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Name:                                   Ram Krishna Singh

Date of Birth:                          31 December 1950

Present Position & Address:             Professor of English & Head,
                                        Dept. of Humanities & Social Sciences
                                        Indian School of Mines,
                                        Dhanbad- 826004

                                        Tel: +91-326- 2207901 (R)

Academic and Professional Qualification:

B.A.                          1968-70           H.C. Degree College
                                               (Univ. of Gorakhpur), Varanasi

M.A. (English Lit.)           1970-72          Banaras Hindu University,

Ph.D. (English)
(Thesis entitled SAVITRI:
A SPIRITUAL EPIC)             1976-81          Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi

British Council
Summer School on ESP          1982              University of ASTON
                                                in Birmingham, UK

1972                                           Lecturer in English, S.P. Jain
                                               College, Pulgaon (Wardha)

1972-73                                        Compilation Officer, District
                                               Gazetteers Department, Lucknow

1973-74                                        Journalist, The Press Trust of
                                               India, New Delhi

1974-76                                        Lecturer in English, Royal Bhutan
                                               Polytechnic, Deothang (E. Bhutan)
1976-83                                            Lecturer in English, Indian School
                                                   of Mines, Dhanbad-826004

1983-93                                             Assistant Professor of English,
                                                    Indian School of Mines,
                                                    Dhanbad- 826004

March 1993- to date                                 Professor of English, Indian School
                                                    of Mines, Dnanbad-826004

Professional Contribution:
   A. Actively involved in ‘English for Specific Purposes’ (ESP), especially ‘English
      for Science & Technology’ (EST) teaching problems, techniques, achievements,
      and future possibilities for about 30 years.

   B. In collaboration with the British Council Division, Calcutta, organized three
      workshops (1981, 1984, 1986), conducted Language Needs Analyses, framed
      (EST) Syllabuses and developed suitable teaching materials for various groups of
      UG and PG students of earth and mineral sciences at ISM;

   C. Active in teaching and research in areas of Language skills development,
      particularly Written Communication, and Indian English Literary practices for
      more than three decades;

   D. Associated with Language teaching projects at other Institutions, namely,

       (i) 1987-92              I.I.T., Kanpur/ NEST Project;

       (ii) 1985-86 and 1989    Univ. of Copenhagen/ Folktale project;

       (iii) 1985               R.I.E., Bangalore/ Written Language Test Items in
                                General English for GOI test English proficiency;

       (iv) 1986-87             HMPIE, Vallabh Vidyanagar/ Written Language Test
                                 Items for the GOI project School level competency
                                 test in English;

       (v) 1990-2001            UPSC, New Delhi/ Graduate Level Objective Test
                                 Items in General English for various Exams;

   E. Associated with paper setting and/or evaluation of M. Phil/ M.A./ B.A./ B. Tech/
      B.Sc. Engineering. Question paper in English Lit. / Indian English Lit. /Technical
      English/General English/Communicative English of about ten institutions;
   F. Involved in evaluation of Ph. D. Theses since 1990, and examined 28 theses (from
      15 different universities) in areas of Indian English fiction and poetry, British
      Literature, American poetry, ESP, and ELT;

   G. Professional and research contributions and interests relate to:

          a. ELT;
          b. ESP/EST;
          c. Written Communication Skills;
          d. Indian English Writing, specially poetry; and
          e. Literature teaching to develop communication skills/Literary and critical

Administrative Experience:
   A. Contributed at Institutional level as member of Executive Board and General
      Council, Academic Council, Research Council, Boards of Courses of Study,
      Moderation Board, Entrance Exam Committee etc of Indian School of Mines for
      varying periods;

   B. Contributed as Chairman/Member of various institutional/departmental level
      committees on Academic, Disciplinary, Enquiry, Library, semester Exam
      Committee at ISM and elsewhere;

   C. Collaborated with outside agencies/institutions           in   organizing   seminars,
      conference, and workshop; and

   D. Actively associated with Society for International Development, Rome (and
      Honorary Secretary/ Honorary Treasurer of its Dhanbad Chapter) for about 15
      years and contributed in Social and Development activities in Dhanbad.

Research Projects carried out:
a. 1976-1980             Ph.D. Thesis Savitri: A Spiritual Epic; published   as a book in

b. 1983-1984            Worked on a practice book on English idioms and published it as
                        Using Contemporary English Idioms (1985)

c. 1985-1987            Explored Indian Writing in English from 1981-85 to highlight
                        characteristic features on Indian English Literature and published
                        the research as Indian English Writing 1981-1985 (1987;rpt.1991)
d. 1984-1987   Developed a treatise-cum-text book based on classroom practices;
               published as a book Using English in Science and Technology
               (1988, revised, updated new edn., 2000)

c. 1987-1989   Collected more teaching material and published as a supplementary
               book Practicing English in Science and Technology (1990)

f. 1989-1991   Worked on a research-cum-book project exploring some new/less
               known Indian English poets, and published it as Recent Indian
               English Poets: Expressions and Beliefs (1992)

g. 1992-1994   Developed/ materials for a general English text book, entitled
               General English Practice (1995)

h. 1991-1994   Developed/revised the teaching material of a course on dissertation
               writing and published it as Writing Your Thesis and Research
               Papers (1996)

i. 1994-1996   Worked on a range of Indian English books to explore expression
               of anger and published the work as Anger in Action: Exploration of
               Anger in Indian Writing in English (1997)

j. 1996-1997   Worked on a research-cum-reference book, exploring tolerance in
               Indian English fiction and published Psychic Knot: Search for
               Tolerance in Indian English Fiction (1998)

k. 1994-1997   Worked on a project on recent New Zealand Literature: Some
               Recent Trends (1998)

l. 1994-1999   Collected/developed practice materials for objective type General
               English for Competitive Exams. The manuscript published as
               Multiple-choice General English for UPSC Competitive Exams

m. 2002-2003   Developed teaching notes and practice material into a book on
               grammar according to the U.P. Technical University Syllabus and
               published it as Communication in English: Grammar and
               Composition (2004)

n. 2002-2004   Collected, revised/updated some previously published essay on
               various aspects of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri and published them as
               Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri Essays on Love-Life and Death (2005)

o. 2003-2004   Collected, revised/updated some of the previously published
               research essays and review essay on ELT/EST/ESP and published
                     them as Teaching English for Specific Purposes: An Evolving
                     Experience (2005).

p. 2003-2005         Worked on a project on less known Indian poets writing in English
                     and wrote a book Voices of the Present: Critical Essay on Some
                     Indian English Poets (2006).

In addition, published thirteen volumes of poems, including My Silence (1985),
Memories Unmemoried (1988), Music Must Sound (1990), Flight of Phoenix (1990), I Do
Not Question (1994), My Silence and Other Selected Poems (1996), Above The Earth’s
Green (1997), Every Stone Drop Pebble (1999), The Face in All Seasons (2002),
Peddling Dream (2003), The River Returns (2006), No Moist Secret and Elements Clack
Silence (e-book).
My poems are also available on my blogs:,
           and elsewhere on the net.

Thus my list of publication to date includes:

    Books: 32
            Literary Criticism: 10 books
            Language Skills: 9 books
            Poetry Collections: 13 books

    Research Articles: 145 +
           Language related: papers 39
           Literature related: papers 107

    Book Review: 155+

            Language related: 55 + books
            Literature related: 100 + books

   Research articles anthologized in: 39 books

           Foreign: 04 books
           Indian: 35 books

Research Work on My Poetry by others:
   A. One M. Phil Dissertation (North Maharastra University, 1996);
   B. Discussed as a major subject in three Ph.D. theses (Mahatma Gandhi Kashi
      Vidyapith, 1997, Kunwar Veer Singh University, 2002, and Sri Venkateswara
      University, 2005)

   C. Forty full-length articles published from 1988-2005;

   D. A book, New Indian English Poetry: An Alternative Voice: R. K. Singh ed:
      I.K. Sharma (Jaipur: Book Enclave), dealing with my poetry appeared in July
      2004; and

   E. Poems published in 70 Indian and 65 Foreign Magazines; 65 e-zines; translated
      into French, Spanish, Romanian, Croatian, Chinese, Serbian, Bulgarian, German,
      Italian, Russian, Japanese, Esperanto, Portuguese, Slovenian, Slovak, Greek,
      Kannada, Tamil, Bengali; and anthologized in over 100 books, mostly

Editorially associated (as co-editor/editorial associate /advisor/editorial board member)
with various journals, including Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics, Creative Forum,
Titiksha, Reflections Journal and Communication Practices, International Journal of
Translation, Poetcrit, Canopy, Indian Book Chronicle, Heaven, and SlugFest (USA) for a
period varying 3 to 15 years.

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops attended:
    International: Seven including two abroad

    National: Twelve

Awards and Honours include:
   a. Litt.D. (Hon.) of World Academy of Arts and Culture, Taiwan (ROC), 1984;

   b. Distinguished Leadership Award (Education) of American Biographical Institute,
      USA, 1987;

   c. ‘International Eminent Poet’ and ‘Fellow of International Poets Academy, 1987;

   d. ‘Fellow’, International Writers and Artists Association, USA, 1988;

   e. Michael Madhusudan Award of Michael Madhusudan Academy, Calcutta, 1994;

   f. ‘Poet of the Year Award 1995’ of the Alumni of World University, Ontario,
      Canada, 1996;
  g. ‘Peace Museum Award’ of Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan, 1999;

  h. ‘Certificate of Honour’ and Third Prize in Kumamoto International Kusamkura
     Haiku Competition, October 2002;

  i. ‘Author of the Year’ Award of Edizioni Universum, Italy, 2002’

  j. ‘Gran Premio d’Atore: Diploma di Merito; Edizioni Universum, Italy, 2003;

  k. Bibliography included in over 30 reference publications from the UK, the USA,
     India, and elsewhere; and

  l. Nominated for ‘Leonardo da Vinci World Award’ of World Cultural Council,
     Mexico, 1995;’Kadare Prize’ of Velija Foundation, Albania, 1995; ‘International
     Man of the Year’ of IBC, UK, 1992/93, 1996 to 2000; ‘Man of the Year’ of ABI,
     USA, 1995 to 2005 and ‘International Man of the Millennium’ of IBC, UK, 1999.

  m. Appointed ‘Universal Peace Ambassador’ (of Universal Peace Embassy, Geneva)
     w.e.f. June 19, 2006.

Memberships includes:
    International Network for Teaching and Research in English for Science and
    Technology (INER-EST) Norway/Israel;

    International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL),

    English Language Teachers Association of India, Madras;

    International Writers and Artists Association, Brazil/USA;

    World Poetry Society Intercontinental, Madras;

    All-India PEN, Bombay,

    UNESCO ALSED-LSP Network, Copenhagen;

    Society for International Development, Rome etc.

                                                                       R. K. SINGH

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