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									NAME: ____________________________________                          FORM: ________________


                                     MID-YEAR EXAM

                                        MAY, 2011


                                         PAPER 1

                                  2 HOURS 30 MINUTES

                            Do not open this paper until to do so


                                                               Section      Mark

1. This paper consists of 3 sections. A, B and C.
2. Answer ALL sections.                                              A       36
3. Read the instructions carefully for each part
   of the question.
4. Write your answer in Part A on the                                B       20
5. The questions are the marks of the question
    paper will recovered when the examination is over.               C       14


This paper contains 13 printed pages.
                 ANSWER SHEET      (SECTION A)

                      Candidate’s Answer         Marks
 1         X                                             1
           Y                                             2
 2                                                       3
 3                                                       4
 4                                                       5
 5                                                       6
 6                                                       7
 7                                                       8
 8                                                       9
 9                                                   10
10                                                   11
11          i                                        12
           ii                                        13
12                                                   14
13         P                                         15
           Q                                         16
14          i                                        17
           ii                                        18
15                                                   19
16                                                   20
17          i                                        21
           ii                                        22
           iii                                       23
18                                                   24
19                                                   25
20                                                   26
21                                                   27
22                                                   28
23          i                                        29
           ii                                        30
24                                                   31
25          i                                        32
           ii                                        33
           iii                                       34
           iv                                        35
           v                                         36

                                             SECTION A

                                            [36 MARKS]

This section consists of five questions. Answer all questions.

                                  X                                 Y
                                           Figure 1
1. State the generations for the technologies used on Figure 1.

        X = _________________________________
        Y = _________________________________

2. Which of the following are the computerized systems?

           I.   It takes shorten time to finish several jobs
          II.   Increase productivity in a short period
         III.   Transaction can be done anywhere and anytime
         IV.    More time, more people, less product, less profit

        A. I, II & III             C. II, III & IV
        B. I, II & IV              D. I, III & IV

3. The statement in Figure 2 refers to computer crimes.

                    Tap into data transmission lines     Figure 2

        The activities above are categorized under
        A. Computer fraud
        B. Computer infringement
        C. Computer theft
        D. Copyright attack

                         USB port            Serial port                  Ethernet port

                                                                                          Figure 3

         PS/2 port                  Printer port           VGA port

      Figure 3 shows the location of ports. Identify the correct ports.
        A. USB port & Serial port
        B. Printer port & Ethernet port
        C. USB port & Printer port
        D. PS/2 port & VGA port

5. The following are examples of graphic editor, except
        A. Adobe Illustrator
        B. Cellframe PowerPresentation
        C. Ulead Photoimpact
        D. Corel Draw

6. The advantages of using Graphical User Interface as an interface of operating system are

           I.   User have not to memorize all the syntax to issue command
          II.   Take a long time to learn
         III.   It is easy to use the icons
         IV.    More user friendly

        A. I, II & III              C. II, III & IV
        B. I, II & IV               D. I, III & IV

            1. Containing formulas which can perform calculations on the data
            2. Show data graphically such as columns chart or pie chart
            3. Make a query to retrieve data

                                        Figure 4
      The statements in Figure 4 refers to
       A. Word Processing
       B. Spreadsheet
       C. Presentation
       D. Graphics


                                                                          Figure 5

Which are true about the topology show on Figure 5?

           I.    It has one direction
          II.    The central device is not available
         III.    If one node fails, the entire network stop working
         IV.     Easy installation and maintenance

            A. I & II              C. II & III
            B. I & III             D. II & IV

                                       Transmission Media

                          P                                               Q

                        Fibre optic             Figure 6               Radiowave

       Base on Figure 6, P & Q are
                             P                                             Q
         A. Physical Transmission Media                     Wireless Transmission Media
         B. Typical Transmission Media                      Fire Wire Transmission Media
         C. Coaxial Transmission Media                      Cable Transmission Media
         D. Fire Wire Transmission Media                    Wireless Transmission Media

10.   X is hardware to produce multimedia product. X can convert text documents, drawing or
      photograph into digital files. X is a

       A. Digital Camera
       B. Scanner
       C. Video Camera
       D. Video Capture Device

11.         Table below shows examples of operator symbols that being used in programming.
                                      S     ‘ OR ‘ ‘ AND’
                                      T     ‘*‘ ‘+‘
                                      U     ‘<‘ ‘>‘

      Based on table above, write S, T or U for the following operator types.

      i.          Logical Operator
      ii.         Mathematical Operator

12.          Which of the following programming languages are categorized as high-level?

                     I          ASSEMBLY
                     II         PASCAL
                     III        SQL
                     IV         MERCURY

            A.        I, II and III   C.       I, III and IV
            B.        I, II and IV    D.       II, III and IV

13.         Table below shows the differences between Structured Programming and Object
            Oriented Programming.

                                P                                                     Q
            It often uses a top-down design model.           It uses combinations of objects.
            Examples - Ada, Pascal and Fortran.              Examples - Smalltalk, Java, Visual Basic and C++.

            Based on table above, name P and Q.

            P         : __________________________
            Q         : __________________________

14.         Choose the best answer according to the data types.
                                Integer                   Double
                                Boolean                    String

            i.     _________ data type contains any whole number value that does not have any
                  fractional part.

            ii.   Any value that contains a sequence of characters and decimal is refer to

15.         Which of the following are network operating systems?
                     I. Windows NT
                    II. Windows XP
                    III. Novell
                 IV. UNIX
      A. I , II, and                  C. III I, III and IV
      B. I, II, and IV                D. II, III and IV

16.        Mail merge allows users to create personalized

                I.   Letters
               II.   Labels
              III.   Voices
              IV.    Envelopes

           A. I, II, III             C. II, III, IV
           B. I, II, IV              D. All the above

17.          Table below shows several terms of computer crime.

             Match the statements with the given answers.
                                                                    A      Computer Crime
               Unauthorized use of another person’s
      i.       property.
                                                                    B      Copyright Infringement
               Any criminal activity that is related to the
      ii.      use of computers.

                                                                    C      Computer Attack
               Any activities taken to disrupt the
      iii      equipment of computer systems
                                                                    D      Computer Theft

18.          Five types of Information System are Decision Support System (DSS), Management
             Information System (MIS), and Expert System (ES), Executive Information System
             (EIS) and _____________________

                      A. Transaction Processing System (TPS)
                      B. Executive Assistant System (EAS)
                      C. Decision Information System (DIS)
                      D. Expert Information System (EIS)

19.          What is the set of rules used for information exchange between computers in a

                      A. Router
                      B. Protocol
                      C. ISDN
                      D. Streamyx

20.      Figure 2 shows the device and cables used in networking.

                                                                    Cable Y

           Device X                                                 Cable Z

         Which of the following statements are TRUE?

            I.     Device X is inserted into the PCI slot of computer.
           II.     Cable Z is twisted pair cable.
          III.     Cable Z is fiber optics cable.
          IV.      Both cables use electrical pulse to transmit data.

                      A.    I and II
                      B.    I, II, and III
                      C.    I, II, and IV
                      D.    II, III, and IV

21.      Customers benefit from Electronic Banking in terms of :

            I.   24 hours service
           II.   Electronic Fund Transfer
          III.   Electronic Cash Deposits
          IV.    Electronic Loan Application

             A.    I , II and III
             B.    I , II and IV
             C.    I , III and IV
             D.    II , III and IV

22    Which of the following combination of multimedia elements and its standard format file is

                       Multimedia elements     Standard File Format
                  A    Graphics                 .avi
                  B    Audio                   .midi
                  C    Video                   .au
                  D    Text                    .gif

23       i) State the name of the first generation computer.

         ii) The multimedia element that makes objects move is called_________________.

24        _________________ is a set of commands or instructions which directs a computer
         in doing a task.

                   A. Program
                   B. Language
                   C. Programmer
                   D. Programming Language

25. State True or False for all the below statements.

             i.    Animation is the creation of the illusion of movement by displaying a series of
                   still images in sequence.

             ii.   ASCII stands for American Standard Code for International Interchange.

             iii. LCD stands for Layout Crystal Display

             iv. The primary storage of a computer holds data temporarily.

             v.    If any node of star topology failed, the network of the topology will fail also.

                                         SECTION B

                                         [20 MARKS]

This section consists of five questions. Answer all questions.

26. Table 7 shows the statement for two types of malicous code.
                             X                                         Y
       Program that can pass the malicious         Program that performs a useful task while
       code to other program by modifying          the same time carry out some secret
       them. It attaches itself to the program     destructive act.
       usually files with .doc and .exe
                                               Table 7

       a) Based on table 8, name malicious code            :

           Type X       :

           Type Y       :                                                           [ 2 marks ]

       b) A computer infected by the malicious code will show some symptoms.
          Give two symptoms.                                               [ 2 marks ]

                    Input                       Process                       Output


                                                Figure 8

       a) Based on Figure 8, give two types of X.                                   [ 2 marks ]

       b) State the differences between these two types of X.                       [ 2 marks ]

28. Question 28 base on Figure 9.

            Joned want to surf the internet to see the results of his application to the
            university. Joned will view the results by a web browser.

                                           Figure 9

       a) Joned will need a web browser. Give two examples of web browser. [ 2 marks ]

       b) State the functions of web browser.                                       [ 2 marks ]

29. In Multimedia Development, there are eight principles to be followed by development

        a) State two principles of the user interface.                                [ 2 marks ]

        b) Explain the description of the two principles above.                       [ 2 marks ]

30. Question 30 base on Table 10.

                                     P                                  Q
                        It can changes their value        It retains their value during
                        during program execution          the program execution
                                                     Table 10

       a) Based on Table 10, name

            P   :

            Q   :                                                                     [ 2 marks ]

       b) State the examples of P & Q.                                                [ 2 marks ]

                                         SECTION C

                                         [14 MARKS]

This section consist of three questions. Answer two questions only.

                ( i ) Question 31.
                ( ii ) Question 32 or question 33.

31. Figure 11 shows a network communication system using different computer network
    topology between two Banks, CICI Bank Berhad in Selangor, Malaysia and CACA Bank
    Berhad in Johor, Malaysia.
    Rajah 11 menunjukkan satu sistem komunikasi rangkaian yang menggunakan topologi
    rangkaian    komputer yang berlainan antara dua buah bank, CICI Bank Berhad di
    Selangor, Malaysia and CACA Bank Berhad di Johor, Malaysia.


       CICI Bank Berhad                               CACA Bank Berhad

                                                              Figure 11

Based on Figure 11:

a) (i) Name the Computer Network Topology used in CICI Bank and CACA Bank. [ 2 marks ]

    Namakan Topologi Rangkaian Komputer yang diguna oleh CICI Bank dan CACA Bank

 (ii) Differentiate between this two topology                               [ 2 marks ]

    Nyatakan perbezaan di antara kedua topology ini

b) State and explain the type of network communication technology used between both
   banks.                                                                    [ 3 marks ]

      Nama dan terangkan jenis teknologi rangkaian komunikasi yang digunakan di antara
      kedua dua Bank untuk berkomunikasi.

32.      You are asked to develop a program to calculate the area of a circle. The program
         should allow the user to key in the input and display the output.

         Anda dikehendaki membangunkan sebuah atur cara untuk mengira keluasan sebuah
         bulatan. Atur cara tersebut membenarkan pengguna memasukkan data dan
         memaparkan keputusan pengiraan.

(a)       Draw a flowchart for the program.                                         [ 4 marks ]

          Lukis carta alir bagi aturcara tersebut.

(b)       i) State a constant and a variable to be used.

          i) Nyatakan pemalar dan pembolehubah yang akan digunakan.

         ii) Write down the fomula of the calculation.                              [ 3 marks ]

         ii) Tuliskan formula bagi pengiraan keluasan bulatan

33.      A group of foreign students will be visiting your school. As the president of your
         school Multimedia Club, you are asked to form a team to develop an interactive
         multimedia presentation to introduce your school to the visitors. In the presentation,
         you should include all the multimedia elements and navigation button.

         Sekumpulan pelajar dari luar negara akan melawat sekolah anda. Sebagai pengerusi
         Kelab Multimedia sekolah , anda diminta untuk menubuhkan satu pasukan bagi
         tujuan membangunkan persembahan multimedia yang interaktif untuk
         memperkenalkan sekolah anda kepada pelajar-pelajar tersebut. Di dalam
         persembahan itu, anda dikehendaki memasukkan kesemua elemen multimedia dan
         butang navigasi.

(a)       Draw a storyboard of any one slide which fulfills the above requirements. [ 7 marks]

          Lukiskan satu papan cerita bagi sebarang slaid yang memenuhi keperluan di atas.


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