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While recuperating in a Baghdad
hospital from a traumatic brain injury
sustained during the Iraq War, eighteen-
year-old soldier Matt Duffy struggles to
recall what happened to him and how it
relates to his ten-year-old friend, Ali.
                      In October, 1942,
                      Helmuth Hübener,
                      imprisoned for distributing
                      anti-Nazi leaflets, recalls
                      his past life and how he
                      came to dedicate himself
                      to bring the truth about
                      Hitler and the war to the
                      German people.

By Susan Bartoletti
                       Robin Perry, from
                       Harlem, is sent to
                       Iraq in 2003 as a
                       member of the
                       Civilian Affairs
                       Battalion, and his
                       time there
                       profoundly changes
By Walter Dean Myers
Bored and lonely after his
family moves from Berlin to a
place called "Out-With" in
1942, Bruno, the son of a Nazi
officer, befriends a boy in
striped pajamas who lives
behind a wire fence.
When best friends Chris and
Win go on a cross country
bicycle trek the summer after
graduating and only one
returns, the FBI wants to
know what happened.
Believing he has killed his
grandfather, Zane Guesswind
heads for his mother's
Zanesville, Ohio, grave to kill
himself, driving the 1969
Plymouth Barracuda his long-
gone father left behind, and
meeting along the way
assorted characters who help
him discover who he really is
Fifteen-year-old Victor Flores
journeys north in a desperate
attempt to cross the Arizona
border and find work in the
United States to support his
family in central Mexico
Early one August morning,
seventeen-year-old computer
"nerd" Duff Pringle leaves
Richmond, Virginia, in a
newly-acquired used car and
begins an unexpectedly
convoluted journey to San
Jose, California, and the job
that awaits him there
Despite some reservations,
sixteen-year-old Jessie joins
her companions from the
previous year's adventure on
the Colorado River for a legal
rafting trip through the Grand
A teenage boy attempts to be
the youngest person to reach
the top of Mount Everest
Still mourning the death of
their mother, three brothers
go with their father on an
extended sailing trip off the
Florida Keys and have a
harrowing adventure at sea
While conducting research for
a school paper on smallpox,
Mitty finds an envelope
containing 100-year-old
smallpox scabs and fears that
he has infected himself and all
of New York City
Brian uses basketball to block
out memories of his girlfriend
and her family who were
murdered; however, the
upcoming trial and a high
school history assignment
forces him to face the past.
A summer trip across the New
Mexico desert turns
nightmarish for fourteen-
year-old Lucy, her older
brother Jamie, and his best
friend Kit, as they become
involved in the suspicious
death of a young girl
Stuck working in the lost and
found department of the
Toronto Transit Authority for
the summer, seventeen-year-
old Duncan finds the diary of
a serial killer and sets out to
stop him
After his younger brother
commits suicide, Kyle Kirby
decides to exact revenge on
the person he holds
A humorous account of a New York City
teenager's battle with depression and his time
spent in a psychiatric hospital
During their humorous search
to find a fourth player for
their flag football team, three
high school juniors are forced
to examine their long
friendship, their individual
flaws, and their inability to try
new experiences
After Doug Lee is attacked by
a vampire he is forced to
remain overweight and fifteen
for eternity and as he
attempts to prove himself to
the new Indian exchange
student, Doug must navigate
high school and avoid a
persistent vampire hunter
Kayla McHenry's life is
transformed when a wish on
her sixteenth birthday comes
true--along with all of her
previous birthday wishes,
beginning with the
appearance of a pink pony.
This is a light, comedic stories
with a little romance mixed in
Fifteen-year-old Jess, living
with her mum, separated
from her father in Cornwall,
and with a best friend who
seems to do everything
perfectly, finds her own assets
through humor
Julie and Ashleigh, high school
sophomores and Jane Austen
fans, seem to fall for the same
Mr. Darcy-like boy and
struggle to hide their true
feelings from one another
while rehearsing for a school
Sixteen-year-old Sam's best
friend Jesse may only have
months to live after he is
diagnosed with a rare form of
cancer and Sam does
everything she can to help,
but when their friendship
grows stronger and they begin
to fall in love, Sam wonders
whether the young couple will
get a happy ending
Science Fiction
Upon moving to Bixby,
Oklahoma, fifteen-year-old
Jessica Day learns that she is
one of a group of people who
have special abilities that help
them fight ancient creatures
living in an hour hidden at
midnight; creatures that seem
determined to destroy Jess
In a futuristic world, teenaged
Nailer scavenges copper
wiring from grounded oil
tankers for a living, but when
he finds a beached clipper
ship with a girl in the
wreckage, he has to decide if
he should strip the ship for its
wealth or rescue the girl
Mick Johnson works hard for
a placement on the varsity
team during his freshman
year, and decides to use
steroids in order to hold onto
his edge, despite the
consequences to his health
and social life
Lonely after a midsummer
move to a new town, sixteen-
year-old high-school
quarterback Marcus Jordan
becomes friends with a
retired professional linebacker
who is great at training him,
but whose childish behavior
keeps Marcus in hot water