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									LCRC Community
 Gardens Project
    Community Gardens Wrap Up

       Agenda:
    –     Registration and Garden Openings
    –     Improving the Community Garden Network
    –     Review of Community Garden rules as per agreement
    –     Possible solutions to arising challenges
    –     Possible solutions to enhancing the gardens
    –     Other
      Registration and Garden

   Registration will begin in January with a goal of
    mid March as a completion date
   Garden agreements will be sent out
    electronically to those with email addresses
   Those not returning are asked to notify LCRC
    so that plots can be offered to those on waiting
   Garden opening begin earlier to accommodate
    the increased number of gardens in the network
    Improving Community Garden

    What are we striving for?
    Enhancing cohesiveness of each community
    Ensuring each community garden takes greater
     ownership for their garden site
    Ensuring an improved gardening experience for
     all gardeners
    Providing opportunities for experienced
     gardeners to mentor novice gardeners
    Sharing experiences with each individual
     garden with the greater group/network
               Sharing Information

1.    The London Community Resource Centre has a
      Facebook Page for anyone interested in sharing
      ideas and pictures.
2.    FoodNet Ontario is a free vehicle that can be
      used for discussion purposes and event
     1.   FoodNet sends E-Bulletin to all members
     2.   FoodNet website provides members with the ability to
          Network with each other independently
     3.   FoodNet has a Community Garden forum designed for
          gardening discussions
     Advisory Committee

The Community Gardens Advisory
Committee consisting of one member from
each garden.
To provide a voice for the garden
Assist with the overall direction the network
is taking
Assist in planning of workshop
Assist with planning annual picnic
Review of Community Garden Rules

1. All our community gardens are maintained organically;
      which means no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or
      pesticides are allowed. There are multiple resources in
      the London Public Library and online, for beginner
      gardeners and experts alike.

2. Respect private property. Be a good neighbour and
     remember that our gardens depend on the good will of
     the neighbourhood residents.

3. Have something planted in your plot by June 15, or it will
     be reassigned.

4. If you must abandon your plot for any reason, please notify
       the London Community Resource Centre.
           Possible Solution:

   New Horizons for Seniors’ Proposal
   Proposal in the works to involve seniors who
    will act as the “eyes, ears, and voice” of their
    neighbourhood community garden
   Will have experience to offer, will protect the
    garden with their presence (reduce vandalism),
    will communicate on the other gardeners’ behalf
    back and forth to LCRC to troubleshoot issues
    that arise
   Will provide the seniors with a sense of
    community belonging and purpose
Garden Guardians!
          Possible Solution:

   Adopt-a-Plot for Goodness Sake!
   A new initiative for LCRC
   Empty plots will be made available for
    community groups to “adopt” for the current
   Community groups will create a garden with the
    purpose of harvesting the produce for donation
    to local emergency food programs
   Will facilitate keeping weeds down

   Interested? Contact LCRC for more details
Adopt-a-Plot, for Goodness Sake!
           Possible Solution:

   Scouting Troops Involvement
   Local Wolf Cub and Scout troops in London
   Community participation badges
   Gardening badges
   Will help with garden set-up and clean-up in
    2010 season

   Know a local troop leader? Contact LCRC with
Cubs getting involved in
Review of Community Garden Rules

5. If your plot becomes unkempt, you will be given two weeks
       notice, by email or telephone, to clean it up. After that
       time, it will be weed whacked, reassigned or tilled in.

6. Do not pick or take other people’s harvest. Treat others, as
     you would like to be treated.

7. The garden produce is for personal consumption only and
     not for sale. You may however, donate produce to your
     friends, neighbours, the London Food Bank, etc.

8. Keep garden plots clean and protect the property from
     vandalism and debris. Do not throw cigarette butts into
     the garden, as tobacco can spread tobacco mosaic virus.
Review of Community Garden Rules

9. Keep the garden in a good state of cultivation; weed
     frequently, mulch, and water as necessary. You are
     responsible for weeding half of the walkway. If you need
     tips, please contact LCRC.

10. Operate motor vehicles with extreme caution. Park in
     designated areas. Do not repair or leave vehicles
     overnight at the garden site. They will be towed.

11. Supervise children and companion animals at all times.

12. Assist and cooperate with general garden work at the site.
     You are responsible for your own clean up. Take ALL
     litter and garbage with you when you leave the site.
               Possible Solution:

       Workshops for Gardeners
       Examples of workshops:
    –     Preparing your garden for planting
    –     Planting
    –     Weed control
    –     Pest management
    –     Companion planting
    –     Composting
    –     Preparing your garden for the end of the season
    –     Other ideas?
Garden fresh vegetables
Review of Community Garden Rules

13. You are responsible for harvesting your own crops.
     Crops, stakes, tomato cages, etc. must be removed by
     October 31. The plots are ploughed in the spring
       and late fall.

14. For garden problems you can call the London Community
     Resource Centre – 519-432-1801, or the Master Gardener
     Hotline at 519-473-9727.

15. Please note that under the City of London by-law for parks,
     no person shall:
   –      Erect a tent or shelter, or park a trailer of any kind for
          overnight accommodation
   –      Consume, serve, sell or possess liquor without proper
          approval of the City and the Alcohol and Gaming
          Commission of Ontario.
      Cultivating New Ideas:

   Rethinking the seasonal tasks:
   to plough or not to plough?
   Gardens opening and closing?
   Water supply?
Clean up time!
    Improving Community Garden

    Expected results:
    Enhanced cohesiveness in each community
    Each community gardener enjoys greater
     ownership for their garden site
    Overall improved gardening experiences for all
    Opportunities for experienced gardeners to
     mentor novice gardeners
    Shared experiences with each individual garden
     with the greater group/network
    Improving Community Garden

    Questions?

    Comments?

    Suggestions?

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