Basic Ballet Vocabulary by 9M0qQk


									                              Basic Ballet Vocabulary
   1. Châines (sheh-NAY)- chains/links, a series of rapid turns on the
       points or demi-pointes done in a straight line or in a circle.
   2. Chassè (sha SAY)- chased, a basic ballet move that is used in all
       styles. A chasse is a kind of gallop where one foot chases the
       other. It is a traveling step.
   3. Développé (dayv-law-PAY)- time developed/developing
       movement, movement in which the working leg is drawn up to
       the knee of the supporting leg and slowly extended to an open
       position in the air and held with perfect control.
   4. Glissade (glee-SAD)- glide, a traveling step executed by gliding
       the working foot from the fifth position in the required direction,
       the other foot closing to it.
   5. Grand Battement (grahn baht-MAHn)-beating, large beating
       action of the leg, a forceful sweeping lift of the leg into the air.
   6. Grand jeté (grahn zhuh- TAV)- large throwing step, legs are
       thrown to 90 degrees with a corresponding high jump.
   7. Pas de bourrée (pah duh boo-RAY)- involves three movements,
       either three shifts of weight or two shifts of weight to a closed
   8. Piqué (pee-kay)- pricked/pricking, executed by stepping directly
       on the point or demi-pointe of the working foot in any desired
       direction or position with the other foot raised in the air.
   9. Pirouettes (peer-oo-ET)- whirl/spin, a complete turn of the
       body on one foot, on point or demi-pointe.
   10. Plié (plee-AY)- bent/bending, bending movement of the legs.
   11. Relevé (ruhl-e-VAY)- raised, a rise made from a preceding demi-
       plié, meaning raised or re-lifted, a rise to the balls of the feet.
   12. Ront de jambe (rawn duh zhahnb)- round of the leg, a circular
       movement of the leg.
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