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					                                    I made these slippers for my
                                 friend Brenda who is of Norwegian
                                             descent.                  Sassy Slippers

These slippers are perfect for the Bride
with tired feet. The thread color for the
ribbon and date can match the Bridesmaid

I found this wedding design at Annthegran.
I reduced the design size with resizing
software, then added the date.

When I stitched out the rings and the doves
I used metallic threads to give them a little

If you want to get even more creative,
                                                                       Have fun creating quick and
stitch on some ribbon flowers or some                                unique gifts for friends and family
beaded pearls.
                                                                      with Velcro side closing slippers
Other ideas for embellishing Velcro sided slippers:
                                                                                  and your
• Baby theme for the Mom to be to wear in the                              embroidery machine.
• Keep a few pair by the front door for your company when they
   slip off their shoes
• Decorate a pair for every Holiday                                               By Gail Hutte
                                                                             The Sewphisticated Stitcher
Happy Stitching
                                                                 4                                         1
                     Velcro side closing slippers are very easy to machine         After embroidery is complete, unhoop the slipper and remove the
                     embroider and embellish. Choose your favorite                                        excess stabilizer
                     embroidery designs to create sassy slippers that make a
                     personalized fashion statement with your jammies,
                     bathrobe or comfy clothes.
                                                                                                    Put some sparkle in your step.
                                                                                    Use metallic thread, and gold beads to give your slippers extra
                     Your design selection can give these
                     slippers a sophisticated and refined spa look or choose
                     designs that reflect yours or your recipients personality.

• Velcro side closings slippers
• 4x4 hoop
• Air or Water erase marking pen
• 75/11 Sharp needle for machine
• Tearaway stabilizer
• Water soluble topping
• Temporary adhesive spray
• Embroidery design
        Design or monogram should be no larger than 2 1/2” high and 3” wide
• Embroidery Thread (Rayon or Poly)
• Optional: Trims, buttons, beads, crystals, ribbon etc.
                                    Getting Started:                                   Add some frilly trim and a mono-
                                    • Mark center point on slipper                    gram in funky fresh colors that any
                                    • Hoop Tearaway stabilizer                                 teen girl will love.
                                    • Spray temporary adhesive on to Tear-
                                        away stabilizer
                                    • Position slipper upper to center using
                                        your mark.
                                    • Lay water soluble stabilizer over upper
                                        and adhere to temporary adhesive (Can
                                        also use basting stitch to adhere)
                                    • Stitch your design or monogram on

                                                    Hooping tip:
                                    Left slipper sole goes to the right of the                            The addition of a simple
                                     hoop, right slipper sole goes to the left                           flower makes a great gift
                                                    of the hoop                                                  for Mom

                                                                               2                                                                      3

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