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					Target Occupations
Here at Calliden we’ve been fine-tuning our business insurance pricing. In particular, we’ve identified
areas where we think you’ll find us really competitive. We’re calling them our target occupations. All
you need to do to take advantage of these competitive insurance products is to simply go through the
usual quoting process and submit to the Calliden Retail Underwriting Centre.

Good news!
We’ve expanded our list to include even more target occupations. Please see the list below.

 Occupation                                                    Occupation Sector      ANZSIC Code
 Accountants Offices                                           Professional Offices   7842A
 Actuarial Service                                             Professional Offices   7520A
 Actuary                                                       Professional Offices   7520D
 Acupuncturist Surgery                                         Health Services        8639A
 Advertising Agency                                            Professional Offices   7851A
 Aerial Advertising Service (Office)                           Professional Offices   7851B
 Aerial Photo / Survey (Office)                                Professional Offices   7851C
 Agricultural Ceramic Pipes Manufacture                        Brick and Cement       2623A
 Air Conditioning - Retail                                     Retail                 5234A
 Alarm/Security Device Installers - Vehicles (No repairs)      Contractor             4623A
 Antique Shop - No Restoring                                   Retail                 5252E
 Aquariums - Pet Shop (excl. Mortality)                        Retail                 5259A
 Architects Office                                             Professional Offices   7821A
 Art Material Supplies                                         Retail                 5243B
 Artificial Flowers Shop                                       Retail                 5259H
 Arts & Crafts Shop                                            Retail                 5243C
 Assessors / Adjusters (excl. P/I)                             Professional Offices   7520B
 Attorney Office                                               Professional Offices   7841A
 Auto - Electrical Repairer / Workshop                         Automotive Services    5322A
 Auto - Window Tinting / Repairs                               Automotive Services    5329A
 Auto Mechanic - moblie (cars only , no heavy vehicles)        Automotive Services    5329G
 Awning Installation / Repair                                  Contractor             4259A
 Baby Goods Shop                                               Retail                 5221A
 Baby Wear Shop (Material Products only)                       Retail                 5221B
 Bait & tackle retail                                          Retail                 5241J
 Barber Shop (excl. Cigarettes/Tobacco)                        Retail                 9526A
 Barber Shop (incl. Cigarettes/Tobacco)                        Retail                 9526B
 Beauty Parlour                                                Retail                 9526C
 Bedding - Retail                                              Retail                 5231A
 Biscuit Wholesale                                             Wholesale              4719H
 Blind - Metal Manufacture (no Installation)                   Engineering            2769C
 Blind - Metal Manufacture (with Installation)                 Engineering            2769D
 Blind / Curtain - Installer (Internal)                        Contractor             4259B
 Blind / Curtain - Retail Shop                                 Retail                 5223A
 Blind / Curtain textile - Manufacture                         Textile Industry       2221B
 Book & Magazine - Retail                                      Retail                 5243D
 Book & Magazine - Wholesale                                   Wholesale              4794A
 Boutique (Dress) - Retail                                     Retail                 5221C
 Brass / Copper Retail (No Recycling)                          Retail                 5233K
 Bread Vendor - Delivery only                                  Retail Food Handling   5124I
 Brick Layer                                                   Contractor             4222B
 Brick Wholesale                                               Wholesale              4539A
 Bridal wear shop                                              Retail                 5221O
 Builders Supplies Wholesale nec (excl paint, plastic, wood,
                                                               Wholesale              4539I
 paper products)
 Built in wardrobe & shower screen installation                Contractor             4242D
 Butcher Shop - Retail                                         Retail Produce         5121A
 Café - Cooking (No Deep Frying)                               Entertainment          5730A
 Café / Sandwich Shop (incl. Franchise) No Cooking             Entertainment          5730Q
 Call centre & phone answer service                            Professional Offices   7869D
 Camping Goods - Retail (Including Disposal)                   Retail                 5241B
 Cane Product - Retail                                         Retail                 5233L
 Cane Product - Wholesale                                      Wholesale              4739E
 Canvas Goods - Wholesale                                      Wholesale              4721A
 Card Shop (Greeting Cards Etc.)                               Retail                 5243E
 Carpenter (not a licensed builder)                            Contractor             4242A
 Carpet - Retail (excluding Imported Rugs)                     Retail                 5232A
 Carpet & Tile Layers                                          Contractor             4243A
 Catering Equipment Manufacturing                              Engineering            2863A
 Ceiling Contractor                                            Contractor             4241A
Occupation                                        Occupation Sector        ANZSIC Code
Cement - Renderers                                Contractor               4222D
Ceramic Tile Shop (excl. Non Slip Guarantees)     Retail                   5259I
Ceramic/Earthenware/Pottery Mfg excl. Constr.     Brick and Cement         2623C
Chemist Shop                                      Retail                   5251A
Childrens Wear Retail (no Import or Mfg)          Retail                   5221D
China / Glassware Retail                          Retail                   5233A
Chiropodist Rooms                                 Health Services          8636A
Chiropractor                                      Health Services          8636B
Cleaner (domestic only, excl. steam cleaning)     Contractor               7866C
Cleaner (offices only, excl. steam cleaning)      Contractor               7866D
Clothing - Retail (High Value or Surfwear)        Retail                   5221E
Clothing - Retail (No High Value or Surfwear)     Retail                   5221F
Clothing - Wholesale (excl. Safety Clothing)      Wholesale                4722A
Cocoa Wholesale                                   Wholesale                4719J
Coffee Shop ( Not a Restaurant )                  Retail Food Handling     5124G
Coffee Wholesale                                  Wholesale                4719A
Community Health Centres                          Health Services          8634B
Compressor / Pump / Valve Wholesale               Wholesale                4619A
Computer Consultant (Office Only)                 Professional Offices     7834B
Computer Consultant (Web Site Design Only)        Professional Offices     7852A
Concreters (no formwork, roads or public paths)   Contractor               4221A
Confectionery Retail - Cooking (no deep frying)   Retail Produce Cooking   5129B
Confectionery Retail - No Cooking                 Retail                   5129C
Consultants Office (Taxation)                     Professional Offices     7842B
Cookie Retail - Franchise (no deep frying)        Retail Food Handling     5124B
Cookie Retail - Independent (no deep frying)      Retail Food Handling     5124C
Cosmetics Retail (No Import)                      Retail                   5251B
Costume / Fancy Dress Retail                      Retail                   5221G
Costume Jewellery Retail                          Retail                   5255C
Costume Jewellery Wholesale                       Wholesale                4792B
Counsellor                                        Health Services          8639C
Craft Shop                                        Retail                   5243F
Delicatessen - (No Deep Frying)                   Retail Produce           5129D
Dental - Laboratory                               Engineering              2832B
Dentist Surgery                                   Health Services          8623A
Dietician                                         Health Services          8639D
Doctors Surgery                                   Health Services          8621A
Doughnut Shop                                     Retail Food Handling     5125I
Drafting & Design Office                          Professional Offices     7821B
Dressmaker Workrooms                              Clothing Industry        2249B
Electrical Appliance - Retail                     Retail                   5234D
Electrical Equipment - Retail                     Retail                   5234E
Electrician (Excluding QLD)                       Contractor               4232B
Embroidery Works                                  Textile Industry         2229A
Employment Agency (without Labour Hire)           Professional Offices     7861B
Engraver - No Woodworking                         Engineering              2764F
Fabric - Manufacture                              Textile Industry         2229B
Fabric - Retail                                   Retail                   5223B
Fabric - Wholesale                                Wholesale                4721B
Fancy Goods Retail (No Toys)                      Retail                   5259J
Fancy Goods Retail (Soft Toys)                    Retail                   5259K
Fencing contractors (excluding pool fencing)      Contractor               4251A
Film - Developing                                 Paper Industry           9522A
Finance Broker                                    Professional Offices     7511A
Fishing Tackle & Equipment - Retail               Retail                   5241D
Fishing Tackle & Equipment - Wholesale            Wholesale                4793D
Flooring contractors                              Contractor               4243B
Florist Shop                                      Retail                   5254A
Fruit / Vegetable Packing (No cold store)         Wholesale                4715A
Fruit / Vegetable Wholesale (No cold store)       Wholesale                4715B
Funeral Directors                                 Community Services       9524C
Funeral Parlour (No Woodwork / Crematorium)       Community Services       9524D
Furniture - Retail (No Antiques)                  Retail                   5231B
Furniture - Wholesale (Metal Only)                Wholesale                6709G
Garden Supplies (Nurseries)                       Retail                   5253A
Gardener / Landscaper                             Contractor               4251B
General Store (No Deep Frying)                    Retail                   5110I
Gift Shop (Not Jewellery)                         Retail                   5259L
Glassware Retail                                  Retail                   5233B
Glazier                                           Contractor               4245B
Glazier (excluding Installation)                  Brick and Cement         4245A
Golf Shop - Retail (Shop Only - No Lessons)       Retail                   5241F
Graphic Designers Office                          Professional Offices     7852B
Grocer Wholesale                                  Wholesale                4719C
Haberdashery - Retail                             Retail                   5223C
Haberdashery - Wholesale & Storage                Wholesale                4721C
Hairdresser (Beauty Parlour)                      Retail                   9526D
Occupation                                           Occupation Sector      ANZSIC Code
Hairdresser (Hair Cutting Only)                      Retail                 9526E
Hairdresser Mobile                                   Retail                 9526G
Hairdressing / Beauty Supplies - Wholesale           Wholesale              4796C
Handbag / Luggage Retail                             Retail                 5259M
Handicrafts Shop                                     Retail                 5243G
Hardware Store (no timber cutting or storage)        Retail                 5233C
Hat Manufacture                                      Clothing Industry      2249C
Hat Shop - Retail                                    Retail                 5221I
Health Food - Retail Shop                            Retail                 5129E
Hosiery - Retail                                     Retail                 5221J
Household Goods - Retail (excl. Electrical)          Retail                 5233D
Household Goods - Retail (incl. Electrical)          Retail                 5233E
Household Goods - Wholesale (excl. Electrical)       Wholesale              4739D
Ice Cream / Dairy Product - Retail                   Retail Produce         5125A
Instant Print Shop                                   Paper Industry         2412A
Insurance Broker                                     Professional Offices   7520C
Interior Decorating Service (no storage)             Contractor             7869E
Interpreter                                          Professional Offices   7863A
Jam / Sauce Manufacture                              Food Processing        2130C
Juice Shop - Franchise                               Retail                 5129F
Juice Shop - Independent                             Retail                 5129G
Kiosk - Confectionery                                Retail                 5129I
Kiosk - Flowers                                      Retail                 5254B
Kitchen / Bathroom Showroom / Retail (No Mfg)        Retail                 5233F
Knitting & Sewing Accessories Shop                   Retail                 5223D
Laundrette - with attendant (no Dry Cleaning)        Retail                 9521E
Lawn mowing service                                  Contractor             9525A
Lead Light Glazier (excluding Installation)          Brick and Cement       4245C
Lead Light Glazier (including Installation)          Contractor             4245D
Light Fittings / Lamps Shop                          Retail                 5234F
Locksmith - incl. On-Site Work                       Contractor             5233H
Locksmith - Workshop Only                            Retail                 5233I
Manchester / Linen - Retail Shop                     Retail                 5223E
Manchester / Linen - Wholesale                       Wholesale              4721D
Mechanic - Mobile                                    Automotive Services    5329C
Metal Emblems & Medallions Manufacture               Engineering            2941B
Metallurgist                                         Professional Offices   7829C
Milk Bar - No Deep Frying                            Retail                 5110H
Milk Delivery (domestic)                             Retail Food Handling   5124H
Milliner - Workroom                                  Clothing Industry      2249D
Motor Mechanics Workshop                             Automotive Services    5329B
Muffler / Exhaust Repair                             Automotive Services    5329D
Musical Instrument - Manufacture (Metal)             Engineering            2949C
Nail technician/Manicurist                           Retail                 9526F
Needlework Shop                                      Retail                 5223F
Newsagent / Lottery Shop                             Retail                 5243H
Nurseries - Plants Retail                            Retail                 5253B
Nurseries - Plants Wholesale                         Farm                   4519C
Office Supplies Shop                                 Retail                 5243I
Optician                                             Health Services        8632A
Optometrist - Including Repairs                      Health Services        8632B
Orthodontist                                         Health Services        8623B
Osteopath                                            Health Services        8639F
Paint & Wallpaper Shop                               Retail                 5233J
Painter (excl. Spray Painting)                       Contractor             4244B
Painter (including spray painting, excluding auto)   Contractor             4244C
Pathology Service                                    Health Services        8631A
Paving Contractors (No Roads or Public paths)        Contractor             4221B
Perfume & Toiletries Retailing                       Retail                 5251C
Pet Shop                                             Retail                 5259R
Photoengravers & Plate Makers                        Engineering            2413A
Photographer / Photographic Studio                   Paper Industry         9523A
Photographic - Material Manufacture                  Engineering            2831A
Physiotherapist                                      Health Services        8635A
Pipe Works _ Clay                                    Brick and Cement       2623D
Pipe Works - Concrete                                Brick and Cement       2634A
Pizza <15 seats (incl. Deliveries, No deep frying)   Retail Food Handling   5125E
Pizza <15 seats (no Deliveries, No deep frying)      Retail Food Handling   5125F
Pizza Takeaway (incl. Deliveries, No deep frying)    Retail Food Handling   5125C
Pizza Takeaway (no Deliveries, No deep frying)       Retail Food Handling   5125D
Plasterer / Gyprocker                                Contractor             4241B
Plumber and gas fitter (excluding Vic plumbers)      Contractor             4231B
Plumbing Supplies Wholesale                          Wholesale              4539G
Podiatry                                             Health Services        8639G
Pool Sales - No Installation                         Retail                 5259S
Popcorn (with Cooking) Retail                        Retail Food Handling   5124E
Pottery Works                                        Brick and Cement       2629A
  Occupation                                          Occupation Sector      ANZSIC Code
  Poultry - Retail (Fresh Only - No Cooking)          Retail Produce         5121B
  Printer - Instant / Graphic (Computer)              Paper Industry         2412B
  Printer (No flammable solvents, inks or glues)      Paper Industry         2412E
  Psychologist                                        Health Services        8622A
  Publishers Office - No Printing                     Professional Offices   2423A
  Radio & TV Sales - Retail                           Retail                 5234G
  Radiologist                                         Health Services        8622B
  Real Estate Agent                                   Professional Offices   7720A
  Record / CD / DVD Retail Shop                       Retail                 5235A
  Refrigeration Mechanic (Domestic only)              Contractor             5261C
  Religious Book Shop                                 Retail                 5243J
  Restaurant - No Deep Frying                         Entertainment          5730M
  Restaurant - Sushi (No deep frying)                 Entertainment          5730N
  Roofing contractors - commercial                    Contractor             4223A
  Roofing contractors - domestic                      Contractor             4223B
  Rubber Goods - Retail (Not Tyres)                   Retail                 5259U
  Salad Bar                                           Retail                 5125M
  Sandwich Shop - No Cooking (No Deep Frying)         Retail Food Handling   5125G
  Sandwich Shop - With Cooking (No Deep Frying)       Retail Food Handling   5125H
  Seafood Retail (Fresh Only - No Cooking)            Retail Produce         5121C
  Security Screen Installers (No Pop Up Screens)      Contractor             4259D
  Service Station (incl. Mechanic Operation)          Automotive Services    5321B
  Service Station (No Mechanic)                       Automotive Services    5321C
  Service Station (with Leased Mechanic Area)         Automotive Services    5321D
  Sewing Machine Shop                                 Retail                 5234H
  Ship Chandler - Retail / Wholesale (NO REPAIRS)     Retail                 5245C
  Shoe / Footwear Repair (Kiosk In Shopping Centre)   Retail                 5269A
  Shoe / Footwear Repair (Other)                      Retail                 5269B
  Shoe / Footwear Shop - Retail                       Retail                 5222A
  Shoe / Footwear Wholesale                           Wholesale              4723A
  Sign writers and sign installers                    Contractor             7852C
  Sky-light installation only                         Contractor             4223C
  Soft Goods Warehouse                                Wholesale              4721E
  Soil Testing                                        Professional Offices   7829D
  Solicitor                                           Professional Offices   7841B
  Sound System - home theatre retailing               Retail                 5234M
  Spa Sales - Showroom / Retail (No Fibreglassing)    Retail                 5259V
  Sporting Goods - Retail (Not Golf or diving)        Retail                 5241H
  Stationery - Retail                                 Retail                 5243K
  Stationery - Wholesale                              Wholesale              4795B
  Stock Broker                                        Professional Offices   7511B
  Stonemason - Workshop (excl. Installation)          Brick and Cement       2640A
  Stonemason - Workshop (incl. Installation)          Brick and Cement       2640B
  Storage Yard - Bricks                               Wholesale              6709P
  Strata Manager                                      Professional Offices   7720B
  Sunglasses - Retail                                 Retail                 5259B
  Surfboard Retail (No hire/lessons/fibreglassing)    Retail                 5221N
  Surveyor                                            Professional Offices   7822A
  Sushi Bar (no alcohol, no deep frying)              Entertainment          5730P
  Tailor’s Workroom                                   Clothing Industry      2241A
  Tarot Card / Fortune Teller                         Sporting and           8639J
  Tea Wholesale                                       Wholesale              4719E
  Tile / Slate Retail (excl. Non Slip Guarantees)     Retail                 5259D
  Tile Works - Ceramic (excl. Non Slip Guarantees)    Brick and Cement       2623E
  Tile Works - Concrete (excl. Non Slip Guarantees)   Brick and Cement       2635A
  Tiler - Floor & Wall                                Contractor             4243C
  Tiler - Roof                                        Contractor             4243D
  Tiles (Kiln Baked) - Wholesale                      Wholesale              4539H
  Toy / Hobby - Retail                                Retail                 5242A
  Travel Agent (excluding Expos)                      Professional Offices   6641B
  TV & Radio - Retail                                 Retail                 5234I
  Two dollar/discount variety store                   Retail                 5233M
  Umbrella - Retail                                   Retail                 5259E
  Undertakers (No Woodworking or Crematorium)         Community Services     9524E
  Variety / Bargain / Souvenir - Retail               Retail                 5210B
  Vending Machine Filler                              Contractor             5730T
  Veterinarian’s Surgery (No Kennels)                 Health Services        8640C
  Vinegar Manufacture                                 Food Processing        2183A
  Water Tank Installer (metal tanks)                  Contractor             4231D
  White Goods - Retail                                Retail                 5234J
  Wig / Hair Piece - Retail                           Retail                 5259F
  Wig / Hair Piece - Workroom                         Clothing Industry      2949G
  Wool Shop (Retail)                                  Retail                 5223G

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