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									    MEMBER SERVICES                                     It’s time to start thinking                                               The Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc.

                                                                                                                                  Power Line
AUTOMATIC MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN                          about surge protection
Allows your monthly electric bill payment to be            nside today’s electronic equipment are pow-
automatically deducted from your bank account on           erful, sensitive microprocessors. A split-
the due date. Sign up online (clayelectric.com) or      second change in voltage outside the normal
call your local district office.                        range can scramble data saved in tiny, delicate
                                                                                                                                                                         April 2012
ONLINE ACCOUNT INFORMATION                              silicon chips and circuit boards.
Visit the Clay Electric website (clayelectric.com)       High quality surge protection equipment is
and access your account information:                    available for purchase or lease through the co-
 - View your bill statement                             op’s surge protection
 - Make a one-time payment online                       program. This equip-
 - View current charges                                 ment will help protect
 - View account balance
                                                        sensitive electronic
 - View billing history
                                                        equipment from
 - View estimated meter reading dates
 - Request emailed bill statements (Clay eBill)         power surges caused
                                                        by events triggered
PROJECT SHARE - Help others by designating a            from both outside
tax-deductible amount to be added to your electric      and inside the home.
bill or make a one-time donation.                                                                                                 Bucket truck for Haiti: Caleb Lucien of Hosean
                                                         The SurgeBlaster                                                         International Ministries talks with Clay Electric’s
REMOTE METER READING (RMR) - Enables                    program provides the                                                      Director of Operations Howard Mott in front of the
a co-op meter reader to obtain the meter reading        highest quality surge                                                     truck Clay is donating to a co-op in Haiti.
without entering the homeowner’s property. The          protection equip-
monthly charge is $3.95.                                ment, is UL-listed and                                                    Clay donating bucket
ENERGY SMART REBATE PROGRAM - Offers                    meets the IEEE 587
                                                                                                                                  truck to co-op in Haiti
rebates for members who install additional insula-      standard for surge suppression equipment.  
tion in their homes, or who install a high efficiency    The basic SurgeBlaster package includes                                          lay Electric is donating a digger der-
heat pump or solar water heating system.                one meter base suppressor and one all-in-one                                      rick truck to Haiti’s first electric coop-
                                                        (satellite/tv/vcr/computer/phone) suppression                                     erative in support of efforts to expand
the purpose of installing certain energy efficiency     module. Hard-wired suppressors for equip-                                 electric service in Pignon, a small town in the
measures, including metal roofing and solar water       ment like pool and well pumps are available                               north-central region of Haiti.
heaters.                                                at an additional cost. Call your local district                            This is one way Clay is celebrating 2012 as
                                                        office for more information.                                              the International Year of the Cooperative.
SURGEBLASTER - High quality surge protection
                                                         Power Line is an informational publication of Clay Electric Coopera-      Recently, Caleb Lucien of Hosean Interna-
equipment at a low monthly lease.
                                                        tive, Inc. It is distributed monthly with members’ billing statements.    tional Ministries stopped by Clay Electric’s
LONG DISTANCE PHONE SERVICE - Clay has                  If you have questions or comments about the Power Line publication,       headquarters in Keystone Heights to see the
contracted with TransWorld Network Corp. (TWN)          contact Editor Kathy Richardson at P. O. Box 308, Keystone Heights, FL
                                                                                                                                  truck and thank the co-op for the donation.
                                                        32656; email: KRichardson@clayelectric.com.
to offer members competitively priced long dis-          Clay Electric also publishes the Kilowatt six times a year (January,     General Manager Ricky Davis told Lucien
tance phone service. Call (877) 877-CLAY (2529) for     March, May, July, September and November). The Kilowatt is the of-        the board was glad to be able to help.
more information.                                       ficial voice of Clay Electric and has been published continuously since
                                                        1948 as an informational and educational service for co-op members.        “Thank you very much,” Lucien said.
PAYMENT STATIONS - Clay has contracted with              Clay Electric’s web site (http://www.clayelectric.com) offers lots of    “That’s the tool that will help us expand
Fidelity Express to offer payment stations for pay-     online services such as payments, and information about the co-op’s       from providing 650 homes with power to
ing your electric bill at various businesses in the     programs and services. Members can also write their own ads online
                                                        to be published on the website’s Trading Post. To enter your ad on the
co-op’s service area. Fidelity Express charges $1.50    Trading Post, you must use your Clay Electric account number which is                                     Continued inside
for each transaction. A list of payment locations is    printed on your electric bill statement.
available online (clayelectric.com) and at your local    Clay Electric’s Board of Trustees will meet on April 26 beginning at
district office.                                        12:30 p.m. in Keystone Heights.
Donated truck                                                 Report from
                                                                                                                  to undertake the lengthy process of obtaining
From the cover                                                                                                    and installing a new system. Our previous CIS
 The donated vehicle consists of a truck chassis              the manager                                         was nearly 20 years old and was becoming
that is an International 4900 6x6. The truck has                                                                  obsolete. Fewer and fewer individuals were
an all-wheel drive chassis with a gross vehicle                  Ricky Davis                                      available to service it, and it could no longer
weight rating of 55,000 pounds. It was purchased                 General Manager/CEO                              keep pace with the growing demands of an
new by the co-op in August of 2000 and has a                                                                      ever-changing technological landscape. We
Terex digger derrick mounted on it. The dig-                                                                      selected a new provider, Harris-Cayenta, and
ger derrick is used for digging holes and setting                                                                 went through an approximately year-long
poles. It was most often used in the placement of
larger sized poles used on Clay’s transmission
                                                             New computer system                                  installation and testing process.
                                                                                                                   Which brings us to today. Our new CIS will
 Davis said the board is familiar with the
                                                             enables us to                                        provide us with the capability to grow with
                                                                                                                  new technology in the future. In addition to
tremendous need in Haiti and with NRECA’s                    improve service                                      having better flexibility to handle customer ac-

efforts to assist the country. The NRECA Interna-                                                                 counts, it will allow us to have a mobile work-
tional Foundation has worked in Haiti since 1998                      s some of you may have noticed, Clay        force management system that provides better
to help bring power to inland regions of one of                       Electric has installed a new Customer       customer service, efficiency and safety. This
the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere.                        Information System. Around the co-op,       system will improve communication between
 The co-op’s board of trustees thought it was                we often refer to it as “the CIS.”                   the co-op’s offices and employees in the field.
a great idea to support the effort. Several of the            Employees devoted a lot of effort last year          As always, we appreciate the opportunity to
trustees have been to National Rural Electric Co-            to the transition to this new system. The CIS is     be your electricity provider.
operative Association (NRECA) meetings where                 at the heart of our operations and is of critical
information about the International Foundation’s             importance. Not only does it provide a vital in-     Lake City, Keystone district
work in Haiti and other countries is presented.              terface between the co-op and its members, but
It also became apparent that the grant would not             many processes handled by the CIS are essential      employees Phillip Smith,
cover the costs associated with such a large piece           to the co-op running smoothly and efficiently.       Reda Williams retire
of equipment. Clay’s board wanted to donate the               The CIS went live in January of this year. For
truck anyway. NRECA is covering the substan-
tial expense to transport the truck to Haiti.
                                                             the most part, the transition went smoothly. But
                                                             there have been some issues, which are common
                                                             with a project of this magnitude. The vast ma-
                                                                                                                  P   hillip Smith and Reda Williams retired
                                                                                                                      from Clay Electric early this
 Pignon’s co-op, the Cooperative Electrique de
Pignon (COOPELEP), is the first electric coop-               jority of these issues have been solved, thanks to    Smith, a line foreman in
erative in Haiti. Co-op volunteers are providing             the dedicated efforts of our CIS conversion team     the Lake City District, retired
technical training to local personnel on generator           and many employees throughout our organiza-          in February after 40 years of
operation and maintenance, as well as lineman                tion. We are working diligently to resolve these     service.
training.                                                    problems as quickly as possible, and we appre-        Lake City District Manager
 Lucien, who grew up in Pignon, said the com-                ciate your patience with us during this time.        Derick Thomas said Smith’s
munity is poised for growth. He said his minis-               As I mentioned, this project was a monu-            work ethic was an asset to the      Smith
try, Hosean International Ministries, focuses on             mental undertaking. Your cooperative serves          district.
three major areas: education, life skills develop-           approximately 166,000 accounts in 14 counties.        Williams, a customer service
ment and business development.                               The CIS touches nearly every area of our sys-        representative in the Keystone
 “Electricity is central to progress in all of those         tem and is incredibly complex. Clay Electric         Height’s call center, retired on
areas,” he said. “I thank Clay Electric for this             is proud to provide many services to you, our        Feb. 13 after 11 years of service.
generous donation, and I know the people in                  members, and this system will allow us to do
Pignon are grateful as well.”                                                                                      Keystone Heights District
                                                             just that, even better.
                                                                                                                  Manager Dale Furlong said Wil-
More information about Hosean Ministries and their            Let me offer a bit of history on this project.
                                                                                                                  liams will be missed by custom-
electrical distribution efforts can be found here: http://   About three years ago, we made the decision
www.hosean.org/electricalproject.html                                                                             ers and co-workers alike.          Williams

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