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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                           1/41

                 THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN


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Traffic Trouble
Hi, its Doug Nicol here.

Everyone knows that you need lots of traffic to have a successful and profitable
website. After all, what good is your product or service if it’s hidden from view?
Whatever business that you’re running, you need traffic to your sites.

Targeted Traffic

Remember, not all traffic is equal. You can have a million visitors to your site, but if
they are not at all interested in your product or service, it's unlikely that many will do
what you want them to do – opt-in to your mailing list, or buy your products. It’s for
this reason that most ‘traffic buying’ services are just about useless.

Traffic plus an attractive offer equals profit, and the more targeted, relevant traffic
you have flowing to your offer, the more money you'll make.

The Traffic Generation Problem

A lot of internet marketers struggle with getting enough traffic to their sites. It
doesn’t need to be like this and there are a number of excellent traffic generation
methods that are highly effective which are free or very inexpensive.

The traffic you need to be channeled to your site is out there, you just need to know
how to direct it to your site.

Narrow Your Focus

There are virtually unlimited methods out there to drive traffic to your sites. The
problem with trying to cover all these methods is that you’ll quickly become
overwhelmed and suffer from ‘information paralysis’ – ie just be reading and learning,
without actually implementing any of the strategies.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                          3/41

Or you’ll spend all your time jumping around from one traffic method to another
without giving any one the required level of attention for you to become an expert and
really enjoy the benefits.

I use 6 or 7 main traffic strategies for my sites depending on how new a site is. I’m
only going to cover 4 of the best traffic methods for new or semi-new sites in this

Trust me, 4 is more than enough if executed correctly. If you learn these methods
and develop an easy to follow system you’ll soon have more traffic than you know
what to do with. With the profits you generate from this new traffic you’ll be able to
outsource these traffic systems very easily and from that moment on, you’ll enjoy
hands-free traffic on demand, allowing you to focus on more enjoyable (and indeed
profitable) aspects of your online business.

What You Must Do with Your Traffic

Many new internet marketers don’t realize this, but getting traffic to your site is only
half the battle. The second part of the profit formula is knowing exactly what to do
with that traffic to earn you money.

While there are almost as many ways to monetize your website traffic as there are to
generate it in the first place, the number one thing you need to be doing with your
new web traffic is using it to build a solid email list.

Let me just repeat that – you must build an email list.

The clichéd saying is that “The Money’s In the List”.

This is 100% true. If you’re not building your email list you are literally throwing
money down the toilet.

The reason why building a list is so important is

You have future traffic on demand. Rather than spend energy getting one visitor to
come just one time, now you have the ability to send that visitor to any site you want,
on demand. You’ve turned one visit into dozens.

You have a captive customer base. People buy things from people they trust. Trust
takes time to develop. By repeatedly contacting visitors on your list with quality


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                          4/41

content and advice, they will trust you and will listen when you make them compelling
sales offers. You’ve turned a visitor into a customer.

You have a free sales force. Customers make the best marketers. You can recruit
existing customers into affiliates for your products. They earn a cut every time they
send a new visitor to your site who then purchases. What does this mean? You’ve
turned a visitor into a free salesman. You don’t pay him anything until he refers a
sale. Imagine the power of having dozens or even hundreds of these affiliates? That
is when you start to earn the real money – essentially on autopilot.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                          5/41

Video Marketing
Videos have rapidly grown to be the most visited content material on the internet. If
you are not making and distributing videos, you are passing up on a significant
website traffic resource. Not convinced? Here are some statistics that may shock

•      The New York Times has reported that nearly 3/4 of all people connecting to
       the Internet view videos on the web.
•      The standard YouTube site visitor almost half an hour of videos every day.
•      YouTube alone offers around 250 million movie clips on a daily basis.

Think about this for a minute. It's highly possible that visitors will spend 30 minutes
watching videos at a time. Do you really think it likely that the same visitor would
spend half an hour reading your content? No way. Video is just the best in terms of
visitor involvement and 'stickiness'.

The Understated Advantages of Video

The goal is to get visitors to your site and keep them there for as long as possible. The
longer you keep a visitor on your site, the better chance of you developing a
relationship with them, and the more likely they are going to consider you as an
expert. The end result is that they are far more likely to become a customer of yours.

Nothing can beat the strength of a great active video which can help you
communicate your content, get your viewer interested with your what you offer, and
then leave a long lasting good impression.

Videos provide the chance to genuinely talk with your target market in a manner that
only a few other marketing and advertising techniques can, and fortunately, even
though you may not have produced or developed a video in the past, it is extremely
very easy to do.

The easiest way is to just turn any existing content you may have into a video and
start from there. What kind of content? How about your existing articles and website


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                          6/41

Why Video Works so Well for Traffic

Article marketing and other free traffic generation methods are highly competitive
and over optimized. The secret is out and all marketers, no matter how much of a
beginner, realize that you can attract visitors by producing lots of written content and
pointing back content to your website. In contrast, video marketing is a relatively new
concept and still under optimized and is a lot less aggressive than standard article

Many people either don't understand the power of video marketing or have not yet
taken the time to learn the skills required. They are still stuck in the way of web 1.0
thinking. Many think they cannot produce video clips, while others believe it is simply
not worthy of the hard work.

I'll show you below just how wrong that it is.

How you can Dominate with Videos

It's not difficult to produce videos and start generating a heck of a lot of traffic from
him. You can do this even by just producing basic slideshows from current content
material and then posting them onto well known video submission sites.

Producing your first video is a lot easier than you may think. You can create a simple
video very quickly through constructing a slideshow using Microsoft PowerPoint and
transforming it into video format.

Still think this is out with your skill set. Well then, you can just outsource your video
production for just $5 per video at places like and

It takes merely minutes to post a video to YouTube and some of the other video sites.

I'll go into more detail about how to format and optimize your video for maximum
traffic boost below. For now though, just remember that you need to include your
site’s Web address in the video itself, and provide a link to your from the video
description, too. This will help get plenty of visitors, specifically if you focus on
keyword phrases using your video headings! But more on that below.

Now lets look at the three main ways I go about creating my videos.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                          7/41

Animoto is a website that allows you to make highly professional looking
videos just using static photo images and text. The amazing thing about Animoto is it
turns there basic image into a highly engaging slideshow complete with music and
special effects. The outcome is definitely a clever slideshow.

This makes developing a video slideshow effortless. To do it, all that you need to do is
add your images, or import them from a site, add music, or pick one from Animoto's
library, and click ' Create'. The video may then be distributed, uploaded directly to
Youtube or saved.

Animoto is free to join and you can make short videos for free immediately. The only
drawback is that your free memebership limits you to clips that are at most 30
seconds long and have the Animoto branding at the end of the video. For a really
small fee (something like $30 for a year) you can upgrade to Animoto Plus which will
remove the limitation on long videos. The upgrade is highly recommended.

Article Video Robot
If you have a lot of existing content that you want to turn into videos – eg articles and
blog posts, You can use Article Marketing Robot which will almost automatically
create stunning slideshows from you existing article material.

Article Video Robot grabs your existing articles and other content and changes it into
active, speaking videos within minutes - all instantly without you doing just about


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                          8/41

Used correctly, this program can be an incredible method to ramp up your video
targeted traffic. It is undoubtedly the most effective way of creating top quality
videos without video marketing experience.

As an added bonus, the program allows you to immediately publish your new video
clips to a large number of submission sites straight from your Article Video Robot
account! This can really speed up your video campaigns and take your traffic to the
next level.

A different way to produce videos is as simple as making a Powerpoint presentation
and recording it with specialized computer software. The most well-known software
out there – and with which I've had great success – is Camtasia. As a bonus it's
available as a free trial. Camtasia comes from the same makers as Jing – the
incredible free Screen capture program that I am simply in love with.

All you need is a functional microphone to help you to narrate every slide while it
shows up on PowerPoint.

As an added bonus - if you are camera self conscious then don't worry as you don't
even have to show your face.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                          9/41

How to Optimize Your Videos

Video Title - Include Keywords
First things first. You have to make certain you are aiming for extremely targeted key

Through optimizing your video for certain search term, as a bare minimum, you will
probably get ranked within the video-sharing website itself. Put your key phrase at
the start of the Subject for your video. If you can, incorporate your search phrases
towards the end of your video headline too.

Video Description - Include Keywords
Add your keyword terms within the description of the video. Google doesn't list the
text that appears within your video itself. Therefore, the only way they are fully aware
precisely what the video is all about is what you it in the heading and the description,
therefore make sure to have a lot of details within the description part. Incorporate
your primary key phrases and several variations of your primary keywords.

Include Your Website in the Description
Keep in mind, the aim is to get targeted traffic to your website. For the best results,
add your complete URL in to your targeted ite at the start of the Video Description.

Video Tags
Numerous video websites permit you to tag your video with related illustrative tags.
Ensure you incorporate your major keywords and relevant key terms as tags.

Add Your URL to the Video
Be sure your final slide or frame of your video features a complete URL back to your
website. This may stay as the last slide for as long as half a minute before fading out
to black. The goal is to provide the viewer sufficient time to browse through via your


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         10/41

Include a Video "Resource Box"
Everybody knows that the answer to higher click through rates with article marketing
is a convincing bio box right at the end of your write-up. This must convey to your
reader that he or she will need to visit your website to get the solution to their
problem (whatever it is). It also needs to include a clear call to action (ie "Click Here")
that makes it obvious what you would like your reader to do. Exactly the same
concepts apply to online video marketing, thus ensure that towards the end of your
video you add a very clear call to action - instructing the viewer to visit your website
"for more X, Y and Z".

Brand Your Videos
Put what's referred to as a "Watermark" in your video. This is commonly a URL linking
back to your site which sits in small, but visible text at the bottom of your video –
throughout its entire length. This shows that the video is owned by you and is related
to your internet site. The appeal of this is that if anyone chooses to 'borrow' your
video, it’s free of charge marketing for your webpage!

Here is a simple guide regarding how to watermark your video -

Camtasia also offers a watermarking function.

Give Your Videos Some Link Juice
Drop a few quick links to your video URL itself. Not many video marketers do this,
therefore it doesn't need a whole lot of energy or links to get an advantage over these
other marketers. Add a few easy backlinks at your Video (making use of optimized
primary keyword anchor text) so it can give a boost to the video's rankings in the
Video site itself and in the entire search engine results as a whole.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                          11/41

How to Distribute your Videos

So you have now put together a few easy promotional videos. All you'll need now is to
get these videos out there in front of hungry eyes. Here is the exciting part. Normally,
you would have to publish them to numerous video submission sites one by one.

Luckily you don't have to do this one by one yourself. There is a great service which
will perform all the work for you - automatically:

TubeMogul Uploading your videos to TubeMogul is simple, efficient
and absolutely free.

Create an account right now. As soon as you have done that, all you need to do is
upload your video and then fill in the required description fields. Do not forget these -
as I stated earlier, this can be key to enhancing your video, better rankings and
drawing in your target visitors. Make sure you add your target keywords in these
description fields.

Once you have successfully done that, you should upload the video and TubeMogul
will take care of the other hard parts, disseminating it to the leading videos sites such
as Youtube.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         12/41

How to Promote your Videos

If you did your key word research properly, you may not have to do a lot of marketing
to get your videos directly to the top of the Google search rankings as well as the
video sites themselves. The fantastic thing is that you can piggy-back off the large
and well respected video site and have your videos rank high with minimal
promotional activity yourself.

On the other hand, it's far better to provide a little boost to your video and do some
marketing of your new videos to get them to the top of the line. Here are the few,
quick promotion methods I do for all my new videos.

Social Network Your Videos
Got a Twitter and Facebook profile? Great. Blast out a Twitter update or a feed story
about your video including a live link. A lot of your friends and followers will certainly
click through to discover what your video is about and this provides your video a good
start for traffic and visibility. If your content is excellent, you will likely get a lot of
Twitter retweets and Facebook like and get your video to go viral.

Social Bookmark Your Video
I'm certain you've got a lot of Social Bookmarking accounts and even have some
software like Bookmarking Demon that allows you to speed up the procedure.

In either case, marketing your video a bit with these programs is ideal for just a little
internet search engine increase and as a method to get human eyes checking out
your articles. Yet again, if the content articles are sufficiently good, when the first
couple of individuals have looked at the videos, you need to be in a position to depend


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         13/41

on the strength of viral advertising to distribute your articles and even more improve
your view count. is another great tool which can speed up your social
bookmarking. Best of all, it is totally free for a limited functionality account. Well
worth looking at.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         14/41

Doug's Ninja Tips

Now you know how effective video traffic can be and just how to get your piece of the
pie, it is time to learn a few of the less well known video tactics that can separate a
'decent' video campaign from a 'stellar' one.

Repurpose Your Videos
Don’t think your work is done once you have submitted your videos via TubeMogul.
You have to increase the return you receive in your efforts and really should be
searching to repurpose and reuse your videos at every chance.

Go ahead and take the embed code provided to you through the video site and paste
it on your website, web 2.0 Pages (Squidoo, Hubpages and so forth). Any time you
have the opportunity to give add video to a site, you must do so.

For instance, later I will highlight how Document Sharing sites can provide you with a
lot of traffic. Well, a number of individual directory sites actually let you include
videos embedded into your document content. Do I do that? You bet you. Seeing top
quality videos embedded into documents, book and lessons isn't that common -
consequently people are intrigued and take a look at content presented like this.
Make the most of this and re-make use of your videos.

Buy Youtube Property
This is a very under utilized concept and one I am so successful with that to be
honest I'm a little reluctant to reveal my secret methods. Try this amazing system
out yourself and keep it hush hush between me and you.

For reasons unknown, some videos online go crazy and get a crazy number of views.
Sometimes there's actually is no rhyme or reason behind this. The general public
likes what the general public likes.

Frequently the owners of incredibly well-liked videos aren't internet entrepreneurs
and therefore are not nearly as savvy compared to you. Amazing as it may seem to
you and me, these video owners don't understand their videos are potential gold-
mines. Imagine what you might do with 2,000,000 targeted viewers watching videos
linking to your website?


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         15/41

Here's what I do:

For whatever reason, some videos on Youtube just go crazy and get an insane
number of views. Sometimes there really is no rhyme or reason for this. The public
likes what the public likes.

Often the creators and owners of incredibly popular videos are not internet marketers
and are not nearly as savvy as you are. Incredible as it seems to you or me, these
people don't understand that they're sitting on a goldmine. Imagine what you could
do with 2,000,000 targeted viewers watching a videos related to your nice?

So here's what I do.

1. Find a popular video related to a product I want to promote.

2. Check out the Channel profile. What you are interested in are the number of
videos the person has uploaded, how personalized the Channel is and overall how
much care and attention it looks like the person pays to their Channel.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         16/41

3. The ideal situation is where you find a relatively new or un-personalized Channel
that has only few videos uploaded to it. This indicates that the person is likely not
that attached to their Channel. Sometimes you will find a highly optimized, promoted
and branded Channel - its 99% likely that this won't work for one of those accounts,
so move on…

4. Make an offer to buy that person's Youtube account. Send a message to them and
briefly explain that you would like to buy their account and the broad reason behind
this. Ie that you want their videos. You should walk them through the buying process
and ALWAYS use a trusted third party method of transferring funds like

You will find that often these account owners are really not marketers and will gladly
sell their account for a few hundred dollars.

You may be met with initial skepticism from the seller - simply because it sounds like
too good an offer to be true. But if you hold their hand through the process you
should be able to get a deal done.

This really is an insanely powerful marketing method. Use it wisely.

Rent YouTube Descriptions
Use this as a fallback to the above method, or indeed as a stand-alone method itself.

What you do here is offer to 'rent' the description of popular Youtube videos for a
limited time.

Offer the account owner a few bucks to let you put your own description (and link) on
their video and watch the traffic roll in.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         17/41

Again this is an incredibly powerful marketing method since it gives you all the
benefits of having a massively successful video without any of the hassle of creating,
uploading and promoting your own videos.

Once again - as it is worth repeating - many Youtube video owners absolutely fail to
comprehend the value of a highly popular video. Use this to your advantage and
buy/rent some incredibly cheap and targeted traffic now.

Copy the Tags
Here's another quick, easy to implement and simple tip. If you're looking to get more
views on any of your uploaded videos, you need to make sure your tags are optimized.

What better way to do that than by copying the tags for existing popular videos.

This has two benefits:

1. it makes sure you don't miss popular tags that you may not have thought of
yourself; and

2. it gives your video a great chance of appearing on the sidebar of Youtube while a
related video is playing. This is another great way of leveraging another video's
popularity to increase your own.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         18/41

Email List Swaps
Using list swaps to get traffic aimed at your money site is one of my personal favorite
traffic generation methods. It is also one of the most powerful list building strategies
that I know about.

List swaps are really simple to setup and when correctly performed, can rapidly
provide you with many more repeat visitors that can be converted into customers.

What is an Email List Swap?

An Email List Swap happens when two email list owners each agree to mail their email
list an offer from the other list owner. The other email list owner is likely someone
much like yourself, that is an internet marketing, who has a list, and it is trying to build
his list, exactly like you are.

Salespage or Squeezepage?

The offers that you and your list partner promote may be a free offer on a website
landing page/landing page in return an email address.

Although an adswap technically implies that you're swapping advertisements, the
best way to build your list fast is to mail a landing page offer (offering a free report or
other content), as opposed to an actual sales offer.

This enables the two of you to add brand new customers for your list, which gives
each partner a bigger list along with a greater chance to create additional sales from
future marketing emails. It's very much a case of a long-term strategy. You are
foregoing immediate profits from any immediate sale in return for the opportunity to
build a relationship with your new list subscribers and sell them multiple products
over the course of time they continue to be on your email list.

Over time, the money making potential of customers is generally greater than the
value of immediate money making via sales type adswaps.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         19/41

Also, and most importantly, when all you do is mail other people’s affiliate offers to
your email list, you generally decrease the responsiveness of your list. They become
jaded with you and associate you simply with being a salesman. By contrast, when
you mail free offers, you actually INCREASE the responsiveness of your list. They
associate you with being a resource for free useful information.

List Size or Clicks?

The instinctive way to approach an email list swap is to approach someone with
approximately the same size email list as you have. So if you have 1000 subscribers,
you would swap with someone who has between 900 and 1100.

However, this is not the optimal way to approach the situation.

Better is to base your swapping decision on the number of 'clicks' your respective
lists can generate.

Would you prefer to swap with someone who has 20,000 subscribers but can only
deliver 100 clicks, or someone with 1500 subscribers, all super responsive, 400 of
which click you offer.

Obviously it’s a no-brainer.

If both sides base their ad swaps on approximate click throughs, rather than the
entire quantity of customers, both sides will profit and everyone will leave happy.

Simply emailing each others email lists is only the most basic way of executing an
email list swap.

Once you have done a successful ad swap with someone, you can start to think about
various other ways to incorporate each other's promotions in your own marketing

For example you could both agree to host the other's free offer sign up on a thank you
page in your site or perhaps swapping advertising space on each other's blog.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                        20/41

The Social Proof Benefit

You can greatly benefit from the social proof that an email list swap provides.
Essentially, your list swap partner is 'recommending' your product simply by
submitting it to their email list.

When your adswap partner sends the subscriber to your list, there is an implicit
recommendation and some of the trust that the other person's subscriber has in the
other person is transferred to you – even though you have done nothing to personally
earn that trust.

It's an absolutely fantastic by-product of successful email list swaps.

Where to Find Your Swap Partners Safe Swaps is my absolute favorite place for easy list
building. Their automated booking system is second to none. Go check it out.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                         21/41

How To Execute the Perfect Email List Swap

It's a simple process. You find someone with a suitable target list, agree to swap with
them then create the perfect offer that they will send out to their list. You mail an “opt
in” offer of theirs and they'll mail a subscriber offer of yours.

Here are a couple of ways to find Adswap partners:

Join Other Lists and Contact the Owner
Join every list you are able to inside your niche. You should use Google or PPC,
literally adding your name to each list inside your niche that you could find.

PPC partners are specifically effective because they are doing all the hard and
expensive work for you – paying for each subscriber to their list. Sign up to their list
via their PPC ad then get in contact with the list owner with your proposal. The net
result is that you add, for practically free, subscribers that the other person paid good
money to find.

Approach People in Forums
Visit forums inside your niche and just ask if other members who have lists are
prepared to do a list swap. Be a little careful with this tactic – make sure you do not
violate any of the specific forum's rules and make sure you are polite in your

How to Approach a List Swap Prospect

Listed here are several sample Adswap request messages that have worked very well
in the past for me – resulting in successful list swaps and indeed some long term
friendships with the other list owners. Ideal for future joint venture projects. Clearly
these ought to be modified to satisfy your own needs. You need to take time to
change these template messages to reflect your individual style.


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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                        22/41

Example Email 1
Dear (name)

I won't waste your time with this email so I'll get straight to the point.

I'm a subscriber to your list and have been for a while now, and it seems like you've a
comparable demographic and market to my small list.

Would you consider mailing an offer to generate new customers for your list, in return
for my doing exactly the same with your list?

If that's of any interest for you, just let me know.




Example Email 2
Dear (name),

I've been a customer of yours and on your list for [xxxx] weeks and have been really
impressed by the quality of the mailing, offers and your knowledge. Exactly like you, I
too have an email list of [niche] customers who I regularly email.

Previously, I've had success in simply contacting my list with an offer of another list
owner, in exchange for an email from that other person to his or her list promoting an
offer from me.

What I've discovered is most effective is to provide a free e-book or course that leads
to additional subscribers rather than trying an immediate sale however I'd be willing
to structure the swap in whatever way that's attractive to you.

Let me know if you're interested.



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THE 8357 TRAFFIC PLAN                                                                        23/41



Example Email 3
Dear (name),

Having received your emails for a while now and making a couple of purchases [only
say this if it's true!], I believe my [niche name] customer list is similar to yours when it
comes to likes, demographic and interests.

I'd suggest that we consider doing a bit of joint mailing, or mailing swap, where I mail
my customers with an offer of yours, and you doing the same for me.

In my experience this can be of real benefit to us both, allowing us both to grow our
list size and offer high quality material to them at the same time.

Please tell me if you are interested.




Remember that email lists are built with a lot of effort and time invested. Many list
owners are very reluctant to mail their list with anything other than truly excellent
content. Just bear this in mind. You need to treat your own list with care and do not
abuse it. If you can do this and keep your email list responsive, it will be a source of
huge repeated traffic to your sites for years to come.

An additional important factor to note here: Never, ever allow another person to
directly email your list. It's an invasion of privacy and can land you in trouble with
SPAM complaints.


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Doug's Ninja Tips

Quickly Develop a Base List
The biggest challenge facing would-be email list swappers is getting their base list to
begin with. So try a different method to feed your base list before approaching list
swap partners. PPC campaigns or video and article marketing campaigns feeding a
highly relevant squeeze page are ideal methods of getting your first couple of
hundred of subscribers.

Adswaps with Small Lists
For those who have an extremely small list, and can't find Adswap partners prepared
to do business with you, suggest that they just mail an equivalent portion of their list,
to ensure that they're mailing as much as you're. So if you've got 200 subscribers
(and can generate 20 clicks) and they have 1000 (providing 100 clicks) – ask them
simply to mail 20% of their list. Segmenting of lists is easy with high quality email
responder services like

Develop a Personalized Squeezepage
Set up a unique personalized website landing page that is specific to the internet
marketer you’re swapping advertisements with. So towards the top of your landing
page (directly beneath your headline), you'd add some text like,

"This is an exclusive secret download page just for [Place Name's] subscribers"

This means the page is much more personal. Not just will you get a better response
out of your potential partner, but additionally, you'll get higher conversions from your
landing page.


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Repeat all over again
Since you and your list swap partner are constantly growing your list size, there's
nothing preventing you from repeating a effective list swap a couple of months later,
and doing this over and over. By doing this you're constantly putting your offers
before your latest customers.


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Podcasting is a fantastic traffic source for me. It's just a very uncompetitive market
for grabbing visitors.

Simply defined, a “podcast” is an audio clip, concentrating on a subject like travel, art,
news, sports, or nearly anything of great interest. The word develops from a mixture
of “broadcast” and “iPod”, because these short clips are mainly downloaded to be
used apple iPods and portable Audio players.

Clips may vary from five to 20 minutes lengthy to permit easy downloading, and can
be found through directories or through specialized sites that host podcasting

If you're looking to get a boost in traffic, a podcast can be a valuable tool. It can also
add increased exposure for your business.

Podcasts are affordable to create! All you actually need is a computer, good quality
recording software, a microphone, a great speaking voice, and a little sense of

In addition to an immediate traffic boost, Podcasts broaden your audience! While you
start to develop a podcast archive, you boost the chance for the website found
through search. Also, a podcast enables your website to become indexed by
specialized search sites devoted to audio-enhanced websites, therefore growing
your inbound link profile.


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What You Need for Podcasting

You need some type of computer, a microphone, voice-editing program like Audacity
plus some hosting.

1. A Microphone
This is for you to record audio obviously. Most laptops nowadays will include a built-
in microphone but you really will see a massive benefit by investing in a low cost
microphone. The audio quality really is much better with an external microphone..

2. A Voice-Editor
There are many programs where you can edit your files. However I personally use
Audacity (I really like it's free too!).

3. A Hosting Website
You have to upload your show after you have recorded it. Either host it by yourself on
your website hosting plan or let host it with one of the numerous podcasting hosts
available. Google "podcasts hosts" for these services.


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How To Make your Perfect Podcast

Select a Name and Logo design
Choose a name for the podcast show that includes your target keywords.

Make use of an attractive image or logo to depict your podcast and theme. Make sure
that it's relevant too. This can act to draw in your niche podcast audience and
massively increase your click thru rates on various podcasting directories.

Write the Script
Even if you want your podcast to have a casual tone, you need to compose a script
before you decide to hit record. The reason behind this really is two-fold: you need to
remain on topic, and you need to stay inside a reasonable time period.

Write out what you want to say, then read your script aloud one or twice for practice.
This is important to do, because you may need to adjust your voice to the script so
that it doesn’t give out halfway through the podcast.

Above all else, be sure to promote your URL in the script, so that listeners who find
you through podcast portals will know where to go.

Record the Podcast
Test out your recording software and microphone first; make sure you can hit the
pause button in case you are feeling a cough or sneeze coming, then go for it!

When you're done recording, save the file as an MP3 and listen to it. Should you find
any noises or gaps you would like removed, see if you recording software enables you
to edit. Don't worry if your first attempt isn’t great. It takes a little practice to get your
podcasts sounding great. When you are pleased with the finish product, it’s time for
you to share it with the world.

Optimize Your Podcast


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Make certain your MP3 files have great ID3 tags rich with relevant key words. ID3V2
even supports comment and URL fields. Focus on these and make sure your files are
optimized to attract your target audience.

The main search engines like Google might not be able to index the ID3 tags right
now, but they will soon! And besides, you will find niche search engines and software
tools that already do index these fields.

Upload the Podcast
Try It has a free account which you can use to begin
your podcasting empire by uploading your finished podcasting files.

Add links for your site within the description fields in your account as well as on your
podcast’s “Favorite Links” section.

How to Promote your Podcasts

Don’t just relax and expect individuals to find your podcasts. While the traffic will
come eventually, like everything its best to give it an initial boost while you are trying
to get established. Make certain you market your podcast and attract the audience
you would like.

Submit your podcast site to podcast sites and search engines like

Let people inside your industry, for example writers and bloggers know you have a

Link to your podcasts from your primary website.

For those who have a blog, announce new podcasts because they are submitted.

Get the RSS Feed from your podcast and submit it to as many podcast sites as you
possibly can.


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Where to Submit Your Podcasts


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Doug's Ninja Tips

Attract Internet Search Engine Traffic
Make use of a transcription service to transcribe your podcast or at least excerpts
from it to be used as content for search engines like Google. Break the transcript up
into sections. Add this transcript to your blog post related to the Podcast.

You will find many transcription services available, where one can just email them the
MP3 file or provide them with an URL plus they give back a Word document.

Take a look on or for transcription services.

Concentrate on Quality
Quality really does make a difference. People just don't want to listen to crackling and
echoed audio. Invest in a good microphone with the right volume level, etc. Spend a
few extra minutes on your podcast production and people will pass it along to their
friends. The same goes for graphics. There's no excuse for not having a great looking
logo. Just outsource it to someone on

Edit Your Description
Make certain the description of your Podcast is compelling. It's exactly the same as a
Headline of an article – it has to draw the visitor in. Remember, you are trying to
convert people into hitting the subscribe button. Ensure your keywords appear in the

RSS Feed and Channel Info
Make sure you have your keywords in your RSS feed in the Channel info.

Seek out Reviews
This is very important. Importantly, don’t just seek out star rankings, but also actual
written reviews in iTunes and other directories. Ask your listeners to go to iTunes and
leave a short review. Give these reviewers a shout out in future podcasts - this will
encourage more people to leave reviews.


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Repurpose your Audio
Grab your audio and publish it in YouTube as an audio-only video. Grab a screenshot
that includes your Podcast logo and use that as the static 'video'. Then link to your
podcast inside your YouTube description.

Link straight to your page in iTunes
Any page in iTunes can be linked to directly from any other webpage. Just right-click
on the name of your show in iTunes and select Copy Link. Then link to this from your
blog or any other place that will permit you to drop a link. This will help boost the
rankings of your podcasts within these directories.

Share the love! You should actively leave positive ratings and reviews for other
podcasters in your niche. Many times, those people will be more than happy to return
the favor and leave a favorable rating and review for your own podcast as well.


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Document Sharing Sites
Why Document Sharing Sites Work for Traffic

Document Sharing sites are directories. Used properly they're really much more
effective than article promotion at generating traffic because so few people have
recognized how effective these sites can be. As a result, there is far less competition
and its easier to get your content heard above the noise.

An excellent reason to make use of these document sites to increase web traffic is
because most of them permit you to place a live HTML link to your site within the

Why Document Sharing Rocks

In addition to the fact that this is a relatively uncompetitive field for traffic generation,
there are a couple of additional benefits over traditional article marketing.

No Review Process
Popular article sites like EZA may take to approve your content. With document
sharing sites there's no waiting period.

Duplicate Content Permitted
I've many documents ranking high just by using PLR material. This can help you save
a lot of time and money since you don't need to write dozens of unique articles.

Images are Allowed
Adding clickable images for your documents increases the overall quality feel of the
content and ultimately greater click-through rates.


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How To Make a Document for Sharing

   •   Article length: I find that 500-800 words is most effective.
   •   Font size: A font size 14-16 pts produces a perfect viewing format.
   •   Title: Save your document with a title that exactly matches your target
       keywords. Most of the document sites instantly produce a title using your file
   •   Anchor-text: I use anchor-text HTML links approximately three times during
       my documents.


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Where to Distribute your Documents

Here is a list of document distribution sites that I have my outsource workers submit
my content to on a daily basis.


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How to Promote your Document

To boost traffic with this particular method it is recommended to give your new
documents an instant backlink boost moment it goes live.

My preferred 'easy' backlink sources involve:
   •   Social bookmarking
   •   Pinging
   •   RSS feeds
   •   Blog Comments

None of these link building methods is very expensive or time consuming but it can
provide your new document with the initial boost it needs to start attracting lots of

Doug's Ninja Tips

Re-Submit Your Documents as Free E-books
What you should do is take existing content you produced (articles and blog posts)
and re-purpose it straight into a PDF e-book.

Gather the articles that you'd like to include in your e-book and copy them right into a
single text document. After you have formatted the text you should convert it to PDF.
I suggest using for this.

Then build an ebook specific squeeze page on your site and link to it on the last page
of your ebook. This will send readers to your site and you will be able to capture their
email address. Bingo – repeat visitors!

Here are excellent ebook sites to submit your new ebooks to:


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Optimize Your Ebooks for Google
1. Ensure the PDF is Text-Based

In order for search engines to be able to crawl your PDF, it has to be a text-based file,
rather than image-based. This means that you will have to create the PDF in a text
editing software, such as MS Word, rather than in an image editing software, such as
Adobe Photoshop.

2. Optimize this content while you would for any Regular Web Site

The same basic rules apply. Choose your keywords and be sure to use them in the
page title, headings, a couple of times in the first paragraph, and throughout the rest
of the document — but make sure to use the keywords naturally, and don’t overuse
them! Image captions within the PDF are also a good idea.

Name the file using the primary keyword, so that it shows up in the URL. Just like with
regular Web pages, these will emphasize your PDF’s relevance when the search
engines send out their spiders.

3. Complete the Document Qualities

The Description Tab is where most of your search optimized content goes.

   •   Filename.
   •   Title
   •   Author
   •   Subject
   •   Keywords.

When you create a PDF, you have the opportunity to complete the document
properties, which includes the title, author, subject, and keywords. The title is the
most important, as it will supply the page title in search engine results. If you don’t
create a title, the search engines will use a line from the page, which may not make a
lot of sense to potential visitors. If your page doesn’t appear to be relevant in the
search engines, Web surfers won’t click on it, and you’ll lose traffic.

4. Make the most of Tags


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If you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you can use the tagging feature to
create tags that operate similarly to html tags. For instance, you can create tags for
your headings, tag your images with alternate text, and so on, just as you would do
with html on a regular Web page.

5. Footer Heading.

Put a webpage footer heading inside your PDF and twice make use of your key


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You now know more about traffic generation using Videos, Podcasts, Document
Sharing and Email List Swaps than 99% of marketers out there.

So now your task is to go out there and implement your new knowledge and generate
a ton of traffic for your sites.

Work through each of the systems a couple of times to iron out any first-time
difficulties and to put together an easy step-by-step guide. Once you’ve done that,
you can outsource the whole process very cheaply via, or

Try an Advanced Traffic Generation Method

I have a more advanced system I use to flood my more established sites with
targeted traffic. In all honesty this is more suited to more mature sites which are
hosted on good quality hosting services. I have had problems in the past of crashing
my servers with too much traffic at once so be careful with this.

The system is called the Authority Site Hijack and it’s a step by step guide to (legally)
hijack traffic from some of the biggest and most established sites on the internet.
You choose your target site (which should have visitors in your target demographic)
then execute a hijack sending a flood of these visitors to your own site. It’s not for
newbies and the system really does require that you follow it word for word. But when
it works…….


Check out the Authority Site Hijack HERE.


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Build Your List (the Easy Way)

You may be bored of hearing me say it by now, but you MUST build your email list
from day one. Try and capture every single visitor’s email address and you will never
worry for traffic ever again.

My personal opinion is that your traffic generation methods are being wasted unless
you have a plan in place to grow (and monetize) your email list.

My popular Email List Building system takes you from ZERO to 10,000 subscribers in
a few easy steps. Check it out HERE.

That’s it! Go get your traffic!

If you’ve got any questions or comments, please reach out to me.

Doug Nicol


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