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									Missionary Online
Recommendation System

   Priesthood Leadership Meeting
   Breakout Session - Bishops
   Sunday, May 7th, 2006
  Recommend Submission Process
                                                                    Bishop                            Stake
   Bishop                     Candidate

                           Candidate Completes                    Bishop Reviews all               Stk . Pr. conducts a
Bishop Initiates New
                           Recommend Forms                        online submissions;              searching, thorough
                           Online                                 corrects and edits as            interview w/ candidate
Bishop Interviews                                                 necessary
                           Visit Doctor and have all                                               Stk. Pr. reviews all
                           work done                              Bishop reviews all Dr.           online submissions;
 1. Provides record                                               and Dent. papers                 corrects and edits as
number and instructs        1. Tak e stamped                                                       necessary
                           envelope addressed to                   1. May have to send
on how to fill out forms
  2. Conduct a
                           Bishop.                      Dentist   candidate back if
                                                                                                   Stk. Pr. enters All
                                                                                                   Dental and Medical
searching , thorough         2. May need to get                                                    Information into
                                                                  Bishop Conducts Final
interview…                 immunization records for                                                online forms.
                           doctor                                 Interview w/
3. Instruct candidate                                             Candidate                        Stk. Pr. completes
on entire process           3 Request that doctor       Doctor    Bishop Completes
                                                                                                   Priesthood Ldr.
                           complete all questions                                                  Comments
                           and mail to Bishop                     Priesthood Ldr.
                                                                  Comments                         Stk. Pr. submits to
                           Visit Dentist and have all                                              Missionary Dept.
                           work done                              Bishop Submits
                                                                  online recommend
                            1. Request that dentist               to Stake President
                           complete all questions
                           and mail to Bishop                     Bishop delivers Dental
                                                                  and Medical forms to
                                                                  Stk . Pr.

                                                                                           Bold Online work or documents
                                                                                         Italic In Person visit or Paper documents
Bishop’s Preparation
   Obtain internet access and e-mail address
     Candidate should also have

     Data not stored on hard drive – can be submitted on a home
      teacher’s, leader’s, etc.
   Create a login for Online Recommend Site
     Obtain record number and confirmation date from MLS

     http://lds.org/mss - follow instructions see next slide

   Review the following Materials
     Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 1: Stake Presidencies
      and Bishoprics
      First Presidency letters of 12 December 2000 and 11 December
      2002 for information on qualifications, terms of service,
      requirements for special clearance, and other instructions on
      calling missionaries
   Bishop Initiates New Recommend
       Can be done before interview (see next slide)
       Missionary cannot start until bishop initiates the recommend process
   Bishop Interviews Candidate
       Provides record number and instructs on how to fill out forms
       Conduct a thorough, searching interview with the candidate to determine worthiness,
        qualifications, and the individual's physical and emotional capability to serve. Confirm that the
        candidate has an understanding and testimony of the Savior and His Atonement, the
        Restoration and Joseph Smith' role in it, the Book of Mormon (having read it), and the singular
        privilege of serving the Savior as a missionary.
       The missionary recommendation packet for young missionaries should be submitted to the
        Missionary Department not more than 90 days before the candidate's availability date. Couples'
        packets may be submitted up to five months in advance. The date given in the “Date available
        to serve” field should not be earlier than the birthday when the missionary reaches the minimum
        age for service. Normally about two to four months are allowed between the issuing of the call
        and the beginning of the mission.
       If the candidate has been living away from home, the home bishop or branch president and the
        away-from-home bishop or branch president must confer regarding worthiness and the
        procedures for submitting the recommendation forms (see the Church Handbook of
        Instructions, Book 1).
       Instruct candidate on entire process
           Stress importance of filling out every field on paper forms
                Set expectation that candidate will be responsible to return to Dr. or Dentist to reconcile problems.

   Candidate Completes Recommend Forms Online
       Create a login. Will need record # and confirmation date
       Follow guidelines for submitting photo.
         Proper dress, grooming, size, and format.
       Forms will be different depending on answers.
   Visit Doctor and have all work done
       Take stamped envelope addressed to Bishop.
       May need to get immunization records for doctor
       Request that doctor complete all questions and mail to
   Visit Dentist and have all work done
       Request that dentist complete all questions and mail to
Doctor / Dentist Forms
   Missionary will download medical forms from the website
   Missionary will visit Doctor and Dentist and have them complete
    the forms
   Any necessary medical or dental procedures should be
    completed before forms completed
   Any additional forms should be returned with the medical forms
    to the Bishop
     Example : results of therapy, extra tests, etc.

     Bishop can attach to online recommend

   Doctor and Dentist return forms, via mail to the Bishop.
     Should not hand the forms back to the candidate.

   Next slide shows some commonly missed fields by the doctor
     Immunization – doctor’s often don’t have the info

     Tuberculosis – both the size of the test and the diagnosis
Doctor / Dentist Forms
       Receives all Dental / Medical paperwork
             Reviews for completeness, sends missionary back to resolve any issues
             Compiles, delivers to Stk. President
       Reviews all other online submissions
             Review these forms after the candidate completes them. Ensure that any serious concerns are resolved, including
              completion of recommended tests or treatment, before the forms are submitted. Give special attention to emotional,
              behavioral, and learning problems. If the candidate is on medication for a chronic condition, encourage him or her to
              continue the medication throughout the mission
             Can edit online as necessary
       Conduct a final interview with the candidate before submitting the forms.
             Discuss with the candidate important information requested on the forms, such as visa or citizenship documentation
              and information about special medical problems, diets, or medications.
             Ensure that after the contribution from the missionary and family, the ward or branch missionary fund can meet the
              financial obligation for the missionary.
                 All donations to the Church's missionary funds become the property of the Church to be used at the Church's sole discretion
                  in its missionary programs. Contributions are not refundable, including any advance contributions, if the missionary is unabl e
                  to complete the full term of his or her mission.
                 Determine breakdown of payment so Bishop can enter on forms (for example: Missionary - $100, Family $200, Ward $100)
             Ensure missionary is willing to serve wherever and however called. Set expectations.
       Completes Priesthood Leader Comments
             Don’t put anything in Confidential Comments unless they are needed, otherwise call will be delayed.
                 (e.g. “None”, “N/A”, “He’s a great kid”, overflow from other comments, etc.)
       Submits to Stake President
Stake President

   Interviews candidate
   Enters online data
       Required to enter all Dental and Medical forms
       Reviews all submitted forms
       Completes his own comments
           Again, don’t put anything unnecessary in conf.
   Submits to Missionary Dept. at Church

When we have increased the missionaries from the organized areas
   of the Church to a number close to their potential, that is, every
   able and worthy boy in the Church on a mission; … when we
   have used the satellite and related discoveries to their greatest
   potential and all of the media—the papers, magazines, television,
   radio—all in their greatest power; when we have organized
   numerous other stakes which will be springboards; when we
   have recovered from inactivity the numerous young men who are
   now unordained and unmissioned and unmarried; then, and not
   until then, shall we approach the insistence of our Lord and
   Master to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every
--President Spencer W. Kimball, April 4, 1974

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