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    Collections                      Rebranding                          Down Under                         Bench
                                           News from the office of the
                                           MultiService Association
                                                                               find of interest and useful.         Business News
                                                                                                                    This quarter’s business news
                                                                               New regular article contributor      update has some important
                                                                               I am pleased to welcome as a         articles covering items such as
                                                                               regular contributor to “Services     making your workplace safe,
                                                                               Today” Ray Flippence whom            portable appliance testing

                                                                               some of you may have heard           information, how to obtain
                                                                               of, Ray is responsible for           free TAX and PAYE tools and
                                                                               producing the magazine “Tips         news of the first corporate
                                                                               ‘n’ Tingles for the foot repairers   manslaughter case under the
                                                                               association of Australia, Ray’s      new ruling.
News from the Office                 2                                         contribution will go under the
                                                                               heading of “News from Down           New Business Partner
Shoe Museum                          3     Hello Everybody,                    Under” with news and views           Peninsular
                                                                               from repairers in Australia, I       More news from our new
Meet a Member                        5     And welcome to this quarters        am looking forward to working        business partner Peninsular
                                           edition of “Services Today”         with him and hearing what is         this time we are looking into
New Corporate Colors                 6     magazine I spoke about our          the latest news and issues           employment issues and the
                                           new colour scheme in my             concerning the repairers in          difficulties that come with some
Business News                        8/9   news notes in the Spring-           Australia.                           situations.
                                           edition not only for the
News from Down Under                 10    Magazine but also this is           Northampton Shoe Museum              If you would like to be added to
                                           being reflected in the Monthly      I finally managed to get to visit    our mailing list, please call the
Shoemakers Bench                     12    Newsletter “Service Call”           Northampton Shoe museum              MSA office.
                                           the refresh of the website          and it was well worth the effort
Chairmans Chat &                           and will also be reflected in       and I would highly recommend         And finally we have the
                                           our stationery as the year          any of our readers to make time      regular features “Last Word”,
Last Words                           14    progresses. In this magazine        to pay a visit.                      Chairman’s Chat, can you
                                           you will be able to see some                                             “Name the item” Phil Taylors
Classified Adverts                   15    of those changes as I have          Meet a Member                        “News from the shoemakers
                                           included some sample                This quarters meet a member          bench”.
                                           pictures for you to see, in         took me to the delightful market
                                           fact some members will have         town of Stony Stratford to meet      Best wishes
                                           already received the new            the business owner Joe Stokes
                                           style certificate already.          and his team. I’m sure you
                                                                               will enjoy reading about how
                                           We welcome any constructive         Joe got to where he is today         Martyn
                                           positive or negative feed-back      and what his thoughts and tips
2000 copies distributed throughout         from our readers, we have I         are to increase turnover and
the UK.
                                           believe put together in this        customer care.                       Martyn Harvey
                                           edition a number of interesting                                          Chief Executive
                                           articles which I hope you will                                           MSA UK Ltd.
The MultiService Association

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made throughout the magazine.

Formally Shoe Service Magazine

Northampton Museums and Art Gallery
Shoe Collections
I finally found time in March     other shoe museums around the       decorative objects for several
to go and visit the Shoe          world. I have been doing the job    hundred years. Snuff boxes
collection at the Northampton     for 12 years and I am constantly    and other small decorative
museum, I must say that           learning along the way”.            objects have been made in
I never realised what a                                               the shape of shoes. We have
fantastic collection and          Background and History              a representative collection of
variety they have available       Northampton Museum is home          ceramic, wooden and metal
for you to see and I would        to the designated collection of     objects in the shape of shoes,
recommend you visit the           Shoes and Shoemaking. The           as well as miniature shoes
museum as soon as you             Museum has been collecting          made by shoemakers.
can, all the details you need     shoes since about 1870 and
can be found via the website      now has over 13,000 shoes           Followers of Fashion
address or contact number         dating from 1620 to the present     Followers of Fashion deal’s
below, plus I have also           day, we do however, have            with fashion and design and
added the same details to         a small collection of earlier       highlights some of the recurring
our website, which can be         examples from Ancient Egypt         themes in fashionable footwear.
found via the suppliers link      and the Roman and Tudor
on the landing page, prior to     periods.
my visit, I had arranged to
meet Shoe resources Officer,      The collection
Rebecca Shawcross, Rebecca        The collection contains men’s,
explained to me what her job      women’s and children’s shoes.
involves.                         Some of these have been worn
                                  and some are samples made by
“Part of my role involves the     the factories to advertise their
collection and management of      wares.
the Designated Shoe Collection,
which involves such tasks as      Most of the collection is of
the documentation and storage     fashion footwear made in
of the shoes and related items.   Britain, Western Europe
Making the store, archive and     and North America. Military
reference library available by    footwear is well represented,
appointment to a wide variety     Northamptonshire having
of different people from under    made shoes for the armed
graduate and post graduate        forces since at least 1642.
students, to designers (we have   The footwear section of the
recently had representatives      collection includes overshoes,
from Prada, Kurt Geiger and       galoshes and patterns. There
Rakish Heels), radio and TV.      is also a collection of footwear                                        Concealed Shoes
I also provide talks on various   from other cultures, much                                               The museum also maintains
subjects relating to shoes, the   of which was collected by                                               an index of Concealed Shoe
most popular being a History of   travellers and foreign residents                                        finds. Shoes have been hidden
Shoe Fashions. I also undertake   in those countries as souvenirs                                         in buildings for good luck and
store tours”.                     and gifts.                                                              protection for many hundreds
                                                                                                          of years. More details on
“The Shoe Department              The collection also contains                                            this particular subject will be
receives an enormous number       lasts and components for                                                included in the August edition.
of enquires each month from       making shoes as well as
all sorts of different people.    part made shoes showing
Recently they have ranged from    construction methods, shoe
the BBC asking what style of      machinery, a large number of        Highlights
shoes would brides have worn      hand tools, items relating to the   Highlights of the collection
in the 1940s, what a Romano       selling of shoes, shoe trimmings    include a boot made for an
British man would have worn       and buckles, shoe polish, shoe      elephant, the stilts in the shape
in 300 AD and family history      trees and other shoe related        of a pair of Doc Martens made
enquires along the lines of ‘my   subjects.                           for Elton John to wear in the       The staff are happy to attempt
grandfather was a shoemaker,                                          Pinball Wizard sequence in the      to answer enquiries about
do you have any information       Trade Journals and                  film of ‘Tommy, A Rock Opera’,      shoes, and identify and date
on him?’ I also create and        catalogues                          a pair of blue velvet shoes         them. They give talks to
put on shoe exhibitions, deal     There is an archive containing      embroidered in gold made about      organisations and welcome
with shoe loan requests from      trade journals from Britain,        1660, the shoes Queen Victoria      group visits to the museum
other museums and maintain        Europe and the USA,                 wore on her wedding day and a       where visitors can see some of
and forge new working             catalogues and photographs.         pair of Super Elevated Ghillies     the shoes not usually on display.
relationships with relevant       We also have a library of shoe      by Vivienne Westwood (the style     Researchers are welcome but
outside organisations and         related books.                      that caused Naomi Campbell’s        need to make an appointment
companies such as the existing                                        downfall in 1994).                  before they visit.
shoe companies in the town and    Shoes have been used as

Music Compliance
Listen to what you should be doing whilst your working
                                                                        actual sound recording. This            Music Users, then Play/Supply
                                                                        needs to be covered by a PPL            Music, then ‘type of business’
                                                                        license.                                to obtain an example quotation.
                                                                                                                To obtain a licence contact the
                                                                        The payment to the PRS is               above number.
                                                                        distributed to composers and
                                                                        publishers.                             You can pay for and obtain
                                                                        The payment to PPL is                   a licence over the telephone
                                                                        distributed to record companies         in about 10 minutes. To find
                                                                        and performers.                         out more about Phonographic
                                                                                                                Performance Ltd go to http://
                                                                        If you play music on your     
                                                                        business premises, you need
                                                                        clearance to do so from the             To find out how much a licence
The cost of music in the           However, this may not be the         owners of that music. If you            would be once there, click on
workplace has long been            case.                                do not obtain clearance for             Music Users, then Playing
a bone of contention for                                                your use of copyrighted music,          Music in Public, then select your
business owners and I’ve           Both PPL and PRS licence             you could face legal action for         ‘type of business’ Next, click on
recently experienced an            music, however, they are not         copyright infringement and may          the type of music you play, the
increase in calls about            the same. Whenever a sound           become liable to pay damages            floor area of premises and so
the PPL or Phonographic            recording is played in public,       and costs.                              on to find licence fee payable.
Performance Ltd.                   there are two separate licence                                               You can apply for and obtain a
                                   fees that are payable:               To find out more about                  licence online
Many small businesses thought                                           Performing Right Society go to
that by purchasing a licence       1. A copyright for the musical
from the PRS (Performing Right     and lyrical composition. This is
Society) they had fully complied   covered by your PRS license.         To find out how much a licence
with copyright legislation.
                                   2. A separate copyright for the      would be once there, click on

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   UK & Ireland and can supply the
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                                               A winning combination
                           HARDO IDEAL Unit 165 B                                                            WWW.HARDO.EU

                                                                                        Combination of finisher and press
                           Kombination von Ausputzmaschine und Presse
                               t: 0116 271 7152 f: 0116 271 9413
                           HARDO IDEAL Mini 115 B
                                                                                        HARDO IDEAL Mini 115 B
                                                                                        ·   combined finisher
                           · Kombinierte Ausputzmaschine
                                                                                        ·   diagonal suction wall
                           · schräge Absaugwand
  4                        · Zwillingsfräse (B-Fräse = Absatz- und Sohlenfräser)
                                                                                            twin trimmers (B-version = heel- and sole-trimmer)
                                                                                            heel breaster on bajonet
                           · Absatzfrontkegel auf Bajonettverschluß
                                                                                        ·   sanding belts 2 x 40 x ∅ 175 mm
                           · Schleifbänder 2 x 40 x ∅ 175 mm
Stony Service Centre Classic Cobblers
19th Janaury 2011
                                                                      decided to take the council to       the staff are trained in the “Joe
                                                                      a high court judiciary review        Stokes” style, all the staff are
                                                                      in tandem with other affected        multi-skilled and he personally
                                                                      local business owners but after      oversees that process,
                                                                      a year, the combined costs           ensuring his customers get
                                                                      proved too prohibitive to take it    the best possible service and
                                                                      further.                             their work is carried out to the
                                                                                                           highest standard.
                                                                      The stress of court costs left
                                                                      Joe severely frustrated so
                                                                      when he was approached by
                                                                      an Iranian couple who wished
                                                                      to purchase the business he
                                                                      decided to sell in October
As I drove into Stony              Joe to progress and develop        1999.
Stratford on a lovely sunny        his skills outside of the family
morning I was struck by the        business. The shop in Green        Re- Start                            Denis Lysaght has worked for
picturesque approach into          Street was later sold to James     Joe found an opportunity in          Joe for 7 years and in speaking
this lovely market town,           Shoe Care Ltd.                     March 2000 to open a small           to Denis it is clear that he
Joe’s shop is based in the                                            satellite site inside a 24 hours     shares the same passion for
high street which was a hive       Joe’s first professional foray     Tesco Store at Kingston, Milton      his work and the variation it
of activity even at 10.30am,       away from the family was to        Keynes, followed six years           brings. Denis enjoys working
so clearly this seemed to be       BSC where he refined and           later by purchasing his Stony        across both sites helping drive
an ideal location to have a        honed his skills for another two   Stratford site he is in today..      the business forward.
business.                          and half years. Looking to go
                                   ‘up the ladder’ he then moved      Joe decided that going forward
As I entered the shop I was        to Allied Shoe Repairs as a        this time he would keep the
greeted by Joe with a warm         manager, a role he retained        size of the business small and
handshake and the offer of         when Sketchley entered the         manageable with a personal
refreshment, which was very        shoe repair market. Joe            philosophy of returning to the
welcome.                           enjoyed nine years covering        basic shoe repair industry
                                   the south east as an Area          fundamentals of a Multi-
Joe and I then settled down        Supervisor training new staff      Service offering.                    Mark Thompson has worked
in the back office and he          when Supa Snaps bought             As the recent financial crisis bit   for Joe for 18 months and he
proceeded to explain to me         Sketchley which was the start      into market town economies,          is shortly due to be a Dad for
how he arrived, after 32years      of the demise of the Sketchley     Joe introduced a check list of       the very first time. Mark loves
in the trade, where he is today.   brand as a business.               questions for counter staff to       the customer interaction and
                                                                      help them sense check if any         is in the process of completing
The Journey                                                           of the additional jobs or service    his training on Stitching and
Joe explained that he started                                         sundries can be applied when         Engraving.
work in London as a dispatch                                          a customer comes into one
rider, and was invited to go                                          of his sites (commonly known
into business with his Dad, Joe                                       as up-selling.) Joe tracks the
Senior, and at that time it was                                       extra business this generates
a toss-up between opening a                                           and Joe has shown what a
video or a cobblers shop.                                             difference this can make to
                                                                      overall turnover and ultimately
The shop was based in Green        First Shop                         his profitability. On average,
Street, Upton Park, London         Joe opened his first shop as       this type of initiative can          Sue Richards has worked for
and while they proceeded           a dry cleaners/ shoe repair        generate an additional £300-         Joe for 5 years and can also
to get the shop fitted out,        service in Hertford in May 1994    £500 per week in sales, which        cut all major keys. She takes
they made arrangements             followed by St. Albans the         he in turn passes the profit on      the details for the engraving
with a cobbler who lived in        following year. This was quickly   to his staff as salary increase.     orders and is a dab hand
Southend to come over to           followed by satellite sites in     This helps maintain staff and        at creative window display
Green Street four days a week      Hemel Hempstead, Watford,          team loyalty in tough conditions     themes that delight the local
to train Joe and Joe Senior.       Radlett and Stanmore. So by        and Joes philanthropic attitude      clientele. She works 4 days a
It took 9 months for them          1997 there were six outlets,       is rare in such thrifty times!       week and as Sue previously
both to become proficient by       and all the growth was funded                                           worked in a gift shop, this has
which point they had firmly        from within the business           Joe does admit to missing an         come in very handy in her
established their passion for      with very little support from      opportunity by being skeptical       current role.
the cobbling trade.                the banks. In 1998, the St         about the benefits of offering
                                   Albans site then encountered       the transformer key service. He      It is clear to me, from the
Joe and his Dad worked             the challenge of overnight         realises that he should have         atmosphere within the shop
together in Green Street for the   pedestrianisation of the whole     started offering this service five   and I having spoken to each of
next three years, and when Joe     road by the local council. This    years sooner.                        the staff individually, that they
Senior’s son-in-law came to        supposed’ temporary’ change                                             enjoy working for Joe.
work with them, this enabled       stayed in place for 5 years. Joe   Working environment
                                                                      Joe is keen to stress that all
New Corporate Colours
MSA Rebranding Excercise
As you will see, The MultiService Association has gone through a rebranding exercise. We are pleased to share with you our new identity
which is being rolled out across the range of MSA material. Please find displayed below a selection of the new corporate colour scheme that
will be reflected throughout all of the stationery, point of sale, news and media members receive in the future, we will continue the roll out
through the present year.

Working in Partnership
Protecting Business with Employement Issues

                                  EMPLOYMENT ISSUES
  • If you are proposing to dismiss an employee.                  • Any pregnancy/maternity/paternity or other child
                                                                  related issues.
  • When one of your clients complains about one of
  your staff.                                                     • If you are about to take action regarding the
                                                                  conduct or capability of an employee for behaviour
  • Where an employee raises a formal grievance with              or performance.
                                                                  • Where a situation becomes heated or results in a
  • If you intend selling or buying a business or part of         walk out or a no show.
  a business.
                                                                  • Where an acrimonious resignation occurs.
  • Employees requesting or asserting statutory rights.
                                                                  • Before you change the terms and conditions of an
  • If you are proposing changing an employee’s job               employee’s contract.
  location or duties.

  • Dealing with requests for part-time work or flexible          • Any complaints of bullying, harassment,
  working.                                                        victimisation or alleged discrimination of any kind.

  • If you gain or lose a contract to provide services for
  a third party.                                                  • Before you deal with any issues of long
                                                                  term sickness.
  • Any other general employment issues or queries
  with over one year’s service.                                   • Potential redundancies where you have a mismatch
                                                                  in the demand and supply of labour.

     We The MSA are offering you support from the UK’s leading Employment Law and Health and Safety Consultancy
  Peninsula Business Services Ltd. For FREE advice, quoting reference MSA 001 please call and speak to Matthew Clayton
                      on 07966 112034 or Email your details to

PENINSULA BUSINESS              provided within the consultancy   TRIBUNAL                           fully supported by an insurance
SERVICES                        agreement.                        REPRESENTATION                     indemnity, protecting your
Peninsula Business Services                                       Should you become involved         business against legal costs or
is the leading Employment       24 HOUR ADVICE SERVICE            in a Tribunal which is often       avoiding H&S prosecutions
Law and Health & Safety         You and any of your nominated     unavoidable in today’s climate,
consultancy in the UK and       staff, could have access to       we visit your premises, take       INDEMNITY SCHEME
Ireland. With over 27years      our 24 Hour Advice Service.       statements and collate the         We take out an insurance
experience, we are one of the   This would ideally involve all    facts, prepare the case, brief     Indemnity policy on your
few private companies whose     line managers, individuals with   witnesses, undertake research      behalf, with an authorised
views are regularly sought by   responsibility for personnel/     and represent you at Tribunal.     insurer, which provides for
the Department of Trade &       payroll and anyone who has                                           two tiers of service. Firstly,
Industry.                       to deal with employees on a       HEALTH & SAFETY AT WORK            the legal costs in defending
                                day-to-day basis, particularly    Our service provides you with      Employment Tribunal
EMPLOYMENT LAW                  those with responsibility for     all the documentation, advice      proceedings or Health & Safety
We provide tailor made          recruitment and discipline.       and individual help to ensure      criminal prosecutions, which
statements of main terms of     The 24 Hour Advice Service is     your company is complying          can in most cases be very
employment i.e. contracts       not based on an answer phone      with H&S legislation.              costly, are all paid for under the
of employment. We write         outside normal working hours;                                        indemnity scheme. Secondly,
your company hand-book          you will always be able to        We visit your premises, carry      compensation awarded at
for employees and also          speak directly to a Consultant    out an audit and write a general   Employment Tribunals in cases
provide updates for your        to discuss any employment         H&S policy incorporating line      of unfair dismissal arising out
documentation when              law/health & safety matter that   management and employees           of conduct, capability and
changes in legislation          requires attention.               responsibilities along with        redundancy are funded, as are
demand. Personnel training                                        emergency procedures.              any appropriate settlements,
can be included if required.                                                                         if the advice guidelines are
All personnel stationery is                                       We offer advice 24 hours a day,    followed.

A Safe Environment UK PAT Testing
How to make your workplace safe                                              PAT Testing Information Directory
                                        assessment style approach          Pat testing or portable              circumstances:
                                        introduced. Fire certificates for  appliance testing is an              1. Where appliances are used
                                        higher risk premises are no        important part of any health         by employees.
                                        longer valid.                      & safety policy. This site           2. Where the public may use
                                                                  is       appliances in establishments
                                        Provision of suitable              intended as a guide to both          such as hospitals, schools,
                                        equipment                          the legal implications and to        hotels, shops etc.
                                        Equipment must be suitable for     the technical requirements           3. Where appliances are
                                        the intended use and safe as       along with a directory of PAT        supplied or hired.
                                        defined by the Provision and Use testing companies.                     4. Where appliances are
                                        of Work Equipment Regulations                                           repaired or serviced.
All employees whether sitting           (PUWER) 1998. Employees            The Health & Safety Executive
at a desk or working at height,         must have suitable training in the states that 25% of all reportable    The level of inspection and
are entitled to work in a safe          use of any equipment and the       electrical accidents involve         testing required is dependent
environment. Here, we take              equipment itself must be suitable portable appliances. The              upon the risk of the appliance
a look at what you, as an               and safe, well maintained and be Electricity at Work Regulations        becoming faulty, which is in turn
employer, must do to ensure             labelled with any pertinent safety place a legal responsibility on      dependent upon the type of
your workplace is compliant             information.                       employers, employees and self-       appliance, the nature of its use
with basic health and safety                                               employed persons to comply           and the environment in which it
legislation.                            Serious incidents must be          with the provisions of the           is used.
As a business owner, you                reported                           regulations and take reasonably
have a legal responsibility             Although there is no set format    practicable steps to ensure that     The Institution of Electrical
for the health and safety of            for keeping the records, whatever no danger results from the use        Engineers publishes the “Code
your employees and anyone               system you chose to use must       of such equipment. This in effect    of Practice for In-service
else that may be affected               be capable of keeping the          requires the implementation of a     Inspection and Testing of
by your business and its                records on file for at least three systematic and regular program       Electrical Equipment” (ISBN:
activities.                             years. Certain incidents must be of maintenance, inspection and         978-0-86341-833-4). This guide
                                        reported to the local authority,   testing. The Health & Safety at      forms the basis for portable
Provide health and safety               deaths being one obvious           Work Act (1974) places such          appliance testing in the U.K.
information                             example.                           an obligation in the following
As an employer, you must either
display the poster ‘Health and          Provide a ‘comfortable’
Safety Law – what you should            working environment
know’ or provide staff with the
leaflet ‘Your health and safety’.
Specific hazards must be clearly
                                        This doesn’t mean the office
                                        needs sofas, coffee tables and          Can You Name The Item?
                                        widescreen televisions, merely
marked and you must also                that the basic standards are met.                                       Win £25 worth of M&S
display your certificate of liability   Toilets are essential, though                                           vouchers by correctly
insurance.                              separate male and female                                                naming the item in the
                                        facilities are not necessary.                                                  photo.
Carry out a thorough risk               Water must be available for both
assessment                              cleaning and drinking and the
This can be a fairly                                                                                       The photograph left contains
                                        office must not be too cramped
straightforward process – look          – a minimum of 11 cubic metres
                                                                                                              an item that is present
around for any potential hazards,       is required per employee. Finally,                                 everyday in a shoe repairers
establish who might be at risk          the temperature must be at least                                            work place.
and then decide whether your            16 degrees centigrade, though a
current provisions are adequate.        temperature down to 13 degrees                                            However it has been
If not, you will have to take steps     is acceptable if the work is                                             photographed from an
to address any potential problem        physically active.
areas. Companies with more
                                                                                                               unusual angle, if you think
than five employees must record                                                                                you know what the item is:
                                        Take advice
their risk assessment.                  Following the points above
                                        will give you a good basis
                                                                                            Post your entry to MSA Ltd,
Provide first aid equipment             for ensuring that you follow                     PO Box 9378, Newark, NG24 9FE
A basic first aid kit is essential.     health and safety practices in                     or email to
It must also be someone’s               the workplace. However, this
responsibility to check and             hot tip offers only an outline of        DON’T forget to include your name, address and
maintain the first aid equipment.       the legislation. Members can                           telephone number.
It is not a legal requirement to        get sound professional advice
appoint a first aider, though it is     from our business partner
often advisable.                                                                          Closing date July 22nd 2011
                                        Peninsular Business Services
                                                                                   The winner will be notified by July 29th 2011
                                        quote reference MSA001contact
Fire safety                             number 07966112034
The law relating to fire safety                                               There were no correct answers recieved for the Spring
changed in 2006, with a risk                                                 2011 Name the Item, therefore the £25 will be donated to
                                                                                            Footwear Friends charity.
                                                                                    Correct answer was a Schiving Machine.

Corporate Manslaughter Act
Your responsibilities under the Corporate Manslaughter Act
                                                                       organised causes a death and           approach to safety management.
                                                                       amounts to a gross breach of a
                                                                       duty of care to the person who         Companies that follow sound
                                                                       died”.                                 health and safety practices
                                                                                                              are less likely to be in the
                                                                       A substantial part of the breach       unfortunate position of being
                                                                       must have been in the way              responsible for the loss of life
                                                                       activities were organised by           and all that this entails.
                                                                       senior management. A company
                                                                       owes a duty of care to its             If you are in any doubt about
                                                                       employees and others working           your responsibilities and how
                                                                       for it and to any other person         you should implement safe
                                                                       who enter its premises or who          working practices then you
                                                                       uses its goods or services.            should seek professional
                                                                                                              advice. Members can get sound
                                                                       As well as the potential for           professional advice from our
                                                                       unlimited fines if found guilty, the   business partner Peninsular
The first conviction against      been ignored. The company            judge may also give convicted          Business Services quote
a UK company under the            was found guilty of corporate        organisations a publicity order,       reference MSA001 contact
Corporate Manslaughter Act        manslaughter and fined               forcing them to publish the            number 07966112034
2007 occurred last month,         £385,000 to be paid over 10          offence on their own website, or
highlighting the need for         years.                               remedial order requiring them to       Insurance
businesses of all sizes to                                             correct management failings.           If a criminal prosecution is
review and improve their          The Sentencing Advisory Panel,                                              successful, insurance cover will
health and safety procedures.     the body responsible for advising    Directors’ individual liability        not be available for any fine or
It’s vitally important that all   courts on sentencing under           Although the Act does not apply        costs against the organisation.
directors are aware of their      the Act, had previously issued       to individuals, directors and          If a defence is successful, there
responsibilities under the Act    guidelines stating that fines will   senior managers remain at risk         may be cover for the legal costs
and take steps to ensure their    “seldom be below £500,000”, but      of prosecution for the common          incurred. This should not prevent
business complies.                the Court took into account the      law offence of manslaughter,           a company from being covered
                                  company’s financial situation        which carries a maximum                under its employers’ or public
In February 2011, Cotswold        and size.                            sentence of life imprisonment,         liability policies in relation to civil
Geotechnical Holdings Ltd, a                                           and numerous offences under            claims arising from death.
small business with only four     The outcome of this case             health and safety legislation.
employees, became the first       should shed some light on how                                               Directors’ and officers’ insurance
company to be charged under       this legislation is likely to be     Practical steps                        may be available to individuals
the Act after an employee was     interpreted by the courts in the     This tragic case is a timely           for defence costs in the event
killed when a pit excavated as    future.                              reminder for businesses of             of a defence being successful.
part of a site survey collapsed                                        all sizes that failure to keep         Directors must also be aware
on him whilst he was taking       The offence                          employees safe is liable to            that any indemnities given by
soil samples. The court found     Under the Act, which came            lead to prosecution, potentially       a company will not cover any
that the system of digging pits   into force in April 2008, an         crippling fines and irreversible       criminal fines or costs incurred
used by the company was           organisation is guilty of the        damage to your business’s              by them in the defence of
unnecessarily dangerous and       offence if “the way in which         reputation. So you should take         criminal proceedings where a
that industry guidance had        its activities are managed or        this opportunity to review your        director is found guilty

Footwear Friends
                                  whole range of jobs in the trade     rely heavily on donations from         disappointed in the low level of
                                  with manufacturing still being       people in the trade, whether           donations coming from the Multi
                                  the main category. The cases         this is from companies -               Service Association despite
                                  we review include desperately        big and small – or private             some 10% of grants going to
                                  sad instances of illness, age,       individuals raising funds for          this side of the industry.
                                  poverty (and often all three) and    Footwear Friends by arranging
Your industry’s charity           ages range from mid 20’s to          sponsorship for interesting and        We would very much like you
continues to provide              90+. There is a growing demand       often physically demanding             to support us by either making
benefits to a wide range of       for assistance for mental health     events. Martyn has been                a contribution to one or other of
beneficiaries in the industry,    cases, for mobility vehicles and     keeping you up to date with            the fundraising events this year
with many of them being in        for single parents or parents        many of these in previous              or by a direct contribution to the
the shoe repair and related       looking after very disadvantaged     editions of the Magazine.              charity
sectors.                          children.
                                                                       It must be said, however, that
The people we help cover the      Whatever the situation, we           both he and I are somewhat

News From Our Friends...“Down Under”                                                                                                                                    F
Footwear Associations in Austraila                                                                                                                                      H
                                       I have tried to retrace the         correspond regularly with                                  always trying to improve our      H
                                       history of the Australian           each other by phone, letters or                            member numbers.                   l
                                       Association but can only find       emails.                                                                                      h
                                       that it was started in the 1930’s   In 1982-83 New South Wales                                 The committee of the New          b
                                       and went into recession when        created a newsletter called                                South Wales association is        w
                                       World War II broke out. After       Tips’n’Tingles which was sent                              made up of – Eric Rendall         h
                                       the war ended the New South         to all affiliated states. This                             Chairperson, Ray Flippence        s
                                       Wales and Victorian branches        newsletter was a single A4 page                            Secretary, and Alison Flippence
                                       got together and reformed           which has now become a 16                                  Treasurer. Ray and Eric are       T
                                       the association and later           page booklet and is published                              old “booties”, Eric is a Life     w
                                       were joined by Queensland,          every three months.                                        Member of the Association and     b
                                       South Australia and Western                                                                    Ray has been involved since       t
For our first inclusion in             Australia. Western Australia        This publication is sent to all                            the 80’s when he opened his       p
your magazine I would like             later withdrew their membership     NSW members as well as the                                 own business and joined the       l
to give you some history on            when they found they had not        other associations in Australia,                           association.                      r
the Footwear Associations in           enough members to run it. To        copies are also sent to                                    Ray and Alison run the            t
Australia.                             my knowledge the Northern           England and the United States                              association and print and         p
                                       Territory has never had an          associations. For example                                  distribute Tips’n’Tingles from    k
Currently there are four states –      association.                        we use articles from your                                  their home in Tinonee on the
New South Wales, Queensland,                                               magazine “Services Today”                                  mid north coast of New South      I
Victoria and South Australia           All state associations would        and the American website to                                Wales.                            g
which have associations up             meet once a year for a              keep our readers informed and                              We hope to bring you regular      a
and running. Western Australia         conference which would be           up to date with happenings                                 news updates from “Down           o
and the Northern Territory do          held over a weekend and in a        in other countries. We are                                 Under” and would be pleased to    t
not have associations as they          different state each year. Since    always interested in news from                             hear from any “Services Today”    b
find it difficult to find people       about 1982-83 the conferences       anywhere in the world.                                     readers.                          h
willing to run them. The current       have been disbanded due             At this time the New South                                                                   a
associations all come under            to lack of attendance due           Wales association has a                                    Readers that would like to make
the umbrella of the Footwear           mostly to people having to          membership of 80 which                                     contact with Ray can do so by     W
Repairers’ Association of              keep their businesses open          fluctuates with new members                                contacting Martyn Harvey at the   l
Australia and all have their own       7 days a week. In spite of          joining and old members                                    MSA Office.                       a
identity.                              that the existing associations      retiring. It is not compulsory to
                                       have become closer and we           join our association and we are

      Flexible Super Glue
           in the new
     Easy Squeeze Bottles
       Quickfix Adhesives are a specialist adhesive company. We                   The key to all your insurance
        have been trading for over 35 years and have a wealth of
                 knowledge where adhesion is concerned.                           and risk management
      We offer a comprehensive range of services to all companies
      who use adhesives in their production process. Visit our online             requirements
              form for placing orders and making enquiries.
      Add to this our back up advice service, which we provide to all
      of our customers, and we are sure you will see the benefits of
                              trading with us.

                                      13 Camden Road,
                                      Royal Tunbridge Wells,
                                      Kent, TN1 2PS

                                      Telephone : +44 (0)1892 522 827
                                      Fax :       +44 (0)1892 522 827
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                                                                                    Bhavin Patani                     Tel: 0116 264 4659
                                                                               Oval Insurance Broking Limited
                                                                               Registered Office: 9 South Parade, Wakefield,
                                                                               West Yorkshire, WF1 1LR
                                                                               Registered in England No: 01195184
                                                                               Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Free Tax Tools for Small Businesses
HMRC launch a range of free tools
HM Revenue & Customs has             records checks that will look        with a helpful list of where to get   with the latest information and
launched a range of free tools to    at the adequacy and accuracy         more information.                     figures.
help small businesses get their      of business records in SMEs,
business records in shape, as        and could potentially result in      - Download a guide to keeping         Employers who have used the
well as some basic PAYE tools to     fines in excess of £3,000. So        records for your tax return,          CD-ROM will need the new tools
help employers run their payroll     now is the time to invest a bit of   including detailed guidance on        for the remainder of the 2010-11
systems.                             time and effort into making sure     what type of records you may          tax year and for future tax years.
                                     your business records are up to      have to keep, common problems         The tools can be downloaded by
The first four new products,         standard.                            and examples for different types      visiting
which are suitable for small                                              of business.                          basicpayetools.
businesses, sole traders and         HMRC believes that 40%
the self-employed, have been         of SMEs – that’s 2 million           - Find out how to set up a basic      In addition, employers are
produced in advance of the           businesses – don’t keep              record-keeping system, with           being reminded that PAYE
launch of HMRC’s new business        adequate records, even though        examples of spread sheets and         information, forms and guidance
record checks programme later        they are legally bound to, to        information about setting up a        are all available online at
this year, which will impose         ensure they make a correct           record-keeping system.      
penalties for significant record-    income tax or corporation tax                                              payeformsandpublications
keeping failures.                    self- assessment return. They        - Find out what records you           and that paper versions are
                                     also estimate that failure to        should be keeping and assess          now only available in limited
If you find it a challenge to keep   take reasonable care in record-      how well you are keeping them.        circumstances from the
good business records, putting       keeping leads to a loss of around    It gives established businesses       Employer Order line.
a proper system in place will not    £6.5billion in tax every year.       feedback and advice on
only help you to feel confident                                           improvements.                         If employers are using the
that you are paying the right tax,   The help that HMRC are offering                                            employer database on the 2010
but you’ll keep up-to-date with      to businesses to help solve these    New PAYE tools                        Employer CD-ROM they must
how much you owe suppliers           problems include basic fact          HMRC have also launched new           make sure it is updated so that it
and how much you are owed.           sheets and online tools:             basic PAYE tools for employers,       is compatible with the tools. Go
                                                                          which replace HMRC’s Employer         to
We recently reported that,           - Download the ‘Keeping records      CD-ROM and cover all the              cdrom for more details.
later this year, HMRC will start     for business - what you need to      CD-ROM’s interactive features,
a programme of business              know’ fact sheet, a basic guide      plus are automatically updated

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News from the Shoemakers Bench
Philip Taylor talks about Footwear in the NHS
                                  changes will make life easier         contract to supply Orthotists to     ordering, but nearly all are keen
                                  in the coming years.                  the hospitals changes and this       to work with the NHS when
                                  Firstly, an insight into how          can lead to a whole new round        possible, but are not able to help
                                  footwear is currently purchased       of changes for the customer.         as often as would like. Hopefully
                                  by NHS hospitals and Trusts…                                               NHS procurement is about
                                  it can be complicated!! The           So why is it so hard for small       to change with the emphasis
                                  NHS generally leaves all it’s         businesses to get involved           being on quality led contracting
                                  purchasing to a small number          with the contracts? In the main      rather than cost only, it has been
                                  of regional organisations who         it is the criteria laid out in the   proved that getting the footwear
                                  undertake the management of           contract that provides the           right sooner saves money for the
                                  the contracts for which suppliers     barrier. Many contracts stipulate    NHS and the client to the tune of
                                  are able to tender. Often             that suppliers must be ISO           £4 for every £1 spent.
                                  called “purchasing hubs” these        registered, this in effect adds
                                  organisations have become the         £5000 to the costs incurred by       Other government changes
                                  centre piece for nearly all of        a business just to tender, and       in the pipeline could help
                                  NHS purchasing, but can be a          this is wasted money if they         too. Flagship policies such
Hello again, I’m Philip Taylor,   very hard nut to crack for small      are not awarded a contract           as Personal Healthcare
a bespoke and orthopaedic         businesses.                           in the end. Add to that Health       Budgets and Patient Choice
shoemaker based in the                                                  & Safety Policies and other          are beginning to prompt both
village of Brough in the          Every three to five years the         regulation contracting can seem      patients and hospitals of the
Peak District Derbyshire          “hubs” invite tenders for all their   an expensive luxury to some.         possibility of changes for the
and delighted to be asked         footwear and orthotics services       It is not widely known though        good of all those involved, we
to contribute to the trade        and invariably the lowest tender      that hospitals and Trusts can        can but hope. We can but hope,
magazine Shoe Services. In        will win even at the expense of       look outside their contract if       but in the meantime shoemakers
my first article I suggested      previous good service or quality      they feel another supplier is the    like me will continue to want to
that I would be discussing        goods. In the case of footwear        only option to supply specific       do the best for those requiring
some of the problems              this means that even the              services.                            our service whether privately or
independent shoemakers            patients who were successfully                                             NHS funded.
(and indeed repairers) often      provided with the right footwear      A small number of the UK’s
find when they try to work        with one contractor will face the     top orthopaedic shoemaking           See you soon.
with the NHS, I hope it begins    prospect of having to start the       specialists undertake this
to explain the difficulties       whole process again which often       specialist work privately and        Philip
of where to start, yet still      leads to delays and errors in the     without prescription, clients are
give the hope that planned        future. In many cases even the        asked to acknowledge this when

   Helpline numbers are available for members to call for free advice and
   information. Please have your membership number (just below your name
   on your membership certificate) when you call.

   WATCHES John Leon at Apollo Southerns                                 PATCHERS & SEWING MACHINES
   Tel: 07989 079237                                                     Robb Myers at Sew Amazing
   email:                                   Tel: 020 8980 8898
   JEWELLERY Mark Evans at Apollo Southerns
   Tel: 07855 808 366                                                    MACHINERY
   email                                   Company: Siserve
                                                                         Tel: 0116 271 7152 or Fax: 0116 271 9413
   KEYS Peter Morgan or John Wilkin at SKS
   Tel: 01737 355465 or Tel: 01442 291400                                SHOE REPAIRS AND ADHESIVES Richard Earl
   email                                              Tel: 01628 623630

   LOCKS & SECURITY Chris Fennesy at SKS                                 SPECIALIST ADHESIVES Dennis Bramble at Quick Fix UK
   Tel: 01442 291400                                                     Tel: 01892 522827 or Fax: 01892 522827
                                                                         ALL OTHER ENQUIRES
   ENGRAVING Ron Morgan                                                  Call Martyn Harvey at the MSA
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                                                                        Innovation in Engraving and Marking Technology

                                                                                                                         Universal-350 The Do-It-All
                                            GEM-RX5 The Great Jewellery
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Recommended Retail Price
Today the self appointed expert has a rant about Recommended Retail Prices
In the winter edition of            management – some fixed costs        business acumen, or even by             Finally, here’s a little gem to
Cutting Edge Richard Earl           and some variable. The ex-           inducing a sense of guilt, he will      set you thinking – some of
poses one or two questions          factory price will be determined     hope to boost sales to his own          your products can stand being
about how to arrive at a            by a permutation of the costs        advantage.                              doubled in price no matter what
selling price. In particular, he    plus a margin for profit, or by                                              you sell them for right now. The
asks if by pricing his sundries     taking a punt at what the market     The facts of the matter are             supermarket next door to us
stock ‘without any idea of          will stand, or a combination of a    delightfully simple. When the           sells the top brand of polish at a
the recommended retail has          bit of both.                         retailer has purchased the stock        price just over our buying price
he stumbled on a way of                                                  it is the property of the retailer to   …
increasing his profit for the       Some goods will reach the            do with as he pleases. It can be        BUT
week?’                              consumer via a wholesaler and        given away, it can be dumped in         They have only Black, Brown
                                    retailer; some may go direct to      the waste bin, it can be sold on        and Neutral.
Before we arrive at the only        a retailer.                          special offer or, best of all, sold     I doubt whether their display
possible answer let us examine                                           for what the market will stand.         so much as registers with
what exactly is a ‘recommended      So far so good.                      Ferreting out what the market           their customers. We have all
retail’ price. For convenience we   This rant is about the bit of        will stand is, of course, part of       the colour range of the top
will use his query about laces.     paper that can arrive with           the fun of running a business.          brand plus over 200 colours of
                                    the goods – a so-called                                                      creams. We sell shed loads of
So – here we are – a lace           recommended retail price list.       Recommended retail prices               the top brand at twice their price
manufacturer … we have a                                                 belong to the time long ago             plus loads of the creams.
factory … we buy raw materials      The nonsense that lies behind        when most goods were price
… we have machinery … we            these lists is indefensible. The     controlled as a byproduct of            Don’t believe it? Try it.
have a workforce … and we           manufacturer who has a finger        stock shortages during wartime.
have a sales force and we           on each of his costs associated      That whole system was, I
spend on advertising and            with the product is attempting       seem to remember, abolished                   It pays to advertise.
distribution. Obviously then, we    to set your price without the        some 60 years ago. Break
incur expenditure on property       slightest idea of the retailer’s     free. You run your business.                  Call 01400 281298
costs, material purchases,          overheads. Presumably, by            Allowing some individual maybe            or email
maintenance, wages, pensions        recommending a silly low             hundreds of miles away to set
… the list goes on and on. Each     price and then relying on the        your selling prices is lunacy.
cost will be intimately known to    retailer’s idleness or lack of

Chairmans Chat                      our industry is now available,
                                                                        Finally I will repeat again
                                                                        training, really we cannot do
                                                                        enough. It encourages loyalty
                                                                                                             We have some good training
                                                                                                             plans and modules that can
                                                                                                             be used systematically to train
                                                                        with staff, improves knowledge       and record for evaluation and
                                    unfortunately there is still more
                                                                        and skills and ultimately            eventual accreditation. More
                                    work to be done to finalise the
                                                                        customer satisfaction and            news to follow via “Services
                                    assessment process. I have
                                                                        repeat customers. Over the           Today” and “Service Call”.
                                    a follow up meeting early in
                                                                        coming twelve months I would
                                    May to finalise. Once this is                                            David Harris - Chairman
                                                                        like to see members willing
                                    available I will have the details
                                                                        to assist in coming forward
                                    posted up on the website.
                                                                        and offering their services.
Welcome to the 3rd Edition          As we are all aware our
of your Trade Magazine              business is all about people,
“Services Today”, we hope           without them we do not exist.
you enjoy and get something         When we are looking to recruit,
out of it. We have already          what can we do to ensure we
received feedback on the            are employing the right person
first 2 editions, please            suitable to the position? If
continue to send in your            you are looking to recruit and
feedback along with any             train someone who has no
contribution. Martyn & I have       experience within the shoe
been chatting as to how we          repair and multi services, you
can support you more in the         can ask the questions and be
running of your business.           told the answer you want to
We would like to hear from          hear only to find out they are
you.                                not suited to our industry a bit
                                    more time will save both time       Another Nice Little Earner           which adds quite a few pounds
Couple of examples - Are you        and money in the future.                                                 to the bill. However, I digress.
getting the service you expect                                          In my neck of the woods there
from your suppliers? If not         Couple of things that can           are a lot of horsey people, with     My son James is a whiz at
what can be done? Are you           be done, after the standard         riding schools, pony clubs and       replacing zips and not long
notified prior to price change or   interview you can carry out         polo players galore. The word        ago he had a polo player in the
product changes? These are          what I would call a trainability    seems to have got out that           shop with a strange request.
just examples. Please let us        test, this way you will be          we do a decent repair to their       He asked if it was possible to
have your issues and what you       able to see if they can listen      expensive riding boots and I do      have his initials stitched into
would like to see the suppliers     and carry out and follow            mean expensive. Some of the          the calf of his boots so as to
do differently, we will then take   concisely the instruction given,    more professional polo players       personalize them. James said
up the issues with the suppliers    additionally, do they have a        are paying upwards of £2,000         it was possible and did as he
and publish your issues and         manual dexterity with the ability   for a pair of quality boots.         was asked and stitched the
their response in the next          to use their hands?                                                      initials onto the boots and
edition.                                                                The condition of the boots is        made a very good job of it.
                                    We have available in the office     absolutely criminal when the
Don’t be shy generally              a test you can use or if you        come in for repair. Whereas          The customer was more than
speaking suppliers like to          prefer you can make up your         years ago a player would have        happy and off he went. And
have constructive criticism on      own version If you would like       a groom and a stable boy/ tack       then it started. It was only a
their goods and services so         a copy, please call the MSA         room boy to look after his boots     few days later that another pair
that they can improve where         office on 01400 281298 or           that has all changed. After a        came in for the same treatment
possible the service they           email                heavy game their boots are           and then another pair and
provide, therefore benefiting                                           kicked off and left in a heap in     another. The word seems to
the whole trade. At the same        If you have any feedback Ideas      the boot of their 4 x 4 to dry out   have travelled like wildfire as
time if you have a supplier         on this process please let us       covered in muck and whatever.        the customers are coming from
who goes the extra mile for         know.                                                                    quite some distance to have
you in business, again let us                                           Then the boots end up in my          this job done. And with the
know so we can share this star      For skilled recruitment take        shop with the owner pleading         boots costing so much money
performer!                          the time out after the interview    with me to do something to get       they are quite happy to pay
                                    to complete a trade test,           them back into a presentable         whatever you would like to
Remember, Services Today            make sure the skills you are        condition. I nearly always give      charge. Just a word of caution,
magazine will also be available     being told are there, can be        them a good telling off but I        if you are asked to carry out
to view online at www.msauk.        reproduced.                         might just as well talk to the       this job then don’t forget to
biz                                                                     wall because they will be back       stitch on the outside edge of
                                    Finally remember to take up         later in the same state. So,         the boot so as not to rub off
Back To Business                    references, you are investing a     after doing whatever repair is       the stitches if you sew on the
I had hoped for this edition        lot of money, you need to make      needed, I always give them           inside edge of the boot.
to be able to announce the          sure your investment is well        a darn good polish with a
apprentice NVQ programme for        spent.                              coloured renovating cream

                                        to all
 Timpson Trade Accounts independent                                             We are pleased to offer a
   Timpson’s own National Workshops shoe repairers                              full range of trade repairs
       to help you develop your business.
        Engraving Workshop - St Helens - Tel: 01744 815 350                     to support your business.
             Sandymere House Sign range, Name Badges, etc.                      Please visit our website to
      Shoe Repair Workshop - Manchester - Tel: 0161 946 6500                    view the range of services

             New Heels Service, specialist Patching & Stitching.

                                                                                 We specialise in Gents
                                                                                  Full Renovation & Zip
                                                                                 Fast turnaround service
                     Selling up?
      Thinking of selling your business?
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     Interested - Contact Tricia Davis
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                                                                                one bedroomed flat above. Services currently offered Shoe
Instructions for existing MSA Members to gain                                   Repairs, Key Cutting, Engraving and Watch straps batteries
                                                                                etc. Business established for 20 years full plant machinery
access to the Members’ Area of the MSA website:
                                                                                included in the sale.
                                                                                Price upon application Tel. Kevin 0208 669 1243
Step 1: Send an email to from
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Step 2: Once we have verified your membership account
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- which will be sent to your email address                                                 Martyn Harvey
Step 3: When you receive your details, go to                         on 01400 281298 or email your
and click on Members
                                                                                               request to
Step 4: Enter your Username & Password from the email and                       
click Submit

Step 5: Once you are in the members area, click on YOUR
ACCOUNT (top right hand corner) on the members navigation
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                                                                                              30th July 2011

The Benefits of Membership
                Find out how we can help your business
Over the recent months we have created a                             •   Free Health and Safety, Employment Law and
virtually new web site, with lots more information                       COSHH Regulations templates and advice
available, a members only area with links to                             line
many money saving opportunities, plus the                            •   Free Magazine and e-news bulletins
important day to day support needed in terms                         •   Free Help & Advice lines for information
of H&S, COSHH and employment law, training                               regarding: Keys, Engraving, Adhesives,
programmes, free help lines code of practice                             Machinery, Watches, Jewellery, Locks and
and a new range of in/out of store marketing                             Security, Patchers & Sewing machines
materials.                                                           •   Free Code of practice for customer care
                                                                     •   Free MSA Energy cost saving advice
The MSA has the following mission statement:                         •   Free MSA Telecoms cost saving advice
                                                                     •   Free MSA Commercial Insurance quotations
“The MultiService association provides a service                     •   Free quotations for MSA Hospital and Medical
to shoe repair and other associated businesses                           Care Plans, Travel, Income Protection,
by helping to establish a favourable operating                           Term Life Plan, Personal Accident Plan and
environment, by providing a forum for discussion                         Breakdown Recovery Club
on non-competitive issues, and by providing                          •   Free no obligation quote on a great Credit
information to assist them in their business.”                           Card Deal with Bank of Scotland
                                                                     •   NEW work wear now available Polo Shirts,
                                                                         Sweat Shirts and Fleeces
                                                                     •   P.A.T. Portable appliance testing deal via M
                                                                         Carl & Sons Electrical Engineers
                                                                     •   Business Rates Appeal NO SAVING NO
“I have found my membership of the MSA very beneficial and cost      •   New Point of Sale advertising Posters and
effective to my business, I have taken the PDQ deal, use the MSA         Snap Frames
Key Kits, Snap Frames and Posters taken advice on health and         •   Brand new EPOS system via Cunningham’s
safety and music in the workplace. Shortly I will be taking up the       EPOS Solutions
MSA energy advice service.”                                          •   Discounted Website design, email and
      - Ian Frith of Footwork’s Shoe Repairs, Milton Keynes              hosting via Futurist Online

Join us today for less than 33p a day
(based on payment via direct debit)

You can apply for membership in any of the following ways:

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