FARMINGDALE STATE COLLEGE
                     STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK
DEPARTMENT:         Mathematics

PREPARED BY:        Dr. Arlene Kleinstein
                    Fall 2011
COURSE TITLE:       MTH 116 College Algebra and Trigonometry
CREDITS:            4 Credit-hours

     This course is designed to prepare students for precalculus as well as for quantitative courses
     in the natural and social sciences. In this course students are introduced to the fundamental
     concept of functions and their representations in contextual, table, graphical, and algebraic
     forms. Linear, quadratic and exponential functions are investigated in all four
     representations. Common logarithms are introduced to compare quantities of varying orders
     of magnitude, and their properties are used in solving exponential equations. The geometry
     and trigonometry of right triangles are presented, and time permitting, the trigonometric
     functions of general angles of rotation are introduced.

PREREQUISITE:       MP2 or MTH 015
                    [Mathematics Placement Level 2 (MP2) is determined by the scores of
                    high school math courses and/or Regents Exams or by score on the
                    placement exam administered by the Office of Admissions.]

                            Explorations in College Algebra, Fifth Edition (new)
                            Authors: Kime, Clark and Michael
                            Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2011
                            Supplement (bundled with the textbook)
                            Technical Mathematics: Selected Materials
                            Authors: Paul and Michael Calter
                            Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 20001
                            For those instructors who are interested, WileyPlus software is
                            bundled with new texts purchased at the bookstore or available for
                            student purchase online. You can utilize it in your classroom to
                            assign homework or quizzes that are graded automatically and
                            provide feedback to you and your students. Please contact Dr.
                            Kleinstein for more information or to set up an account for your class.
       Graphing Calculator: TI-83, 84 or 89 series are all acceptable
Text: Explorations in College Algebra,            Supplement: Technical Mathematics
      5th edition                                             by Calter and Calter
      by Kime, Clark and Michael                              John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2001
      John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2011

                                   Explorations in College Algebra

      Topic                                                   Chapter              Section

An Introduction to Functions                                      1                2–5
Rates of Change and Linear Functions                              2                1 – 3, 5 – 8
Systems of Linear Equations                                       3                1, 2
Properties of Exponents and Logarithms                            4                1 – 3, 5, 6
Exponential Growth and Decay                                      5                1-5
Using Logarithms to Solve Exponential Equations                   6                1
Power Functions                                                   7                3
Quadratic Functions                                               8                1, 4

                                   Trigonometry Supplement
Chapter 7         Right Triangles and Vectors
   Section 7.1    Cover conversion between radian and degree measure
   Section 7.2    Delete references to the reciprocal functions
   Section 7.3    Delete references to the reciprocal functions
   Section 7.4    Solving right triangles using assorted strategies
                  Include just a few simple applications

Chapter 17        Graphs of the Trigonometric Functions
   Section 17.1   Amplitude, period, and frequency of periodic functions.
                  Graph of y  a sin x
                  Note here how frequency is defined: number or part of a cycle completed in 1 unit of the
                  horizontal axis. However, most reform mathematics texts define frequency as the
                  number or part of a cycle completed in 2 units along the horizontal axis.
   Section 17.2   Graphs of y  a sin bx only

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