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                                         Electronic Agent r0ss, a Compilation

                                              Trillion Dollar FUBAR

                  I do not provide any further articles or charts on this site. However you can find all
          of them on Trillion Dollar FUBAR, the link provided above. Thank you for searching for
          the truth.

                  This is a compilation of three separate presentations in an “Alvie Explains” series
          for the reader to understand;

                  Contents referenced from:
                                   1. Electronic Agent r0ss
                                   2. How it Appears – Part I
                                   3. How it Really Appears – Part II
                 Do the banks and or its “employees”, “agents”, “counsel” argue
                “security interest”?
                 Which is it? The “security interest in a security instrument”1 as an
                Intangible or the “security instrument”2 as a tangible?
                                                   Good question?
    Article 9, Uniform Commercial Code
    Law of local jurisdiction

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