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					Hip Hop Dance Words - Online Hip Hop Dance Lessons:


And count - 1/2 beat of music


Boogaloo - loose movement with legs and hips like a dancer has no bones.

B-boying - breakdancing

Breaking or Breakdancing - one of the original dance styles of hip hop that can have freezes, power
moves, footwork, drops and top rock.

Break it down - take it section by section, move by move and slow it down, show more detail


Choreography - a dance routine

Choreographer - person that puts together the elements that make up a complete dance step or routine

Cleaning - clean up dance moves in a routine by making moves more exact. Clean up existing
choreography without adding anything new to make the dance work better .

Combo - a combination of moves and patterns that make up a dance routine

Crew - a group of urban or hip hop dancers


Dance steps - different dance patterns like the two step, cabbage patch, walk-it-out and lip gloss.

Drops - getting down to the floor from a higher level


Eight count - bigger dance routines are broken down into sections of dance that are 8 counts long to
make it easier to learn pieces of the dance number.

Focus - where the eyes are cast during a particular move or moves. The focus of the dancer is where the
eyes look at.

Free spin - a dance spin without any handhold and no set landing position

Freestyle - to freestyle is to make up your own dance moves without scripted choreography. Freestyle is
self-expression through dance and usually to music or a beat. A fixed amount of beats may be given
within a dance routine for freestyling.

Freeze - a temporary still position that uses the whole body to balance

From the top - take the dance steps from the beginning of the routine. This can either be an entire
dance routine or the beginning of a section that is being worked on.

Full out - to dance with the most energy and effort possible, and usually to the real time beat of the
song or rhythm.

Groove - the groove is the whole body moving to a song whereas isolations feature separate parts of the

Half Time - practicing a dance pattern at half the speed of the original music or beat. Slowing down a
routine helps to get the moves before working them at full speed or Real Time.

Handstand - the body is balanced while standing on two hands

Hold - a pause in the routine where there is no movement - wait,pause

Isolation - taking a particular part of the body and moving it while keeping the rest of the body still\

Krumping - Mixture of hip-hop with underground clowning.

Levels - The height of the dance move (high level is standing upright, low level is low to the ground)

Locking - A jerky funky dance style moving through split-second poses that involves isolations, wrist rolls
points, knee drops, throwbacks and locks.

Mark It - marking out a routine means getting to know where the movements are in a particular dance
without performing them full out. Marking is used to go through a routine without major movements,
so only small movements are made with hands and feet to step through the routine.

Moonwalk - Made famous by Michael Jackson (in Billie Jean), a dance step similar to a back slide.

Old Skool - earlier phase of hip hop dance where moves close to the ground were separate from verticle

Plie - knees bent
Popping -quick muscle contractions which form a jerky movement. The jerky moves are pops or hits.
  (puppeting, tutting, robot, waving, ticking, strobing, the creep)

Rap - spoken or chanted words and rhymes, usually to a beat or music.

Releve - up on toes (used more in Ballet and less in Hip Hop)

Robotic Dance - the robot is a form of popping featuring isolations

Sampling - A short piece of music, beat or sound is recorded and then triggered again on playback
usually from a digital sampler, computer or keyboard.

Soul Train - two rows of dancers look on as a single dancer or a single dance act moves down the middle.
    This was made popular on the original 70's Soul Train TV show.

Swag - swagger and attitude expressed during a dance

Tempo - usually in bpm (beats per minute) refers to the speed of a piece of music. Taking something at
tempo means doing the routine to the actual speed of the dance number.

Top Rock - hip hop moves performed standing upright

Wass up , Wuddup - what is happening, how are you

Windmill - a back-spinning move in hip hop

Have fun with your hip hop dance!

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