Group Presentation Obesity by SQ7S9rl2


Dianne Bourgeois
 Katherine Parker
Michelle Whetstone
 Todd Cadenhead
   Dustin Kratz
Rebekah Steinruck
  Sammi Gunter
Definition of Obesity

 More than average
  fatness, an
  incumberance of
 Having a BMI of 30
  or greater
Body Mass Index

 The BMI, or body mass index, is the
  most widely used way to measure
 BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m2)
 Body composition is not taken into
  account when BMI is measured.
Obesity Graph
Ways to Control Obesity

 Exercise
 Diet
 Prescription drugs
 OTC drugs
 Surgical procedures
Ways to Control Obesity

   Exercise
    – At least 30 minutes of aerobic activity,
      three times a week
   Diet
    – Consult physician to compose a proper diet
   Prescription Drugs
    – Xenical and Meridia
Ways to Control Obesity

   Over the Counter Drugs
    – Dexatrim, Metabolife, Evolution
   Surgical Procedures
    – Vertical Banded Gastroplasty
    – Roux-en-Y Divided Gastric Bypass
Vertical Banded Gastroplasty

                 Stomach stapling
                 Reduces size of
                 Small amount of
                  food makes one feel
                 Considered a last
          Roux-en-Y Divided
            Gastric Bypass
 Separates stomach
  into two parts, upper
  and lower
 Upper holds food
 Lower is non-
  functional except for
  secretion of gastric
 Normal digestion
Early Potential Complications

 Respiratory problems
 Anastomic leak
 Infection
 Blood loss
 Blood clotting
Late Potential Complications

 Weight gain
 Incisional hernia
 Bowel obstruction
 Ulcers
 Constipation
 Gallstones
Eating Habits

 Eat slowly and chew foods well
 No liquids 30 minutes prior to eating
 When snacking, eat only carrots,
  cabbage, cucumbers, celery and
 To loosen any obstructing food, dissolve
  1 tsp meat tenderizer in glass of water
  and drink

 Most patients lose 10 lbs in the hospital
 15-20 lbs in the first weeks
 25-30 lbs in the first 6 weeks
 10-12 lbs each month thereafter
Before and After

   Before: 308 lbs   1 Year After: 165 lbs
Before and After

  Before: 498 lbs   1 year After: 151 lbs
Before and After

  Before: 249 lbs   1 year after: 135 lbs
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