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					Half Pant General VK Singh, Vinod Rai & Other Half Pant Agents

Just tell me one instance of an Army Chief going to Press with the objective of
getting his Tenure Extended by few more months – he wanted all the benefits
with 1951 as his year of birth but was making a fool of all Indians by saying he is
ready to retire on May31, 2011 – there was clear half pant agenda behind it.

Like Parvez Musharraf he was attempting to Destabilize and Over Throw UPA
government – he didn’t object to any of the Derogatory Discussions in media.
Vinod Rai, Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Ramdev, VK Singh all are part of Half Pant

After the Supreme Court order he is waiting for signal from Half Pants to resign.

I knew in one second on learning VK Singh had sought opinion of Four former
CJI that it is a Half Pant conspiracy and only the BJP who was backing his every
step. He distributed CROOKED OPINIONS of Four Former CJI to press and
NGOs. All this on the eve of Assembly Elections to five states – two Punjab and
Uttarkhand have sizable Ex Servicemen population and was supported by Half
Pant generals in derogatory and shameless debate – none could show their face
after the Supreme Court order.

Half Pants were thrilled when Supreme Court objected to two Identical Opinions
from same Solicitor General and when Defense Ministry withdrew Second
Opinion but final order upheld everything else.

Just a line of Supreme Court, that he maintained 1950 as his DOB in UPSC,
NDA and IMA was good enough to establish the Character and Motive of Half
Pant general. It was a conspiracy because Four former CJI were not aware of
this basic fact.

Vinod Rai a year earlier did exactly the same thing before elections to Five
States in 2011. Supreme Court judgment didn’t indict any one other than Raja
the Minister and in that too it didn’t endorse Rs.1,76,000 crores loss claims.

Supreme Court made it crystal clear in PIL filed by Half Pant Prashant Bhushan
that he didn’t pray for ‘Review of Auctioning of Spectrum Allocated by BJP
Ministers’ – that left no doubt it was Half Pant conspiracy.

Auction of All Spectrums given earlier at low price would have Earned India
perhaps $100b. (UK auctions brought $35b)

In 2011 elections out of over 600 seats BJP won just 5 seats and in 2012
elections in around 700 seats BJP may win 70 seats including Uttarkhand where
it is ruling for five years.
Half Pants are Conspiring Against India since 1925. I am not at all surprised to
the two line explanation of Congenital Half Pant. Everyone in government service
knows that details as entered in Service Book can’t be changed at any stage.

It was Half Pant conspiracy to use General VK Singh in yet another SHAME
program of Half Pants orchestrated in Half Pant style.

1. He recorded his DOB wrongly as per Supreme Court in UPSC, NDA, IMA.

2. He engaged Four former CJI and was consulting on DOB issue with all active
retired Generals in a most derogatory and shameless manner who than
trumpeted his crooked version.

3. He distributed Crooked Opinion derived from incomplete information to Press
and NGOs.

4. He went to the Press on DOB issue several times.

It is not just One Instance or Accident that half pants make us believe it is part of
systematic Conspiracy since 1925.

Ravinder Singh
February15, 2012

Half Pant General VK Singh, Shamed Army, India
Posted by: "Pannalal Nawalkha"
Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:50 am (PST)

Ravindra singh's comments are biased, derogatory and unbecoming as member
of group. General Singh is not fabricated in his claim for birth date. He proved
wrong because of his delinquent mode of approach for correction, as correction
date expired long back.

His approach has nothing to do with FULL PANT or HALF PANT. Ravindra is
advised to have clear, untainted vision as member of group.


Half Pant General VK Singh, Shamed Army, India and CJIs

There was something Psychologically Wrong with this General and was
medically unfit to even serve the Army in any rank. At this rank Army needs
person of Clear Vision, Total Dedication to Service and Battle Ready Brain not
dumb and confused VK Singh who was not sure of his date of birth and was
consulting this with perhaps everyone he knew including seeking opinion of four
former CJI and questioning challenging orders of his superiors repeatedly.
He shamed all those Officers who supported him – all these days he was not
defending India but his Date of Birth and thus pulling down the government. He
didn’t defend his subordinates of lower ranks who retire very early and get very
low pension most don’t get jobs – they don’t have any problem with date of birth
or training – General VK Singh is on the payrolls of GOI for 46 years since 1966.
5 million retired Defense Staff is fighting for one rank one pension.

It was not individual issue Half Pant General as we found out – it was not just
error in recording date of birth in UPSC form attested by his teacher, principal of
school and his own father, UPSC verification and exams but also NDA, IMA,
Police verification right up to his Commission in to the Army. As given in the end
all Army Generals enjoy 2 years plus tenure and General VK Singh would have
completed 2 years and one month tenure retiring on May10, 2012 like any other
general with original date of birth.

‘--he did not get his date of birth corrected with the UPSC which had recorded it
as May 10, 1950. It said all documents "at threshold" when Gen Singh joined
IMA, NDA recorded his date of birth as May 10, 1950.’ PTI

Unresolved issues were first taking Opinions of four CJI all in his favor by
withholding critical documents and releasing his service records to friends with
half pant mindset.

Secondly it was Gross Misconduct to fraudulently obtain 4XCJI opinions by not
disclosing records of his early career termed as Threshold Stage before
commission in to Army in his favor to pull down GOI and then releasing it to Army
NGOs who filed PIL in the Supreme Court that was rejected. He then proceeded
with his direct petition before the Supreme Court.

On the very first day Supreme Court told him to detach ‘Legal Opinions of Four
CJI’ was clear indication he had jumped in to a deep well but surrendered in 30
minutes when SC gave him options either to withdraw his petition or face
dismissal with order.

Even he didn’t object to Politicization on His Service issue and Polarization of
Army by media who projected him as hero fighting for justice but end televised
his Dumb & Confused Looking images.

What shall be the Credibility of former Chief Justices of India who serve on many
international assignments when the Gen VK Singh went to the Supreme Court
backed by their advise and petition was not even admitted.

Ravinder Singh
February10, 2012
SC to Army chief - Withdraw plea or face order
PTI Feb 10, 2012,

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday observed that it was not in favour of
entertaining Army chief Gen VK Singh's petition on the age row and gave him
option to withdraw it.

The apex court said recognition of Gen Singh's date of birth as May 10, 1950 by
Army does not suffer from perversity and is not grossly erroneous.

The apex court said Gen Singh has to abide by his commitment and honour his
letters of 2008 and 2009 accepting the date of birth as May 10, 1950.

The SC bench also observed that no prejudice was done to Gen Singh and
government has full faith in him.

Earlier, pushed on the backfoot, government on Friday told the Supreme Court
that it has withdrawn its December 30 order rejecting Army chief General V K
Singh's statutory complaint for treating his date of birth as May 10, 1951 instead
of May 10, 1950.

The government's decision to rescind the order came against the backdrop of the
apex court stating that its December 30 order was vitiated and would be quashed
if this was not done.

Attorney general G E Vahanvati, however, made it clear that government was
sticking to its July 21 and July 22 orders of last year turning down Gen Singh's
plea on the age row.

While Gen Singh has maintained that his date of birth is May 10, 1951, the
defence ministry has insisted that it should be treated as May 10, 1950.

During the hearing, which went beyond an hour in the packed court room, the
judges put some tough questions to the Army chief asking why he did not get his
date of birth corrected with the UPSC which had recorded it as May 10, 1950.

It said all documents "at threshold" when Gen Singh joined IMA, NDA recorded
his date of birth as May 10, 1950.

"The documents at the threshold when you wanted to join IMA, NDA contains the
date of birth as May 10, 1950.

"In all documents at the threshold you date of birth is recorded as May 10, 1950,"
it noted.
The court also said that the primary record for Gen Singh's date of birth was with
UPSC which never corrected it.

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Gen VK Singh (31 Mar 10 to till date)

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