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									                              COFOG Meeting Minutes
                                  March 14, 2007
                              Redmond Fire and Rescue

Members Present: Dan Daugherty, LaPine Fire, Rod Bjorvik, Sunriver Fire
Rick Silbaugh, Deschutes 911, Ryan Karjala, Ken Enoch, Sisters Fire, Dick Knorr,
Redmond Fire, Chris Perry, Deschutes 911, Ben Dude, ODF, Brett Smith, Black Butte
Fire, Bill Boos, Jeff Blake, Bob Madden, Bend Fire, Kevin Stock, USFS.

Meeting Called to Order at 0930

Approval of Minutes

Communication Plan- Bob Madden presented a proposed communication plan and
radio channel list to the group. The plan had both a Wildland bank of channels and a
Structure/All Risk bank of channels. The group adopted the communication plan as
proposed. Bob Madden will be writing a more detailed list of channels and radio
frequencies and will send it out to all of our members.
Individual departments will change their frequencies and train their people on the new
procedures by May 1, 2007. The May date is the time COFOG would like to see all
radios switched over.

Wildland SOG- The group adopted a new Wildland SOG. The SOG will be reformatted
to fit more in line with the other adopted SOG. Dick Knorr will place the SOG on the
website for review. The group will formally adopt the SOG at our next meeting.

Air Ambulance Run Cards- Laverne at 911 is continuing to work on the run cards for
air ambulance response. She should have those completed by our next meeting.

Omega Run Cards- the group was advised on the Omega Run Cards issue. Bend Fire
has worked on changing their response to omega type calls. The lists of omega calls
were interesting so some customizing needed to be done. The rest of the group decided
to keep their omega run cards as written.

Protective Clothing- COFOG and COFIA will be working together to find a date and
location to hold a turnout and protective clothing care and maintenance class here in
Central Oregon. Ryan Karjala will be working on setting this class up and will present
dates at the next meeting.

Preseason Meeting Date was established. The meeting will be held on June 21st, 2007.
The meeting will be held in conjunction with the Gordon Graham presentation. More
information will follow as the date gets closer.

Deschutes County 911 Report- The BOLO issue has been taken care of at 911. It will
now reference specific addresses.
There is an updated web version of CAD on the internet. The updated version is more
user friendly and works similar to the CAD software program.
If you notice your Rip and Run sheets a new category has been added. They now show
an AED location for specific addresses.

Mobilization Plan- The group updated the Central Oregon Mobilization plan. Dick
Knorr will make the final adjustments to the plan and present it in draft form on the
website. Please review. The plan will be formally adopted at our next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1130 hours.

Respectfully submitted

Jeffrey Blake
Bend Fire and Rescue

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