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									                                Human Resources Committee Agenda

       Human Resource/Injury Prevention Committee Meeting: Noon-1pm
Sept. 8, 2010 Las Animas Bent County Fire Protection District Fire House, 425 5th St.
                           Las Animas, Colorado 81054.
I. Roll call and agenda-Chairperson: Eunice Weber
       Members Roll Call and attendance: Donald O., Warren Y., Eunice Weber,
Cheryl Brewer
II. Old Business:
1. Ms. Cheryl Gilmore CDOT “Safe Communities” Update.
       A. CDOT Occupant Protection Grant: FY2010-11 Submitted, anticipated
       approval Oct.1, 2010. $65K
       B. Approval of EMTS Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) Grant,
       Aug. 25, 2010, 50/50 matching grant with $5K EMTS & $5K CDOT.
       C. SNAP: No new information or recommendations-"R & R of volunteers
       and staffs is a on-going challenge."
       D. *ACS Survey: No new information or recommendations-"R & R of paid
       staff is a on-going challenge for all disciplines."
               (1) Prevention and Outreach
               a. Complete development of the injury prevention website to make
               prevention program resources more accessible to injury partners.
               (page 45)
               b. Integrate tertiary injury prevention into the planning of injury
               control priorities for the state. (page 45)
               c. Enhance communication and collaboration between the Injury
               Community Planning Group, trauma centers, and other partnering
               organizations to foster commitment for use of evidence-based
               injury prevention strategies recommended in the strategic plan.
               (page 45)
III. New Business:
1. Clinical Education Committee: Reviewing and providing direction for $20K
supplemental subsidy funding; FY2010-11.
       A. Farm Medic and High Angle Rescue Courses.
2. Motor Vehicle Crash Data Committee: Mike Archuleta volunteered to head up
a small task force to review, analyze and provide strategies for injury prevention
program for SECRETAC and MVC.
       A. Requests have been submitted for local EMS Transport Agency data on
the last six months MVCs and local characteristics. Received three of the
fourteen EMS Transport Agency's data.

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                                 Human Resources Committee Agenda

3. Suicide Prevention Training Program: Two SECRETAC participants for initial
training (Rick H. and John S.). Three participants at the Suicide & Injury
Prevention Conference, Vail, CO., Aug. 22-25, 2010 (Rick H., John S. and Karen
Merrill, Safe Comm. Member).
         A. Participants have asked to provide report at the council meeting.
3. CDPHE/IP Program, Injury Community Planning Group (ICPG)/SEMTAC
Committee, received funding from undesignated EMTS Provider Grant funds to
Develop community-based fall prevention programs, $95K.
         A. RETACs will receive technical assistance for five webinars, work with
one community (La Junta**) to form a older adult fall prevention coalition
(utilizing our Safe Communities Coalition) and lastly training for exercise
instructors (N'Balance and/or Tai Chi).***
4. SECRETAC received up to 5/6 AEDs through the CRHC 2010-11 Colorado
Rural Access to Emergency Devices Grant.****
         A. Clinical Ed. Committee will recommend number, type and any
         additional AEDs for the Region.
         B. Several communities have indicated interest in "Public Access" devices
         and also several public schools have AEDs and are looking for additional
         C. Committee can develop potential guidelines, SECRETAC Policy on
         future AEDs and potential application or process for receiving future AEDs.

Chair Summary for Committee Report: Action or Motion Items.

No Formal Action Items

*ACS Survey Summary
**La Junta: Selected for the "one" town per RETAC, based on availability of Fall
Data, staff volunteering-Mike Archuleta, ER Dir. AVRMC for sub-committee on
Fall Prevention Programs.
***CDPHE/IP Fall Prevention Program Approved by SEMTAC for $95k FY2010-
****CRHC Email of Approval of Rural AEDs for SECRETAC.

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