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                             F.No. MoES/001/002/2005-Estt.
                                  Government of India
                               Ministry of Earth Sciences,
                             12-CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,
                                   New Delhi-110003.
                                                                    Dated: 21 August, 2007

Subject: Filling up of the post of Director General of Meteorology in the scale of Rs.
         24050-650-26000, Central Civil Services Group ‘A’ Gazetted post, in India
         Meteorological Department, New Delhi under the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

       One post of Director General of Meteorology in the scale of pay of Rs.24050-650-
26000, (Central Civil Services Group ‘A’, Gazetted post) in India Meteorological
Department, New Delhi under the Ministry of Earth Sciences is required to be filled up
on Direct Recruitment Basis.

2.     Details of the post and format of application can be downloaded from the
websites: www.dod.nic.in / www.moes.gov.in.

3.     The pay of the selected officer will be governed in accordance with the
Department of Personnel and Training O.M. No.2/12/87-Estt (Pay II) dated 29.04.1988,
as amended from time to time.

4.     Eligible officers may apply for the post in the prescribed format, in duplicate,
through     their    administrative     Ministry/Department.       The     administrative
Ministry/Department may forward the application, in duplicate, of the eligible officers in
the prescribed format along with ACR dossier containing ACRs for the last five years
along with cadre clearance and vigilance clearance so as to reach this Ministry within six
weeks of its publication in the newspapers. Application complete in all respect be
addressed to the Deputy Secretary (Estt.), Ministry of Earth Sciences, Block 12, CGO
Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003.

5.      Incomplete applications or sent through E-mail/Fax and applications not received
through proper channel will summarily be rejected and no communication in this regard
will be entertained. Officers, who volunteer for the post, if selected, will not be permitted
to withdraw their candidature at a later date.

6.       Recruitment to this post advertised by UPSC vide Advt No. 02 dated 28.01.2006
has been cancelled by UPSC vide its Advt No. 14 dated 28.07.2007. Hence, candidates
who had applied earlier and are desirous of applying again, may apply afresh, if they
fulfill the eligibility criteria.

                                                                            (P. Narayanan)
                                                     Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

                                  FORMAT OF APPLICATION
                                                                                     Affix Passport

      1. Post applied for                 :

      2. Name in full                     :
         (In block letters)

      3. Father’s/Husband’s Name          :

      4. Marital Status                   :

      5. Gender                           :

      6. Date of Birth                    :        Date       Month        Year

      7. Nationality                      :

      8. Religion                         :

      9. Address for correspondence :
         (In block letters with Pin code,
         Telephone, FAX Nos and
         E-mail Address).

      10. Permanent Address               :

      11. Educational Qualifications :
          (after Matriculation / High school)

         (In chronological order)

Sl.       Courses         University/Institution   Year of Subject taken   Result            with
No.       Passed          /Board                   Passing                 Division/Class / CPI
   12. Whether Educational and          :
       other qualifications required for
       the post are satisfied. (If any
       qualification has been treated as
       equivalent to the one prescribed in
       the rules, state the authority for the same)

                       Qualifications/Experience required        Qualification/Experience
                                                                 possessed by the Officer
Essential       1.

Desirable       1.

   13. Professional Qualification / Specialized training in India and abroad:

Organization                               Period                    Details
                        From                   To

   14. Professional experience (Significant / important projects handled / special
   assignment etc.)
      15. List of significant publications. (Do not attach)

(a)          Title of the paper                   Journal in which Year of publication
                                                  (vol. No. & page

(b)          Name of Book (edited / written)      Name of publisher       Year of publication

      16. Employment records (in chronological order, starting with the first job):

Name and address                  Period of Service           Designation of Nature of work
of                                                            post held and and level of
employer/Institution                                          scale of pay   responsibilities
                              From               To
17. Additional details about present      :
    Please state whether working under-
    (a) Central Government                :
    (b) State Government                  :
    (c) Autonomous Organizations          :
    (d) Government Undertakings           :
    (e) Universities                      :

18. Scale of Pay                          : Rs.

    (a) Basic Pay                         : Rs.

    (b) Special Pay                       : Rs.

    (c) Allowances                        : Rs.

    (d) Total emoluments per month
        now drawn                         : Rs.

19. Details of experience, if any         :

20. Field of special interest             :

21. Any other information you             :
    may like to add

22. Declaration                           :

    I certify that the above information is correct and complete to the best of my
knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed/distorted. If at any time I am
found to have concealed/distorted any material information, my appointment shall be
liable to summary termination without notice/compensation.

                                                            Signature of Candidate



Recruitment to the post of Director General of Meteorology (DGM), India
Meteorological Department (IMD), Mausam Bhawan, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

Educational and other Qualification for Direct Recruitment:

   (i)           Master’s degree in Science or Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from a
                 recognized University / Institute or equivalent.
   (ii)          Should have at Least 20 years of post qualification experience in research,
                 development, research management in the field of Meteorology, Atmospheric
                 or Earth Sciences.

   Desirable Qualification

   A Doctorate Degree in Meteorology, Atmospheric or Earth Science from a
   recognized University/Institute or equivalent.


   1. Director General of Meteorology is the head of the India Meteorological
   Department. He is the Chief functionary of the Government of India in the field of
   Meteorology and allied disciplines.

   2. As the Chief Executive of the Department, he is responsible for the day-to-day
   management of the Department, its scientific and technical activities in the field of
   Meteorology and allied disciplines like Agro-meteorology, Hydro-meteorology,
   Aviation Meteorology, Seismology, Meteorological Instruments, Meteorological
   Telecommunications, Satellite Meteorology etc.

   3. He exercises all Financial, administrative and statutory powers:-

          (i)       Vested in the Head of the Department under DFP Rules, 1978 GFR, FRs
                    & SRs and CCS (CCA) Rules and
          (ii)      Vested in Director General of Meteorology by the Council for
                    Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences.

          He is the Chairman of the Meteorological Executive Committee which controls
          the scientific programmes of the department.

   4. In addition to the above, the following also form part of his duties:-

          (i)       Responsible for initiating coordination and supervision of the services,
                    research and developmental activities of the Department.
   (ii)     Collaboration with other scientific and technical organization of Central
            and State Governments and Public Sector Undertakings for implementing
            special project of inter-disciplinary nature.

5. He functions as permanent representative of India in the World Meteorological
Organization (WMO) and maintains liaison with foreign meteorological services and
world bodies like WMO, ICAO, ICSU, IUGG, TOGA etc.

Scale of Pay

The post of DGM is in the pay scale of Rs. 24050-650-26000/- and other allowances
are as per the rules of the Central Government.

Age Limit

Not exceeding 58 years.

Mode of Recruitment –Direct Recruitment


In accordance with Orders issued by the Central Government from time to time.

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