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					                                                               TrendseTTer super series nY       ®        TERM
                                                                                                                             Quick Facts


     n Industry Leading Maximum Issue Ages                                    amounts from $25,000 to $99,999 without a
     n Income Protection Option (IPO): Flexibility to                         medical exam2
       structure the death benefit as a guaranteed,                           n Fully Commissionable Policy Fees

       monthly income stream with optional initial                            n Express Underwriting: A dedicated team
       and final lump sum payouts to one or more                                expedites new term business under $1.5
       beneficiaries. This option is available at no                            million and below age 55, within six days
       additional cost.                                                         from submission to issue
     n TOP Program: Offers qualifying clients                                 n Multiple Policy Discounts: Premium savings
       an easier way to increase or extend their                                with policy fee waiver and banded rate
       existing term life insurance coverage up to                              discount on simultaneously underwritten
       $1 million, with a Trendsetter® Super 15 or                              policies on the same insured3
       Trendsetter® Super 25 policy, accelerated                              n Advanced Premium Discounts: Substantial
       underwriting and no medical exams1
                                                                                savings for premiums paid in advance4
     n Lower Rate Band: Offers qualifying clients an

       easier way to obtain coverage with face

Accident Indemnity Rider: Ages 18–65
Children’s Insurance Rider: Insured must be 18–55. Child must be 15 days to 18 years
Waiver of Premium: Ages 18–55


                      Trendsetter®           Trendsetter®       Trendsetter®          Trendsetter®         Trendsetter®         Trendsetter®
                       Super YRT               Super 10           Super 15              Super 20             Super 25             Super 30
                                                10-Year            15-Year              20-Year              25-Year               30-Year
                                            Guaranteed Level   Guaranteed Level     Guaranteed Level     Guaranteed Level      Guaranteed Level
                     Renewable Term
                                             Premium Term       Premium Term         Premium Term         Premium Term          Premium Term
   ISSUE AGES*                         80                              78                   70                   65                   58
     Smoker                            80                              73                   65                   60                   53

   Rate Bands                                                     $25,000 / $100,000 / $250,000 / $500,000 / $1,000,000
                            $70                           $30 Fully Commissionable (face amounts of $100,000 or greater)
   Policy Fees            Fully
                      Commissionable                       $60 Fully Commissionable (face amounts of $25,000 - $99,999)

 Minimum Face
  Amount **

*Minimum issue age for all Trendsetter Super Series NY products is 18. Maximum issue ages vary by product for face amounts at the $25,000
 band. Please refer to TFLIC Trendsetter Product Guide for details.
** The minimum face amount for Standard Plus or better is $100,000. Minimum face amount for Trendsetter® Super YRT, Preferred Plus, is $250,000.
RISK CLASSES                                                                   TOP PROGRAM5
    Preferred Plus                         Preferred Nonsmoker                   If previous coverage                     Available Maximum
    Standard Plus                          Standard Nonsmoker                    was issued within:                          Face Amount
    Preferred Smoker                       Standard Smoker                       One Year                                     $1,000,000
    Unisex/Unismoker (YRT only)                                                  Three Years                                   $750,000
                                                                                 Five Years                                    $500,000
                                                                                 Qualifying issue ages (age nearest birthday): 18–60.

              Initial Lump Sum                 Guaranteed Monthly Income Stream                                   Final Lump Sum

             $10,000 Minimum                          5–25 Years / $100 Minimum                                  $10,000 Minimum

    n   Available at no additional cost           n   May include multiple beneficiaries                n   Can be modified prior to the
                                                                                                            death of the insured
Reverse Quote Calculator: Quickly solve for a life insurance policy’s face amount by simply inputting a desired
Income Protection Option (IPO) Calculator: Easily solve for premium needed to replace a monthly income
stream. Options include an initial and/or final lump sum.
    n   Conversions are available to the earlier of the end of the level premium period or insured’s 70th birthday
        (75th birthday for Preferred Plus).
    n   Conversions are available to a designated permanent life insurance policy that is made available by Transamerica
        Financial Life Insurance Company at the time of the exchange.
    n   The following products are available for term conversions:
        n   Guaranteed Whole Life NY              n   TransACE® CV NY              n    TransSecure® II NY            n   TransUltra® SP NY

  This is not a Guaranteed Issue program. Qualification for coverage depends on the answers to health questions set forth in the new application.
  Subject to underwriting approval. Underwriting includes Medical Information Bureau (MIB) screening, nonmedical, face page of previously issued
  term policy and additional requirements which may be imposed based on information from the MIB. Program is subject to withdrawal at any time
  without notice from the Company.
  The $25,000 rate band is only available on Standard Nonsmoker and Standard Smoker on a non-medical basis with the following specifications:
  For issue ages 18 to 60, the policy can be issued on a non-med basis for face amounts between $25,000 and $99,999.
  For issue ages 61 to 70, the policy can be issued on a non-med basis for face amounts between $25,000 and $50,000.
  Additional information on the non-med band can also be found in our Underwriting Guide.
  Must be on the same insured, applied for and underwritten simultaneously. Policy fees will be waived on the shorter (secondary) duration policy.
  Not applicable to Trendsetter® Super YRT. Interest credited by Transamerica to premium paid under the Advanced Premium Agreement is taxable
  and will be reported annually to the IRS in a Form 1099-INT if in excess of $10.
  TOP Program available on Trendsetter® Super 15 and 25 TFLIC products only.
  Clients considering the conversion option should be aware of permanent policy features, including fees, charges, and premium requirements.

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Trendsetter® Super Series (Policy Form Nos. 3-322 38-111, 3-306 38-111, 3-305 38-111,
3-304 38-111, 3-303 38-111, and 3-334 38-111) are term life insurance policies issued
by Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY 10528. Premiums
increase annually for Trendsetter Super YRT, and starting in year 11 for Trendsetter
Super 10, in year 16 for Trendsetter Super 15, in year 21 for Trendsetter Super 20,
in year 26 for Trendsetter Super 25, and in year 31 for Trendsetter Super 30. These
policies are only available in New York.

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