five Six, Luke AFB, AZ.

        a. The meeting was called to order by Acting President CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli, who also
gave the invocation and led the members in the Pledge of Allegiance, and TSgt Withrow read the
AFSA Preamble. CMSgt Piccoli is the Acting President as Chapter President, MSgt Dixon just
left on a deployment and MSgt Lawhorne has not returned from her deployment.

2. Members Present: 10 members were present and a quorum was determined.

3. Officers Present: CMSgt (Ret) Geno Piccoli, Acting President & Treasurer
                     MSgt Raul Villarreal, Jr., 6th Trustee
                     TSgt Dustin D. Withrow, Secretary

4. Introduction of new members and guests: None

5. Minutes from the previous meeting were read. Moved by MSgt Villarreal and seconded
by MSgt Wilson that the minutes be approved as written. Motion carried.

6. Communications: CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli presented a letter from the Air Force Enlisted
Village that thanked us for the chapter’s $25 donation to them that was presented at the AFSA
Professional Airmen’s Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

7. Treasurer’s Report: CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli provided copies of and presented details of the
report for the period 1-30 August 10 with results as follows:

   Start: $6,044.49
   End: $5,598.20

       a. Moved by TSgt (Ret) Willis and seconded by MSgt Rios-Maldonado that the
Treasurer’s report be approved as submitted, subject to audit. Motion carried.

8. Legislative Report: CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli, presented the report and highlighted that there was
no legislative action taken since our last meeting due to the AFSA Professional Airmen’s
Conference and that fact that the Congress was in their summer recess and all the members are
back in their home districts. However, this is a good opportunity to personally contact your
representatives and express concerns to them. For the latest information on any issue and other
actions and bills, you can go to the AFSA website ( and review the AFSA
Newsletter that is released every Thursday and published every Friday or review the Legislative

9. Membership Report: CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli, representing SMSgt Eric Johnson, presented the
report. As of August 30, the chapter had a total of 258 recruits and 15 retentions. CMSgt (Ret)
Piccoli has 231 recruits and 7 retentions; MSgt Dixon has 17 recruits and 4 retentions; MSgt
Villarreal has 2 recruits and 2 retentions; SSgt Cole and SMSgt Ewing have 2 recruits; SrA
Myers, TSgt Nutter, A1C Seifert, and MSgt Wilson all have 1 recruit; and SSgt Lemus and
SMSgt (Ret) Robertson have 1 retention. He reminded the members that our recruit quota was
480 and our retention quota was 192 for 2010 and that we really needed to meet those quotas this
year with a lot of emphasis on retentions and updating many of our members on our bad address

10. Old Business:

        a. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli still has 8 of our chapter shirts (3-XL, 3-L, and 2-M) for
purchase. They are dark blue, feature an embroidered AFSA logo with Chapter 1260 markings,
and cost $21 each. He advised the members that they would be great to be worn by chapter
members when we had a chapter event. The chapter has paid for the shirts and all money
received will be deposited back into the chapter account. If you are interested in purchasing one
of the shirts, contact CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli. (OPEN)

         b. The issue concerning AFSA Chapter 1259 in the East Valley of Phoenix having closed
and their members being officially transferred to our chapter remains open. We now have over
2000 members and are the 4th largest chapter in AFSA. However, we still need to find a way to
keep the approximately 500 members who are located in the East Valley advised of what we are
doing in the chapter, when our meetings are held, and other issues so they will remain interested
in the association and stay on as members. Several ideas were previously discussed and the
Chapter President stated that we will leave this item open until we find a solution. Of most
concern is how we will communicate with them. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli stated that he was
working on putting a letter and flyer together that we could mail to just the East valley residents
on a one-time basis. The contents would let them know what we were doing over here, our
website, our chapter officers, meeting times and dates, and other basic info so they at least would
know how to contact us and the basics of what we were doing. There was some discussion about
someone else taking on the task of putting the letter together. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli stated that the
individual that puts the letter together needs to be very knowledgeable about the chapter and all
its activities to insure all the information is distributed, but would keep working on it and
hopefully have it ready for mailing in the near future. Ray Clark, previous Chapter President for
1259, asked for information about what’s going on in the chapter. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli said he is
still sending him copies of the minutes from our meeting every month and has already sent him a
copy of our directory of officers, and our website address. MSgt Dixon suggested that we
consider sending a flyer with all that pertinent information to every member of the chapter. That
will also be considered, but will be very expensive to mail. (OPEN)

        c. The issue concerning finding a way to distribute information to our members remains
a vital concern and is still open. MSgt Dixon is continuing to look for an agency that might be
able to work the issue out and has a couple of folks from communications also looking out for
programs that can resolve this issue. If anyone knows of a program or way to resolve this issue,
please contact MSgt Dixon. (OPEN)

        d. With SrA Myers unavailable for this month’s meeting, the proposal for the Airmen
project working with a local homeless center and other agencies was tabled again to our next
meeting. Still looking at October to hold the event but waiting on specific details to present so
we can fully discuss and plan the event. (OPEN)
        e. MSgt Jones and SrA Myers proposed at the April meeting the possibility of having a
breakfast meeting which might encourage more people to attend. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli initiated
discussions again and advised that due to the club kitchen being closed, we needed to hold on
planning this event until the club started serving breakfast again. It was still emphasized to look
at either Tuesday or Thursday, but not earlier than October and to have it coincide with the
arrival of the new Command Chief and we could tie the first breakfast into a “Meet the Chief”
meeting to urge incoming leadership to get behind the Chapter. (OPEN)

        f. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli advised the membership that the visit by CMSgt (Ret) James
Lokovic, the current Division 12 Legislative Trustee and former AFSA Director of Military and
Government Relations, to Luke to present Legislative Briefings and, in conjunction with CMSgt
(Ret) Piccoli, Membership Briefings, has been postponed until after the first of the year. When
specific dates are finalized and the details are worked out, they will be publicized. (CLOSED)

       g. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli had advised the membership at the previous meeting that
President Dixon, himself, SSgt Birkbeck, and five other members of the chapter would attend the
AFSA Professional Airmen’s Conference (PAC) and Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.
He provided the following information on the event’s happenings:

       (1) Elections were held and the following are our officers for the coming year:

                   President: CMSgt Jeffrey Ledoux (Reelected)
                   Vice President: CMSgt (Ret) Timothy Litherland
                   Active Duty Trustee: MSgt Kent Kundert
                   Retired & Veterans Trustee: MSgt (Ret) Dale Nelson (Elected)
                   ANG Trustee: TSgt Mindi Anderson (Elected)
                   AFRES Trustee: CMSgt David Henry (Elected)
                   Airmen Activity Trustee: SSgt Peter Hill (Elected)

       (2) Our Airman of the Year nominee, SSgt Zully Birkbeck, was selected as the AFSA
           2009 Airman of the Year and was presented her award by CMSAF James Roy at the
           PAC Honors Banquet.

       (3) The following bylaw changes were approved:

                   (a) Approval authority for dues increases was given to the AFSA Executive
                       Council rather than bringing it to the AFSA membership at a Professional
                       Airmen’s Conference for a vote.

                   (b) Effective 1 Jan 2011, the dues for E-4 and below will change from $18 for
                       18 months to $25 for two years.

                   (c) Effective at the next PAC, the AFSA International President will be
                       elected for a two-year term.

                   (d) Effective Jan 1, 2011, the AFSA Fiscal Year will go from May 1 thru Apr
                       30 each year to Jan 1 thru Dec 31.
                  (e) The proposed moving of Auxiliary members into AFSA as AFSA
                      members effective Jan 1, 2011 was tabled. A special committee was
                      appointed to review all the particulars concerning this possible move to
                      insure the best results for all of AFSA is obtained.

11. New Business:

         a. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli advised that there will be an Airmen’s Block Party for all of Luke
Airmen starting at 3:00 P.M., Friday, Oct 8, at the Silver Wings Pool area. Last year, we had a
booth at the event to talk to the Airmen about AFSA. He proposed that we have the booth again
this year and he will provide some small prizes that will be given away. Every Airman who
visits the booth will get a ticket for the prizes and a drawing will be conducted to announce the
winners. He asked if there was anyone who would help him with the event and MSgt Rios-
Maldonado and MSgt Villarreal said they would help. (CLOSED)

12. Guest Speaker: None.

13. Questions and Answers: None

14. Upcoming Events and Announcements:

        a. MSgt Villarreal advised the next ALS graduation will be held on Sep 9 at Club Five
Six. Our chapter representative will present the Academic Achievement Award and those
interested in attending should contact the school.

        b. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli again reminded folks that the Retiree Appreciation Day at Luke
would be held on Saturday, Nov 20, 2010 and details would follow. CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli
indicated that he would again be the POC for the chapter at the event and get all the documents
that would be needed at our table. Anyone else who would like to volunteer to assist is asked to
contact him.

        c. TSgt (Ret) Willis again advised that the POW/MIA Ceremony will be held at the
base flagpole at 4:00 P.M., Sep 16.

15. There being no further business, after a closing prayer by CMSgt (Ret) Piccoli, the
meeting was adjourned at 1145.

16. The next chapter meeting will be held on October 13, 2010 at 1100, in the Club Five Six
Barcelona Room.

President: _________________________

Recorder: _________________________

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