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									                                            CP 6649 Theories of Counseling
                                               Final Exam Study Guide
1. The main goal of behavior therapy is:

2. Which is not true of the relationship between therapist and client in behavior therapy?

3. Which of the following is not true regarding behavior therapy?

4. B. F. Skinner is associated with which of the following trends in the behavioral approach?

5. Which of the following is not true about how behavior therapists function in the therapeutic setting?

6. Which of the following clinical strategies is not necessarily employed during assertion training?

7. Wolpe's systematic desensitization is based on the principles of:

8. The situation in which behaviors are influenced by the consequences that follow them is:

9. ____involves the removal of unpleasant stimuli from a situation once a certain behavior has occurred.

10. Cognitive-behavioral therapy:

11. Behavior therapists tend to:

12. The founder of rational emotive behavior therapy is:

13. Rational emotive behavior therapy belongs to which category of therapy?

14. The cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy stresses:

15. REBT views emotional disturbances as the result of:

16. According to REBT, what is the core of most emotional disturbance?

17. REBT contends that people:

18. The main function of the rational emotive behavior therapist is to:

19. The role of the client in rational emotive behavior therapy is like that of a:

20. To a large degree, cognitive therapy is:

21. Reality therapy is best categorized as:

22. Reality therapy is best described as:

23. The function of the reality therapist is:

24. In reality therapy, the counseling environment is:

25. Which of the following procedures would a reality therapist be least likely to employ?
26. A reality therapist will primarily focus on:

27. When reality therapists explore a client's past, they tend to focus on:

28. The core of reality therapy consists of:

29. Feminist therapists, regardless of their philosophical orientation, believe all of the following except that:

30. All of the following are goals of feminist therapy except for:

31. Which of the following themes would clients in feminist therapy be least likely to explore?

32. In therapy, the role of the feminist therapist is that of:

33. The preferred alternative to traditional diagnosis and assessment of feminist therapists is:

34. All of the following are techniques used in solution-focused therapy except for:

35. The therapeutic process in solution-focused brief therapy involves:

36. Narrative therapists attempt to:

37. Regarding multicultural counseling, narrative therapy has been found to be particularly effective because:

38. Who was the first person of the modern era to do family therapy?

39. Which family therapist made use of innovative interventions such as metaphor, reframing, rules for
interaction, parts party, family reconstructions, family sculpting, and family maps?

40. Alfred Adler was the first to notice that the development of children within family constellations was
heavily influenced by:

41. The concept of triangulation is most associated with:

42. What is the technique in family therapy that casts a new light on a problem and provides a different
interpretation for a problematic situation?

43. Which is(are) a key role (or roles) of most family therapists?

44. Which of the following techniques is a strategic family therapist least likely to use?

45. A tool for collecting and organizing key relationships in a three-generational extended family is a:

46. The major focus of family therapy is:

47. According to psychoanalytic therapy, human beings are:

48. Which of the following approaches contends that the nature of the human condition includes self-awareness,
freedom of choice, responsibility, and anxiety as basic elements?
49. Which of the following approaches is based on the premise that there are multiple realities and multiple

50. A key concept of Gestalt therapy is:

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