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Spa Salon (PowerPoint)


									Spa & Salon
• Since its formation in the year 2000, Chaitanyaa
  Fibbres has grown to become one of the largest
  suppliers of products made in non-woven fabric in the
  hospitality industry.

• Chaitanyaa non woven products provide a wide variety
  of invaluable use giving great satisfaction to the clients.

• Being eco-friendly and low cost Chaitanyaa products
  have gained appreciation widely in the Hospitality
  industry all over the country, abroad and have
  successfully replaced cloth and plastic products.
  Chaitanyaa has as clients, leaders in hotels,
  restaurants, caterers, hospitals, spas and salons.
1. Apron Piping             12. Shirodhara Band
2. Disposable Bed sheet     13. Disposable cap in strip
3. Disposable Male brief        form
4. Headphone cover          14. Disposable Slippers
5. Thong                    15. Waxing strips
6. G - Thong                16. Spa Carry Bag
7. Disposable wrap up bra   17. Disposable Bathrobe
                            18. Face mask 3 ply elastic
8. Ladies brief
                            19. Disposable Boxer shorts
9. Unisex brief
                            20. Facial Napkin
10. Head Band (broad)       21. Facial Gown
11. Langot                  22. Disposable Towel
        Apron Piping
Color: Blue, Green & Brown          Disposable Bed sheet
                             Sizes: 24” x 63”, 31.5” x 72”, 40” x 80”
                                        Color: White

   Disposable Male brief
   Size: XL, XXL, XXXL                Headphone Cover
       Color: White                  Color: White, Black
  Color: White
                         Color: White

                                        Ladies brief
                                        Size: XL, XXL
                                        Color: White

Disposable wrap up bra
     Color: White
  Unisex Brief
Size: 40”, 43”, 46”
                      Head Band (broad)
  Color: White
                        Color: White

   Langot             Shirodhara Band
 Size: 7x42”           Size: 2.5 x 26”
Color: White            Color: White
                               Disposable Slippers
                               Color: Blue, Maroon

Disposable cap in strip form
       Color: White

                                 Waxing strips
                                  Color: White
                                 Size: 3.5” x 11”
Spa Carry Bag
Color: White
                     Disposable Bathrobe
Size: 11” x 13”
                     Color: White

Face mask 3 ply
    elastic          Disposable Boxer shorts
Color: Blue, Green   Color: White
Facial Napkin               Facial Gown
Color: White                Color: Blue, Black
Size: 11.5” x 11.5”

                      Disposable Towel
                      Color: White
                      Size: 31.5” x 24.5”
• Hotels & Restaurants
  Taj and Oberoi group

• Spa & Salon
  Four fountains
  Sohum Spa

• Bakery
  Reds (Divam Foods)

• Hospitals & Clinics
  Hinduja Hospital
  Malpani Infertility Clinic

• Shopping Bags
  MM Mithaiwala
                                Manufactures of
                         non woven eco-friendly products

                          Triumph Industrial Estate
                    GalaNo. 104-105, Pandit Motilal Nehru Road
                    Behind Veer Bhatti, Western Express Highway
                          Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400 063
                     Tel: 022-2876 9854, 3290 3965, 2876 4833
                              Mobile: 91-93222 86632
    Designed by
  Neetu Wadhwa

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