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					      2007 Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships
                                         Applicant Packet
The following packet provides:
          I.    Why Become a Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Member?
          II.   Member Information and Application Process
          III.  Service Position Descriptions

 I.       Why Become a Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Member?_
Becoming a Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership Member enables you to do great things for the Sierra Nevada
while you grow as an individual and attain tangible benefits. Put your idealism to work through AmeriCorps.
Protect the Sierra environment and rural communities. Apply today.

AmeriCorps is a network of local, state, and national service programs that connect more than 70,000 Americans
each year in intensive service to meet our country’s critical needs in education, public safety, health, and the
environment. AmeriCorps Members serve with more than 2,000 nonprofits, public agencies, and faith-based and
community organizations.

The California Service Corps just approved funding for three years for SNAP in October 2006. The Sierra Nevada
AmeriCorps Partnership (SNAP)’s mission is to develop the capacity of community-based organizations to play a
leading role in the protection, restoration and stewardship of public lands, local waterways and working
landscapes of the Sierra Nevada region.

The Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership needs your courage, your skills, your dedication.

You will learn teamwork, communication, conservation issues, responsibility and other essential skills that will
help you for the rest of your life. And you’ll gain the personal satisfaction of taking on a challenge and seeing

In 2007, twenty-seven Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership Members will:

         Conduct restoration projects on 1700 acres of high priority lands and rivers
         Perform ecological monitoring at over 200 sites, measuring indicators for water quality,
          meadow regeneration, and establishment of native vegetation and wildlife
         Educate 16,800 individuals about solutions for ecological restoration and protection

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                              Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
          Recruit and train over 2100 volunteers to be involved with environmental education,
           restoration and protection projects.

Members specific duties reflect the community, placement-site and individual Member group needs, as well as a
Member's abilities and interests. No two service sites are quite alike. There are nineteen service sites with
conservation groups and agencies including Yosemite National Park, Sierra Nevada Alliance, South Yuba River
Citizens League, Mountain Lion Foundation, WildPlaces, Eastern Sierra Land Trust and the Sierra Watershed
Education Program. For the full list of sites and more information please read the Service Positions Description
section below.

APPLY TODAY: The first round of applications are due November 1st to become a SNAP Member.
Applications will be considered November 2, 2006 to January 15, 2007 or until the positions are filled.

 II.       Member Information and Application Process_
These full-time AmeriCorps Service positions are for 11.5 months; beginning January 22nd, 2007 and concluding
December 31st, 2008. First round applications are due November 1, 2006 and details are below on how to
apply. Applications will be accepted November 2, 2006 to January 15, 2007 or until the positions are filled.

Responsibilities/Activities: Responsibilities and activities will vary depending on hosting organization but
will be based on ecological monitoring, habitat restoration, watershed education, and volunteer recruitment.
Details are provided in the Service Position Descriptions. Below are a few examples:

                Coordinate volunteers and prepare field equipment for monthly water monitoring program.
                Collaborate with other groups to design and implement a riparian habitat restoration projects in
                 high priority public lands.
                Deliver environmental education presentations to 3rd-8th grade students on water conservation.
                Assist the organization in writing and designing program outreach materials for your project.

Placement Locations: Exact locations will vary. There are up to 19 potential site placements in the Sierra
Nevada and Sacramento such as Nevada City, Lake Tahoe Basin (North & South Shores), Quincy, Springville,
Auburn, Bishop, El Portal, and Jackson. For full list of partner locations, see the Service Position Descriptions
section on page 4. Applicants can apply to all locations or specify the location they are applying to.

Necessary Skills and Qualifications:

                Ability to work with local community members, conservation groups and agencies
                Experience organizing events
                Skills facilitating and/or participating in group meetings
                Ability to lay out work tasks, identify resources, focus work and complete tasks on time
                Strong writing skills
                Public speaking and outreach skills
                Independent, highly motivated, and ability to meet deadlines with limited supervision
                Passion for the natural environment
                Proficiency using personal computers and Internet

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                              Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
              Ability to travel throughout the region
              Physical ability to perform strenuous activities at high elevations

Compensation and Benefits:

              AmeriCorps Members will receive up to 350 hours of technical, ecological and skills-
               development training throughout the year.
              AmeriCorps Members will receive a monthly stipend of $1200 and standard health insurance.
              AmeriCorps Education Award of $4,725 will be granted upon completion of the program for use
               on existing qualified student loans or future higher education expenses.
              Assistance searching for housing when first placed]
              Child care may be provided.


Applications will be due to the Sierra Nevada Alliance by November 1, 2006. The Sierra Nevada Alliance will
accept applications from November 2, 2006 – January 15, 2007 or until the positions are filled. Positions begin
January 22, 2007.

Applicants should send via email:

           o   Resume (feel free to include community service/volunteer positions)
           o   1-2 page Cover Letter. The cover letter should express why you are interested in the position,
               summarize your best qualifications, and indicate what you would hope to learn/experience over
               the course of the year.
           o   Email the resume and cover letter as attachments to:

Interview and Selection Process:

           o   Top candidates will be requested to participate in phone interviews during the week of November
               13th to 17th 2006
           o   Second round interviews will be conducted with host organizations during the timeframe of
               November 28th-December 8th
           o   Final Announcements will be made on December 13th 2006
           o   NOTE: Applicants applying after November 1st may have different interview and announcement
               dates. For those applying after November 1st, please contact our office for schedule.

For more information please contact:

              Megan Suarez-Brand, Sierra Nevada Alliance: 530-542-4546,
              Jason Rainey, South Yuba River Citizens League: 530-265-5861 ext. 207, or
              Or visit the AmeriCorps national site at

All submissions are confidential. People of color are encouraged to apply. The Sierra Nevada
Alliance and AmeriCorps are equal opportunity employers.

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                            Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
 III. Service Position Descriptions_
There are nineteen conservation organizations and agencies mentoring 27 AmeriCorps Members in the Sierra
Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership. Below, organized by subregions of the Sierra, are the descriptions of each
organization and their program and what the Member’s service position responsibilities would be. This list is as of
October 20, 2006 and will be updated periodically. A website is provided to learn more about the
organization/agency. Members will be asked for their top four service position preferences during the interview
process and second round interviews will be with specific organizations and mentors. Members may also specify
they are only applying to a specific region, city, or organization.

                                    Northern and Central Sierra_

    Land Stewardship Assistant with Feather River land Trust

        Location: Quincy, CA

        Program Description: The goals of the FRLT Land Stewardship Program are to protect and restore
        native species and natural communities, provide opportunities for ecologically compatible public access
        and recreation, educate the public about the region's natural and cultural history, and conduct scientific
        research and monitoring

        Service Position: The Land Stewardship Assistant will assist FRLT in managing and restoring its
        properties and conservation easements in the Feather River Region. These lands total more than 4,000
        acres. Land stewardship work will include coordination of volunteers.


    Restoration/Trail Volunteer Coordinator with Friends of Deer Creek (2 positions)

        Location: Nevada City, CA

        Program Description: Beginning in January 2007, Friends of Deer Creek will be part of a team
        implementing the design and building of a Tribute Trail in the Nevada City area.
        The project will include restoration of riparian zones within the project boundaries.

        Service Position: The Restoration/Trail Volunteer Coordinators will train and supervise volunteers in
        trail building, watershed restoration and water monitoring activities. They will also work on storm water
        teams to sample peak storm events during the rainy season. They will conduct community environmental
        education about the restoration, trail and water-monitoring program.


    Stewardship Assistant with Placer Land Trust

        Location: Auburn, CA

        Program Description: The mission of Placer Land Trust (PLT) is to work with willing landowners and
        other conservation partners to permanently preserve natural open spaces and agricultural land in Placer

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                              Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
   County for future generations through purchasing land or acquiring agricultural or conservation

   Service Position: The desired candidate will assist the Stewardship Coordinator and staff of PLT with
   regular stewardship duties such as: assisting with baseline documentation and annual monitoring plans for
   each wild land preserve, assist in the coordination and implementation of multiple creek and habitat
   restoration projects, coordinate PL T' s volunteer program and volunteer work days, coordinate
   community outreach to area landowners, and assist with GIS mapping and data collection.


                                               Tahoe _

Sierra Water & Climate Change Program Assistant with Sierra Nevada Alliance

   Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

   Program Description: The Sierra Nevada Alliance works to protect and restore Sierra lands, water,
   wildlife and rural communities. The Sierra Water & Climate Change campaign educates the public and
   decision makers to the impacts of climate change in the Sierra and ways that resource management plans
   can mitigate for climate change to protect natural resources. The program educates the public and
   resource managers, encourages water conservation as a critical mitigation strategy, and promotes
   integrated regional water management planning.

   Service Position: The Program Assistant will do public presentations throughout the Sierra on climate
   change and voluntary actions individuals, groups and agencies can take to reduce greenhouse gases and
   protect Sierra natural resources. The Assistant will also help organize and convene Sierra Environmental
   Water Caucus meetings, assist in organizing a regional conference on integrated regional water
   management planning, and help prepare and distribute campaign materials. The Program Assistant will
   also assist in media outreach, educational event organizing, and program material writing and production.


Sierra Regional Watershed Program Assistant with Sierra Nevada Alliance

   Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

   Program Description: The Sierra Nevada Alliance works to protect and restore Sierra lands, water,
   wildlife and rural communities. The Sierra Watersheds Program goal is to ensure that Sierra watersheds
   have active, informed efforts to restore and protect their rivers, lakes and streams thereby protecting
   critical habitats and restoring watershed health. The program achieves it's goals by building the
   organizational capacity and technical abilities of watershed efforts. The Program provides networking,
   distributes information, offers financial support, hosts trainings, consults and facilitates, and educates
   watershed leaders throughout the region.

   Service Position: The Sierra Watersheds Program Assistant will support the Watershed Program Director
   and Program Associate in implementing the Sierra Regional Watershed Program. Duties will include
   creating a monthly electronic newsletter, updating the Sierra Watershed Community Directory, assisting
   watershed groups with water quality monitoring programs and restoration projects, organizing meetings

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                         Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
   in each of the six subregions of the Sierra, conducting watershed education presentations and organizing a
   youth track at the Sierra Nevada Alliance's 14th Annual Conference.


Assistant Programs Coordinator with Tahoe Baikal Institute

   Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA

   Program Description: The Tahoe-Baikal Institute (TBI) is an international, public benefit non-profit
   committed to sustainable economic development, cultural understanding, and the protection of unique
   watersheds throughout the world, particularly at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada and Lake Baikal in
   eastern Siberia. TBI programs include environmental education training, research, and international
   exchanges of students, scholars, and practitioners in science, policy, economics, and other related
   disciplines. TBI's core program is a 10-week intensive summer environmental exchange that brings
   together an international group of young environmental leaders to study diverse topics in watershed
   protection at Lake Tahoe (five weeks) and Lake Baikal in Russia (five weeks). The program involves
   experiential and service-learning activities, recreation, and cultural activities, two-week field projects, and

   Service Position: The Assistant Programs Coordinator will be responsible for assisting the Program
   Coordinator in all tasks related to the planning, execution, and post-program wrap-up ofTBI's 2007
   Summer Environmental Exchange program. In addition the assistant coordinator will help with
   complementary environmental education programs throughout the year.


Education Program Assistant
With UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (2 positions)

   Location: Tahoe City, CA and/or Incline Village, NV

   Program Description: The Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) is dedicated to research,
   education and public outreach on lakes and their surrounding watersheds and airsheds. Lake ecosystems
   include the physical, biogeochemical and human environments, and the interactions among them. The
   Education Program's include development of an outreach and education plan that will provide maximum
   outreach to the public, contribute measurably to the education of students, residents and visitors, and
   maximize exposure for the DC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center and the Thomas J. Long
   Foundation Education Center.

   Service Position: The TERC Education Program Assistants will implement education and outreach
   programs. Duties will include hosting student groups at the new Thomas J.Long Foundation Education
   Center or Historic Fish Hatchery site, developing hands-on science activities, developing and
   administering evaluation and program assessment tools (surveys, pre- and post-assessment, etc.), assisting
   in developing docent training materials, assist in developing teacher training materials, coordinating a
   monthly lecture series, and conducting outreach to the community.


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                         Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
Watershed Education Program Assistant
With Sierra Watershed Education Partners

   Location: Truckee, CA

   Program Description: SWEP's primary role is to build collaborative community partnerships that
   promote the implementation of hands-on watershed education. We accomplish this task by providing
   teacher trainings, community education and outreach, and collaborative efforts in service-learning that
   emphasize the elements of the Adopt-A-Watershed place based learning model. SWEP programs focus on
   monitoring, restoration and public outreach with and by students. We call our educational model Place-
   Based Service-Learning. Current projects focus on wetlands education, trout creek restoration, forest
   health/fire ecology, partnership development and youth leadership.

   Service Position: Support teachers to implement watershed service learning projects through regular
   communication and on-site assistance with teachers and community partners. Serve as a resource for
   teachers for watershed related curricula. Participate in watershed and service-learning advisory
   committees. Develop school community collaboration for watershed education. Recruit and involve
   watershed docents and volunteers. Assist in SWEP program and project publicity. Develop and promote
   recognition programs for teachers, students, and community partners.


                                           Eastern Sierra_
Conservation Associate with Friends of the Inyo

   Location: Bishop, CA

   Program Description: Friends of the Inyo is a locally based non-profit conservation organization
   dedicated to preserving and enhancing the public lands and wildlife of the Eastern Sierra through
   education and direct, hands on citizen stewardship.

   Service Position: The Conservation Associate will perform GIS mapping of proposed wilderness and
   critical habitats and field mapping of recreational uses and habitat quality.
   Organize, participate and lead volunteer restoration and habitat monitoring projects.
   Design web pages and interpretive educational materials. Lead natural history educational outings to
   diverse locations on Eastern Sierra public lands.


Program Assistant with Eastern Sierra Land Trust

   Location: Bishop, CA

   Program Description: The Eastern Sierra Land Trust (ESLT)'s goal is to support the continuation of a
   variety of uses of land in the Eastern Sierra in a healthy balance that will help protect and maintain:
   Watersheds and water quality; Working farms and ranches; Wildlife and the habitat that support it;
   Opportunities for our children to experience and enjoy natural spaces; and Our quality of life.

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                        Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
   Service Position: The Program Assistant will assist with completing conservation easements, baseline
   documents, maps, and other documents relating to ESLT land protection projects. Assist with
   Stewardship Program and the annual monitoring of Eastern Sierra Land Trust conservation easement
   properties. Design, produce and distribute outreach materials relating to ESLT land protection tools and
   completed land protection projects. Plan and organize events, fieldtrips, classes and other outreach efforts
   of the ESLT. Create a photo library for ESLT outreach purposes. Draft needed policies and procedures for
   ESLT Lands and Stewardship projects.


                                          Southern Sierra_
Mokelumne River Watershed Organizer with Foothill Conservancy

   Location: Pine Grove, California

   Program Description: The Foothill Conservancy is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the rural
   surroundings and quality of life in Amador and Calaveras Counties. By working together positively and
   clarifying values, the Conservancy brings communities to prosperity and long-term stability without
   needless destruction of that which is unique and special about this area. The ecological health of rivers
   and watersheds is of primary importance. Ecological health includes maintenance of natural ecosystem
   dynamics, function, and processes; biological diversity; native species; site productivity and nutrient
   capital; watershed processes; and native landscapes.

   Service Position: The Mokelumne River Watershed Organizer will work to implement the Foothill
   Conservancy River and Watershed Principles. Duties will include assisting with a newsletter, water
   quality monitoring programs, restoration projects, environmental education, and volunteer support.


Vegetation and Restoration Assistant with Yosemite National Park (2 positions)

   Location: Yosemite, CA

   Program/Organization Description: The National Park Service, an agency of the US Government, is
   responsible for all aspects of park management. Its mission is to conserve the park's resources and provide
   for the enjoyment of the park.

   Service Position: The Vegetation and Restoration Assistant will assist ecologists that are restoring and
   monitoring the meadows, rivers and forests of Yosemite. Members will also assist with and expand the
   restoration and monitoring volunteer program, Habitat Protectors of Yosemite (HaPY). Work will include
   leading volunteers in restoration activities, removal of non-native plants, recruitment of volunteers,
   volunteer program development, monitoring restoration efforts, use of GPS and GIS, public speaking and


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                        Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
Outreach Coordinator with Central Sierra RC&D

   Location: Jackson, CA

   Program Description: The Central Sierra Resource Conservation & Development has adopted the
   mission of providing economic and natural resource conservation aid to the people of Alpine, Amador,
   Calaveras, Tuolumne, and northern Mono Counties. The five county public benefit non-profit
   organization is comprised of many county representatives, as well as many other organizations.

   Service Position: This position will provide outreach and volunteer coordination to the Central Sierra
   Resource Conservation & Development Area (CSRC&D). The principle duties will be the coordination of
   Earth Team volunteers and outreach efforts. The coordinator will supervise, train and assist with
   volunteers and volunteer projects. The Coordinator will also assist with producing the newsletter and
   other public outreach materials, public presentations, grant research and writing, media relations, and web
   page maintenance. Also assist with marketing workshops, community forums, and coalition meetings.


Youth Education & Restoration Programs Assistant with WildPlaces

   Location: Springville, CA

   Program Description: Wildplaces preserves, restores and protects California's wild and rural places and
   the people who are part of these native landscapes through volunteer-driven habitat restoration,
   environmental and cultural education and career development. WildPlaces Youth Education Program
   (Immersed in the Wild) is geared for at-risk youth and focuses on watershed ecology, inter- and intra-
   cultural dynamics and collaboration (cultural identity), and critical thinking/creative communication
   skills. WildPlaces Habitat Restoration Program strives to protect and restore wild and rural places in the
   southern Sierra by organizing volunteer-driven habitat restoration projects that: restore and enhance oak
   woodlands/grasslands, riparian zones, and montane habitats on privately held foothill areas or public

   Service Position: Assist in community outreach efforts by organizing, scheduling and recruiting
   volunteers; planning and coordinating volunteer-driven restoration and education events; recruiting new
   volunteers; managing and acknowledging volunteer efforts. Also coordinate field project logistics and
   implementation of Wild Places' youth education program (Immersed in the Wild) and habitat restoration
   projects. Help with researching and writing newsletter articles, program proposals and reports.


Sierra Rural Partners Representative with Mountain Lion Foundation

   Location: Sacramento, CA

   Program Description: Mountain lions play a vital role in preserving the health and integrity of the Sierra
   Nevada watersheds. Sadly, the 7 counties that make up the Central Sierra region account for almost 1/3 of

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                        Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet
the lions killed in California - most killed for preying on livestock. The goal of the Sierra Rural Partners
Project is to organize communities throughout the central Sierra to build effective means for livestock
protection and to foster a greater degree of personal responsibility for protecting domestic animals and the
native wildlife. Through working with residents, livestock owners, community organizations, local land
trusts, and city and county officials, the Sierra Rural Partners Project will further community conservation
of mountain lions in the Central Sierra watersheds.

Service Position: The Sierra Rural Partners representative will be working on-the-ground to implement
effective means for livestock protection and to further education on living along side mountain lions and
all wildlife. Duties will include contacting residents, organizations, and local agencies/public officials to
develop a network of partners; working intensively with selected communities/groups to develop models
for livestock and wildlife protection; organize volunteers to assist in educating communities and creating
turn-key modules for continuing education; and creating tool-kits for non-lethal livestock protection and
living with wildlife.


   Positions as of October 20, 2006. Additional Service Position Descriptions will be posted.
                                   Check back for updates.

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                      Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnerships – Candidate Packet