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        Bob Smither            April 15, 2012
     Kristin Rasmussen         To Whom It May Concern:
        Gail Tilden            The Reeds Spring Band Boosters are planning our 5th annual Wolf Pride Bands Benefit Car
Vice President High School     and Truck show May 12, 2012 at the Reeds Spring High School.
      James Dowing
Vice President Middle School
                               This is a charity event and we are looking for sponsor donations, trophy sponsors, door prizes
        Kristi Aldrin          or things for a goody bag (such as pens, note pads, key chains, product info sheets or the bag
                               itself). There will also be booths available for non-food vendors.

                               Our first four car shows were very successful and we are increasing our efforts this year. We
                               have partnered with the MoArk car club in Springfield and are expecting as many as 250
                               vehicles of all makes and models.

                               The following outlines the various ways you can sponsor this event:

                                        Gold sponsor – A $50.00 donation includes your organization’s name on two
                                        trophies designating a particular class of vehicle as well as your name and logo on a
                                        goodie bag flyer and displayed on a large banner for the event.

                                        Silver Sponsor - A $25.00 donation includes everything above minus the name on

                                        Door Prize Sponsor – Simply donate an item(s) that may be used as a door prize(s)
                                        as we will be giving away door prizes throughout the day.

                                        Goodie Bag Sponsor – Donate a hundred items that we can put into goodie bags for
                                        that day. We will be handing out these bags to the first 100 participants.

                                        Silent Auction Sponsor – Donate an item(s) that may be used for our silent auction
                                        that will be held during the event.

                                        Accommodations Sponsor – Hotel/Motel/Resorts can partner with us to provide
                                        special car show rates for the weekend. We will post information about your
                                        establishment on our website with contact information, website link and a photo.

                               Please visit our website at for more information. If you have any
                               questions or would like us to pick up donations please feel free to contact us. Your support is
                               greatly appreciated and thanks for your time.


                               Bob Smither
                               Reeds Spring Band Booster
                               Wolf Pride Car Show Coordinator