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									Unhappy Relationship 3 Things You Can Do About It
Unhappy relationships are an inevitable part of romance, and their causes are numerous. Sometimes,
a commitment is made and that once made, it can be hard to leave an unhappy situation. You may
feel that you have to stay in order to support your loved ones, that you are unable to leave for any
number of reasons. You find that you are making a number of excuses to stay in a situation that is not
good for you.

If you are facing an unhappy relationship, then there are three things you need to do. Firstly, you can
do nothing and maintain things just as they are. You will continue on your path of misery, those
around you will become miserable, and you will continue along this path until you are in the worst of
situations. So why does this situation occur? It is the simplest thing to do. It is easy to not do anything
about the situation, and very hard to turn a bad partnership or unhappy relationship around. While it
may seem noble, it is a bad decision to try and stay.

Out of the three, the other option which involves staying in the relationship is to fix things. This step
requires a full commitment, anything less is as bad, if not worse, than trying to stick things out. This
step requires that your partner is also committed in full to repair of the situation. This is the most
challenging of the situations, but can lead to the best situation. Any changes made here will be lasting
and permanent. If your partner is not committed towards the repair of the unhappy relationship, then
all attempts to repair things will fail.

The last possibility is to leave. This is also very hard since people will make excuses in order to stay.
Sometimes, however, it is a matter of ending the relationship before things become irreparable.
Unhappiness, fighting, depression, and many other factors eventually come out of an unhappy
relationship. This will not only bring you and your loved ones great suffering, but it will also negatively
affect those around you are well. You have to overcome everything that is holding you back and take
that first step towards resolving the matter.

If you need one, you should seek out the aide from a therapist or a coach. Mental hindrances in an
unhappy relationship can be taken care of with the help of a therapist. If you need to work strategies
for repairing your situation, then you should instead get a coach, someone who will work with you to
develop strategies and get the success you need.

An unhappy relationship will mean one of three possibilities. You will either stay or suffer, you will
repair things with your ex, or you will move out and move on. Therapists and coaches provide
technical support while your family and friends will provide you with the support network you need
when you make. All it takes is an effort to do what is right for you and your loved ones.

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