Instruction for application of drugs to The Nose by doctorwaleed


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									How To Use an Metered dose inhalers correctly

_reamove cap from the mouthpiece.shake the inhaler well to mix the medicine .
_There are 3 methods to use an MDI:

   •   Method 1:put the mouthpiece of the inhaler in your mouth.Don't block the
       opening of the mouthpiece with your teeth or tounge.

   •   Method 2:Connect the spacer(orholding chamber)to mouth and close your lips
       looslely around the other end of the chamber .

   •   Method 3 :Hold the inhaler 1-2 inches in front of your mouth (about 2-3 finger

1_Exhale (breathe out)slowly all the way .
2_firmly press down on the inhaler as you inhale (breathe in )slowly.This gives you
one dose of medicine.Press your inhaler only 1 time while you are breathing in .If you
use a holding chamber,first press down on the inhaler and within 5 seconds, begin to
breathe in slowly.
3_Take the mouthpiece away from your mouth.Holdyour breath as you count to 10
slowly,if you can.This lets the medicine reach deeply into your lungs .
4_Exhale slowly.Never exhale through the mouthpiece.
5_If you need to take 2 doses,wait 1 minuthe before the next dose.Don't forger to
shake the container.

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