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									                                          Data sheet
                                          UltraVent® condensation hood
                                          The patented condensation technology used in
                                          the UltraVent® absorbs and draws off steam and
                                          vapour. Forget about expensive extraction
                                          systems. No external connection needed.
                                          Installation is simple and retrofitting possible at
                                          any time.
                                          Ideal for use in small kitchens, sales areas in
                                          butchers’ shops, bakeries, snack bars and party

                                          Only when installed on gas appliances:
                                          The hot combustion air is drawn up through the
                                          UltraVent®. A draft diverter and suitable exhaust
                                          gas flue (e.g. chimney connection) must be

Technical specification                   Features:

Connection:        230V 1 NAC 50/60 Hz       Integrated lighting
Connected load:                  450 W       Easy-clean grease filter (CNS)
Extraction volume:           1,000 m3/h      High extraction rate
Running noise: Stage 1:         55 dBA       Proximity door contact switch
                  Stage 2:      60 dBA       Extraction rate automatically increased when
                                              cabinet door is opened

Width:                         847 mm
Height:                        400 mm
Depth:                        1172 mm
Weight:                          54 kg

                                                                                                Technische Änderungen vorbehalten - Version 1.0
Operating Instructions
UltraVent® Condensation hood 61/101

Switching on
 Press the On/Off button
 Lighting becomes active
 Extraction runs continuously at Stage 1 (reduced
   extraction rate)
 Opening the cooking cabinet door automatically
   activates the increased extraction rate (Stage 2).

Safety instructions:

   Components may be hot – burn hazard
   Do not place objects on the air outlet
   Do not clean with high pressure cleaner
   When carrying out maintenance work ensure that
    unit is disconnected from the mains

 Rotate turn-lock fastener to the left
 Push grease filter up
 Pull bottom of grease filter forwards and remove
 Can be cleaned in the dishwasher
 Replace grease filter in reverse order

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