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                             Braised Large Shrimp – Chinese Recipe                                                                June 2012
                             Posted by YONG on Jun 28, 2012 in RECIPES | 0 comments

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       Now, I’d like to show you how to cook a traditional dish which I will cook for the thanking party this evening. The        pixelsbook
       most important and difficute steps to cook the dish is cleaning the shrimps and processing of cooking. I will describe
       them clearly as possible as I can. If you have questions, please feel free to write a comment of this article. Ok,
       let’s begin.                                                                                                               pixelsface
       1. Main Material (MM): several large shrimps with head and tail
       2. Other Materials ( OM): scallion, garlic, ginger                                                                       adsense
       3. Sauces (SS): cook wine, salt, a glass of water
       It’s simple, right?

       Preparation:                                                                                                             recent posts

       1. Clean Shrimps. There are sand-box in the head of shrimp and shrimp glands on the back of the shrimp. The two
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            should be gotten rid of from the shrimp, in order to get healthy and good taste. You also can cut the shrimp
            sword, feeler and legs for good shape in the plate.                                                                   Nikon D7000 AF loses focus?

            I suddenly get an idea, maybe I can made a video and upload to which shows you how to clean               Stories are beginning…
            the shrimp. If you hope me do so, please write your wishes in the comments of this blog.
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            After cleaning all of shrimps, you should wash them a little bit with running water.                                  Hello world!
       2. Cut the scallion and garlic into tiny cubes and cut ginger into slices. These will be for further used.
       Ok, that’s all of the preparations.
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       Process of cooking
       1. Warm up pan. Put frying pan (be empty) on the stove and turn on the large fire, heating the frying pan for              Mr WordPress on Hello world!
            about 10 seconds.
       2. Cook the oil. (2.1) Drop oil into the warmed pan and heat the oil for about 5 seconds with large fire. (2.2) Drop
            ginger slices. Several seconds later, you will smell the fried ginger. When you smell that, do next step
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       3. Fry the shrimps. (3.1) Drop cleaned shrimps into the pan, frying shrimps and turning over the side of shrimps
            several times. When does the shrimp be fried ok? The answer is while the double sides of shrimp become red. I         Log out[2012-6-12 23:52:52]
Braised Large Shrimp – Chinese Recipe - Sparklet | Sparklet

           must say, this step will not cost you so much time, maybe 2 minutes or less. So you should be careful that the
           shrimps are burned. After that, let’s do next step. (3.2) Drop a little bit salt and cook wine into the pan, in       Entries RSS
           order to get rid of the fishy smell. And Turn over the shrimps 2 or 3 times for about several seconds and let the
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           salt, cook wine and shrimp mixed equably. After the turning over, do next step immediately.
       4. Braise the shrimp. (4.1) Drop some water into the pan. Note that, not too much water and the criteria is letting
           the water a little bit flood the shrimps. (4.2) and then, cover the lid of the frying pan to braise for a while.
           The purpose of braising is letting the taste enter into shrimps and reduce the water. During the braising, you
           still should be careful not to burn the shrimps.                                                                    archives
       5. Succeed and done. When you notice that the water in the pan is a little bit left, then turn off the fire, open the
           lid, take the shrimps out of the pan and put them into plate. DONE.                                                   June 2012

       Ok, that’s all and hope you can cook and taste it. Thanks.

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