TURNER FENTON SECONDARY SCHOOL
                         SCHOOL COUNCIL

                                  20 SEPTEMBER 2007


Present: Yvonne Brown, Dennis Mercier, James Armstrong, James Dowhaniuk, Nadia Koltun,
Alison Stemp, Subi Balakumar, Ben Prins, Concetta Prins, Bhavna Radia, Lucie Bourget-Cassin,
Lenita Mendes, Marlene Dougherty

1.      Welcome

A welcome was extended to the returning and to the new parents and to Principal Garton, Vice-
Principal James Dowhaniuk, James Armstrong and Dennis Mercier

2.      Introduction of new staff—Mr. Dowhaniuk

Principal Garton introduced James Dowhaniuk as the newest vice-principal. He has been
teaching since 1990, in the subjects of chemistry and science. He has taught at Gordon Graydon
Secondary School in the Business and Technology programme. Most recently he has been
working with the Peel District School Board in e-learning or with students learning on line. He
described his experiences working with students who are attending secondary school on line as
part of night school or day school and who are taking a particular course on line as part of their
regular in person school studies.

3.      Renovations

Principal Garton described the current status of the renovations and the challenges sustained due
to the installation of the new phone system and PA system. It is intended that by spring 2008, the
school should have 6 new computer classrooms, 1 new cosmetology lab, and 5 new science
classrooms. It is expected that the portables may be removed. In addition, the lecture theatre will
receive new chairs; 10 rooms will be painted; a rational oven will be installed; a teleconferencing
room will be built; and the bistro will be expanded into a restaurant.

4.      Principal’s Report

Principal Garton indicated that the school enrolment is 2340 students with approximately 150
teachers. Three new teachers have joined the staff.

For the new parents, Garton provided an overview of the scope of learning at the school. There
are 6 different levels of programmes; ESL, Extended French, Chef Training, Vocational,
International Baccalaureate, Academic. Every teacher at the school is a specialist in his/her
The International Baccalaureate Mentorship Conference will occur at the school on 28 and 29
September 2007.

Commencement will be on Thanksgiving Thursday, October 4. There was some discussion on
alternatives dates.

Turner Fenton has the privilege of having the top two students in the GTA.

Progress reports will be sent out on 12 October 2007. Parents Interview Night is 18 October

5.      Nominations for Executive for 2007-2008 year

By consensus it was agreed that Nadia Koltun would continue as Chair and that Lenita Mendes
would continue as Vice-chair. Yvonne Brown agreed to be secretary.

6.      Topics for discussion during 2007-2008 year

Discussion indicated that the objective of the School Council was to act as a resource for parents
and to provide parents with information regarding the activities of the school.

The following topics were suggested
 Cooking class in February 2008
 An evening supported by the Guidance Department where parents learn about financing post-
  secondary school education, what avenues are available for the post-secondary school student
  and what parents can do at home to support the programmes and activities at the school to help
  their children learn in October 2007
 A visit from the Peel District School Board staff indicating what are the initiatives of the
  Ministry of Education such as the legislation which requires students to stay in school until 18,
  possibly in November
 A presentation regarding the available trips at the school in April 2008
 Other topics to be developed

7.      New Business

Nadia Koltun distributed the Board’s Orientation and Training Evening to the parents present and
recommended the evening to those who had not yet attended.

Discussion took place regarding how best the School Council could communicate with parents.
Nadia Koltun indicated that she was attempting to generate a contact list so that parents who
attended consistently received information. It was suggested that a flyer be prepared that could
be inserted in the progress reports when they were distributed and that a sign up sheet should be
on the refreshments table during Parents Interview Night.

8.      Adjournment

Next meeting is 25 October 2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library.

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