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Giving in the Spirit of Love


If you want to really give fully, you have to learn how to receive. Learn how to open your heart.

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									Giving in the Spirit of Love
By Carla Tara – The Intimacy Expert

The hustle and bustle of many of us who have bought into the commercialization of the Holidays
can be greatly scaled down if you spend a few minutes to check in with yourself – how well are
you receiving the presents that
life offers you every single day?

When you have a real smile on
your face, because you are thinking
how lucky you are to have health,
the sunshine, the rain, the
abundance of fruits that nature
gives us, the ability to reach out to
thousands of people and contribute
to their lives, a call from a friend
who is thinking of you…then you
are enjoying the true gifts of life.

I believe that when you are good at
receiving with gratefulness in your
heart, you are also good at giving
of yourself – remember that for the
people in your life, the best present
of all is your full presence.

Even a hug given with full
presence is a great gift. Yes, you
truly can give a lot when you look
into another’s eyes and are touched
by the love you feel for this person.

If giving more material presents
makes you happy and does not unduly stress your finances, go ahead and be generous in that
way, too. Just take the time, and make sure you connect while you are giving your present. Then
it will have double value!

                         Carla Tara is an internationally-acclaimed intimacy and relationship
                         coach, who masterfully integrates a variety of tantric approaches with
                         body-oriented psychotherapy. She is known for the strength and
                         creativity of her work as a relationship and sex coach to both individuals
                         and couples, helping them rediscover the passion of their relationships,
                         and deepen intimate connections. You can find out more on her website

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